Standard Equipment on the Nordhavn 68
The 68 from Nordhavn comes VERY well equipped. Click here for PDF.

Optional Equipment on 6805 (our boat)
Twin engines – Lugger 1276A 340HP
This was a tough call. We liked the idea of having a stronger engine as our backup than would be possible with  a small wing engine. I’ve had varying reports on incremental fuel consumption. My personal opinion — it will trim our range by approximately 10%, and takes up a lot of space in the engine room — but the extra maneuverability and get home capability justifies the loss in range and space.
Final Electronics Proposal

Pilot House Main Console
My Original Document describing electronics that was given to the electronic supplier

Manuals for various instrumentation

Detailed Wiring Diagrams can be found here

I’m installing a “monitoring system” which will allow me to see the status of the engines, generators, tanks, bilges, etc around the boat.

Originally, we had planned to go with Radio Zeeland, but then recently, our electronics supplier (Larry Smith Electronics) switched us to Simon, from Palladium Techs. I’m not quite sure why, but suspect it was a good change. I like the people and the software at Palladiun Techs better (at least so far).

Here’s my quote, and a report showing the actual sensors I’ll have:
Palladium’s website is at: The demo of their monitoring system is pretty good. I’m looking forward to having it!

Conceputal drawing showing computer installation (from Larry Smith Electronics)

Wet exhaust instead of dry exhaust
We wanted the extra space in the salon and on the fly bridge

Extra 16kw Generator
We’ll have a 25kw in the engine room, and a 16kw in the Lazerette. We would be using two 25KWs, but we like the idea of a “quieter” generator for use when we want to be as quiet as possible. (not that a 16kw generator is anywhere near quiet)

14KW of Inverter
When running on the cruising alternators, this will allow us to run some air conditioning without needing to run a generator. It will also allow us to service short-term electrical needs, such as running the stove or electric barbecue without powering a generator.

I will have four 3.5kw inverters. I believe the model # is: VFX 3524M from

Atlas Shorepower, with SmartBox
This gives us the ability to attach to shorepower anywhere in the world
Upgrade to Chilled Water Air Conditioning
This system heats and cools the boat via hot/cold water pumped through the boat, rather than standard air ducting.

Extra air conditioning in the engine room
I had always planned to have a dive compressor, and may someday regret this, but at the last minute I swapped from a dive compressor to a Hookah system.

With a Hookah system, you dive without tanks, using just a regulator. You can’t get more than 100′ from the boat, but for the kind of diving I do this will work most of the time, and for when I want to go dive a reef, I’ll carry some extra tanks on board.

There were two things I liked about the hookah system:
  1. It is less intimidating to guests we have on board. We can have beginners in the water having fun, in relative safety, in no time.
  2. It’s less hassle. No tanks to lug around (and bang up the boat). There are times I “should” dive the anchor, or look at the props, that I perhaps don’t because of the hassle with tanks. The hookah make spontaneous diving fast and easy.
To see what we are getting, CLICK HERE

Upgrade Davit to Marquipt 2,500 pound with 20′ extention
Allows us to have a heavier tender, and to launch from either the port or starboard side. In actuality, we won’t be using a heavy tender (probably under 1,000 pounds). This is just an area where we would rather overkill it. There is a lot of stress on the line when dropping the tender in rolling seas (the tender bounces)

We’re planning a 15’ and a 11’. We’ll use the 11 foot most the time.

Our rationale:

We want something as light as possible because it’s usually just Roberta and I trying to drop it. When we have four people on board, or the water is flat, we’ll drop the 15, otherwise, the 11 should meet our needs.

We chose AB Inflatables for the following reason: We want to have a bimini top. We’ve had problems with the bimini coming off when glued to the tubes on an inflatable. The AB has fiberglass all the way around to anchor the bimini top to – and, nice handrails for holding on.

Update – Aug 27 2006 — we have decided to switch to a Zodiac 350 Projet as our small tender. We had a small jet tender when we were cruising in Croatia and loved it. This weekend we saw a Projet on someone elses boat, and thought it was very cool. Light, fast and fun. A jet tender, especially a TWO STROKE jet tender is impossible to justify, and possibly something I’ll regret later. Apparently these have even been outlawed, because of the emissions issues, so we’ll have to be creative to buy one. It will be a blast to drive, and simple to drop. The owner I spoke to was very passionate about his.

More than you really want to know about the tenders

Stainless steel ladder on foredeck
This ladder will help us to reach the tender when we drop it

No boat which will cruise in Europe can be without a passerelle. This will be an expensive one from Besenzoni with remote control. It completely recesses into the lazarette when not in use.

Dual Village Marine 800gpd watermakers
Needed to rapidly fill the hot tub with fresh water
Nu-Tone Central vacuum system

Dual Accusteer auto pilot pumps
In the lazerette

Espresso Machine
Needed until they invent a floatable starbucks, and locate them in all major oceans

Teak deck
Everywhere outside, except the foredeck

Dual anchor setup
Like 7201 … two anchors, with dual bowsprit .. always ready to be dropped

ALL side doors to be sliding
The sliding doors are less likely to slam on our dog –

Built in table on deck behind pilot house
We are unusual in that we consider this our primary living area. It is shaded, lit, and gives a great view

Install Extra Freezer
We will have a large chest freezer under the bunk at the back of the pilot house

Sealand toilet system
(not actually an upgrade — just mentioned here because previously I had said we were going with Headhunter) I had been planning to use Headhunter, but recently discovered that the Headhunter toilets are gravity feed, which means the holding tank MUST be below the toilets. On the 68, this isn’t possible. I’ve had problems with Sealand in the past, but have been assured that this is newer and heavier duty technology.

Install 24v fans over beds in all staterooms
We try to avoid running the air conditioning at night while at anchor

Upgrade to 120v Carlisle and Finch spotlight
I don’t remember whose idea this was

Install backup grey and black water pumps
Seperate breakers, and with secondary tank levels for all tanks. The goal is to be able to easily swap to the backup, and worry about servicing when we get to shore

Kabola Heating System
Nice system. Burns diesel fuel, and doesn’t use much. My understanding is that it will be used in conjunction with the chilled water system to heat the water that is being circulated throughout the boat
Tempered water interface. Click here for picture.

Jacuzzi Hottub
On the fly bridge. Don’t worry — we’ll keep it empty when not at dock, or at anchor

I was originally planning a very simple A/V installation, but as often happens with these things, it has started getting more complex.

My current plan is to have a central Media Server, that will have my entire DVD and CD library on it. Any TV, in any stateroom on the boat, will be able to “call up” any DVD or CD.

To see what we’re getting:

I will also have a KVH system for satellite television. We are setting the boat up immediately to have receivers for the US and Europe.

Pressure Washer
Built-in pressure washer, with hose bibs around the boat

I’m look at Inflatable fenders from

They are very light, and easily inflated when needed.

Underwater lights and camera
We’ll have underwater xenon lights, and a camera, at the stern, under the waterline.

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