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You may have noticed that I’m working on putting a fresh coat of paint on the website. Today, the site may be a bit flaky as I try different things. No worries…we’ll be back to normal tomorrow (hopefully looking prettier).

I’m also working on a detailed blog update which covers the last few days. Lots of activity! It will be a long update… I’ll post it sometime tomorrow.

While waiting… go register to receive blog updates from Seabird and Grey Pearl. My guess is that they’ll post fewer updates than I will, but both will be great.

-Ken W

2 Responses

  1. A few notes about the website, not necessarily specific to the redesign. I’m running Safari 4.0 Beta on Mac OS 10.5.6.

    1) Sometimes when I first hit the comment button the comment window will only partially appear. If I click the button again, it full appears.
    2) The 240 second time window to enter the code still seems to be in effect.
    3) When I mouse over the “Blog Home” > “Recent Comments” > and then a comment, the preview for the comment comes up in the upper left hand corner of my browser window. Not sure if this is by design, but it would seem more logical to have it pop up to the right of the thing you are moused over. This is true of all of the menus of the same style.

    Nice refresh of the website though, much better looking than the old one. Now you just need to replace the tropical background image with one of ice and rough seas in anticipation of your upcoming voyage 😉


  2. Website looks great Ken! No problems from this computer. Thanks for the other links.

    Enjoy your journey,

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