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[kensblog] Victoria Canada

Getting ready to leave Roche Harbor
Greetings from Sans Souci! Roberta and I really have only one goal for our cruising this summer: To relax. It’s a long story, but we’ve had a lot happening in our personal lives over the past year (sold our place in Mexico, building a house, help one of our mothers move into a senior community, among other things). Our goal is to find a couple of quiet anchorages, tune out the world, and just be mellow for a while.   After several days of enjoying ourselves at our home port of Roche Harbor ...
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[Kensblog] July 4th at Roche Harbor

Greetings all! Roberta and I are back on the boat. We had to leave the boat for a month to take care of some business, but are now ready to start the summer cruising. Sadly, it will be a short year due to our late start. And, even worse, I’m not expecting the blog to be particularly interesting this year. Roberta even asked, “Why are you going to write a blog? We’re not doing anything exciting.” She is right about that. My guess is that we won’t be going very far; perhaps no more than a hund...
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Loss of Kelaerin

Roberta and I are off to a late start on cruising this summer. It's not always easy to escape life on shore at times and we had some personal business to attend to that has kept us off the water.  Starting next week we'll be back on the boat for what we hope will be an excellent cruising season. Meanwhile.... I woke this morning to this story on a friend's blog (www.mvstarr.com) about a couple who lost their sailboat recently. It's quite a story and a reminder that no matter how experienced ...
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[KensBlog] A new season begins!

Roberta and I are on the boat! A new season has begun!!!   That said we just finished today’s run, and it wasn’t much of a run. We only moved the boat about thirty-six miles from Anacortes, where the mechanics had been working on the boat, to its slip at Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands. Not to say it wasn’t an exciting run. There are a few sayings that describe the pleasures of owning a boat, one of which is that, “Boating can be described as long periods of boredom punctuated by seconds...
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