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End of an era, Start of an era

Sans Souci
I have some very bizarre news. Roberta and I have listed Sans Souci for sale ! Why? you might ask… The quick answer is that after completing a semi-circumnavigation we’ve been struggling to think of where we want to go next. We’ve cruised our way through over twenty-five countries and have come very close on a couple of ideas. We joined the Waikiki Yacht Club in anticipation of taking the boat to Hawaii, and then had trouble finding moorage. Weird as it sounds, a marina in Hawaii accepted us,...
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[kensblog] Lazy Days Of Summer

We justify the money we spend on the boat by telling people, “Imagine the cost of a waterfront home that can easily be moved to virtually any city in the world.” Hawaii, Athens, London, Los Angeles, Cartagena, Cabo, and hundreds more. What would it cost for a comfortable waterfront home in each of those places? We are saving money!
Note: This particular blog entry is divided into three sections. In Part one I answer a reader question about life on a boat. Part two consists of nothing but some randomly selected and annotated pictures from our last week on the boat. And, Part three is a technical story of a mechanical problem during our last passage. Part 1: What’s it like to live on a boat?Whenever I send out a blog article a flurry of questions comes flying back my direction. I enjoy the questions and typically learn far ...
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[kensblog] Victoria BC to Montague Harbor

The red trail behind my boat on the chart shows the squiggly track I was running. The current and whirlpools were pushing Sans Souci off course and making my autopilot crazy
After five days at the dock in Victoria Canada we decided to run a short distance north to an anchorage we enjoyed last year, called Montague Harbor.  In the Pacific Northwest (PNW) one must pay close attention to the currents. There are narrow passages that can only be traversed at certain times and strong currents that can push you or slow you down. As I studied our run I could see that we had a choice of leaving early in the morning and traveling against the current for seven hours, or leav...
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[kensblog] Victoria Canada

Getting ready to leave Roche Harbor
Greetings from Sans Souci! Roberta and I really have only one goal for our cruising this summer: To relax. It’s a long story, but we’ve had a lot happening in our personal lives over the past year (sold our place in Mexico, building a house, help one of our mothers move into a senior community, among other things). Our goal is to find a couple of quiet anchorages, tune out the world, and just be mellow for a while.   After several days of enjoying ourselves at our home port of Roche Harbor ...
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Congratulations! I followed you (by reading) across the Atlantic (bought the book), avidly awaited the emails about each next blog, from the Sushi run on, struggled with the mechanics of the Med. felt worse than I might about Cabo (my most distant sail unless you count La Paz as more distant), and generally enjoyed your adventures, even if on a powerboat. I expect to continue. Vicarious is better, far, far better, than not at all. One snarky, but not meant as unkindly as it will in the raw comment: Yes, this does not look like the Grand Banks for my grandfather (or father in my case. since I am on the older side), but rather one designed by Bentaneau. Too slick for a GB. Keep plugging, I've thought about the Great Loop many time, and even done in in my mind in both directions. Thanks for sharing.

 Brian Aherne  10/24/2018

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