Where do I ship the boat? Or, do we run it on its own bottom?

Today, I was forced to make a tough decision.

We’ve been trying to make the decision between shipping the boat via freighter from Costa Rica to Seattle, or running the boat on its own bottom.

We decided it was too difficult to run the boat on its own bottom to Seattle, but have been bouncing back and forth on shipping the boat to Florida. There are a few reasons why it would be good to have the boat in Florida:

  1. Nordhavn has a facility in Stuart Florida, where I can get the few warranty projects I have done
  2. This winter, we might be able to do some Caribbean cruising
  3. It is MUCH easier (or, so they say) to ship the boat to Seattle from Florida, than it is from Costa Rica
  4. The second 68 was just commissioned in Florida. I REALLY want our two boats side by side for a picture. There’s absolutely no reason for doing this, except that it would be fun to do. David Sidbury, the second 68s owner and I went to Captain school together, and he’s a good friend. We hope to cruise together someday, and getting our two boats onto the same ocean would be a good first step
Today, we discovered two possibilities for freighting the boat; one to Seattle and one to Florida. Neither is certain, but they wanted feedback from me as to what I preferred. I had to say “Seattle” which was disappointing, but it makes sense to position the boat now for our Japan trip next summer. I don’t want to take a chance on anything messing up our Alaska/Siberia/Japan run next summer.

I should know tomorrow what the plan is. (although, I’ve been saying that for a week).

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