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My wife, Roberta, and I are former Nordhavn 62 owners, who decided that we wanted a slightly larger boat. We sold our 62 (Sans Souci) in 2004, after eight great years of world cruising, and have recently (August 2007) taken delivery of a new Nordhavn 68!

If you would like to know more about why we picked the Nordhavn 68, or why we’re equipping it as we are, check out the “About Sans Souci” section of this site.

This site was thrown together, so that I could have everything about the boat “in one place”.

Some of you may remember Roberta and I from our long distant working lives. We founded a computer game company, in 1979, called Sierra On-Line, and ran it through 1996 when it was sold. We made games like: Kings Quest, Leisure-Suit Larry, Half-Life and hundreds of others.

If you would like to comment on anything here, drop me an email. All comments are deeply appreciated!

Thank you,

Ken Williams
Ken @ kensblog.com

A note from Ken to the fans of Sierra….
Our son, Chris, now has a website which hosts a comic he writes. Check it out!…. www.scurry.ink

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