We’re at sea!!! – Sans Souci

Greetings all! As I type this, we are rounding Point Conception. (approx. 30 miles north of Santa Barbara).

This is going to be a quick update, because we’re currently getting pounded. All is safe, but I wish I had pictures of us now from outside the boat. We have 22 knots of wind straight into us. Every couple of minutes we hit a wave wrong and the spray reaches all the way to the fly bridge.

I had high hopes for high-speed internet, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. When things show down, I’ll try to send pictures — but, for now, standing up would be an accomplishment.

The final two weeks of commissioning were wild. I was on the boat by 6am each day (seven days a week), and usually still there at bedtime (leaving only for meals). My analysis when I arrived in Dana Point, was that I had 45 days of work, and two weeks to try to get it done. Nordhavn was nice enough to overload me with people, and I was in a lucky window just before the arrival of four new boats into commissioning. I would like to have had more time for sea trials, and there were some things that weren’t finished – but, we finished on time.

We departed Dana Point (near San Diego) last night at 11pm. Provisioning the boat was far more work than I had expected. With a totally new boat, I not only needed food, but also lines, tools, blankets, etc. Also, because we knew we would be venturing into the kind of tough water we have now, we spent much of yesterday just tying things down.

I’ll write more when things flatten down…

-Ken Williams www.kensblog.com

P.S. Before we left the port I did put a few new pictures onto the website, including a helicopter shot of the boat. Several people wrote to say that it was a cool rendering of what the boat would look like. That is not an artist’s rendering — it is a real picture!

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