Want to cross the Atlantic?

Kosmos, the Nordhavn 43 currently circumnavigating, dedicated their blog yesterday to an appeal for crew to help them bring the boat back across the Atlantic http://kosmos.liveflux.net/blog/2008/08/14/crew-for-atlantic-crossing-wanted/)

 Are you ready for some adventure? We are looking for one person to join us as crew on our Atlantic crossing passage from the Canary Islands to Barbados. Pending weather, we plan to depart the Canary Island’s the last week of November 2008. The 2,670 nautical mile passage will take approximately 18 days. One of the most important qualifications is experience in rough seas. We have to know you can handle it if the seas get rough and stay rough for the whole 18 days. Long periods in rough weather can be difficult on you physically and emotionally.

We do four hour watches, so you will be on watch for four hours, have eight hours off, and then back on watch. If you are interested, contact us and we will send you more information about what you can expect and your crew member responsibilities. We will also send you an application to fill out and return.

My fist reaction was great disappointment.They have really just gotten into the Med and haven’t seen much of anything yet (Greece) and are now talking of heading across the Atlantic just a few months from now. There’s great cruising to be had in Croatia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Corsia, Sardignia and more!

I think the issue is that Eric (Kosmos’ owner) is a software executive on a two year sabbatical, and has to get back to work. Kristi may also have a job she needs to get back to.

Here’s a link to a Nordhavn 57 that is about to cruise the “Northwest Passage”:


Nothing on the site says when they’re planning to depart, that I’ve found. It should be interesting to follow their trip.

-Ken W

PS .. here’s a website dedicated to the couple that was attacked last week in Guatemala (very sad):


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  1. We found a crew mate and we are planning to cross starting Nov 30 from Gran Canaria to Barbados. The blog is quite behind real time these days (see “About the Blog” page on our site that explains). We have had a great time exploring the Med. There is a plenty to see, a boat could spend years here and never get close to seeing it all. Proportionally we have spent more time on land in the Med than any place else so far. In fact our average land to sea time before the Med was about 33%. Now the average has dropped to under 25% since we left San Diego in April 2007. And yep, I need to get back to work in May 2009.

    We do not get good Internet very often. Good is defined as wifi to the boat with unlimited access for fixed price. We happen to be in Palma, Spain and Internet access here at Marina Port de Mallorca has been very good. So we are able to some browsing, which is why I am posting here. Also the weather right now is horrible. We had some 39 knot gusts here at the marina. Anyway, all is well, and keep following the Kosmos Travel Log. We have some interesting stories coming up. 🙂

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