We arrive in Bermuda later tonight

As I write this we are within 6 miles of merging the two groups of boats. As many of you noticed, I did not post any new pictures today.

I’m not sure why, but I was seasick ALL day. I couldn’t get up the energy to power on my computer. I could have put on the patch, but with land practically in sight, that seemed wrong.

On the positive side, tomorrow morning we arrive in Bermuda. This should give me some great photo opportunities, as well as lots to talk about – and hopefully a highspeed internet connection with which to upload the pictures. The approach to Bermuda looks tricky on the map (narrow, and shallow). Goleen has just e-mailed a list of THIRTY-SEVEN waypoints for the approach. That did nothing to make it sound any easier.


(Seasickness) Ken, Submitted 5/21/2004

What I have found to be most effective is a natural product vs. drug called Motion Ease…a blend of herbs. A couple of dabs behind each ear and voila! You can purchase these directly from the company in Wyoming or at your next boat show. Also, I always carry ginger ale and sip it. Look at the horizon and you should be fine. I have more remedies but don’t want to take up much space here.
Best wishes and take good care.

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