Update — Sans Souci preparing to depart Cabo (from Ken Williams)

Greetings all.

You were sent this email because at some time or another you signed up for one of my mailing lists. Specifically, you probably signed up for the Fubar rally list, the “Round the World Cruising List” or, my personal Nordhavn68.com list.

I am sending this email because on this coming Sunday Roberta’s and my boat, Sans Souci, a Nordhavn 68, will be leaving Cabo San Lucas working our way south to Costa Rica.

On our way south I will be sending out frequent email updates. Many of you have read my blog updates before. I sent them out during our Atlantic Crossing, and also during the Fubar rally, as we came south to Cabo from San Diego.

If you have never read my updates, and have no interest in discovering what they are, PLEASE – look at the bottom of this email for a link you can click, that will completely take you off my email list. It is not my intention to send emails to anyone who doesn’t want to receive them.


If you stay on the list, then you will be able to participate vicariously in our big adventure. And, I am not using the word ‘adventure’ lightly. We will be cruising roughly 2,000 miles south into an area that I can’t say is uncharted territory, but which I can honestly say is “imperfectly, and only slightly charted territory.” We’ll be traveling the Western coast of Mexico, including Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Barra Navidad, Zihuatenejo, Acapulco, Hualtuco and more. We’ll traverse Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and ultimately arrive in Costa Rica.

Best of all, we’ll be taking our time doing this. We plan on making many stops along the way, and exploring to find the best anchorages, the best restaurants, and the best places to “hang out.” This will be a cruise taking three to four months, with lots of time to relax and enjoy. Along the way we’ll have good times, bad times, smooth seas, and bad weather. Each day will be a new adventure, and whatever it is, I hope it will make fun, and educational, reading.

If you are not familiar with my past blog updates, on our previous trips, click the link below– it will give you an example of what you’ll my blog updates are like. I hope that you will enjoy them, and I also hope that our experiences will inspire others to do their own adventuring.

Some recent blog updates of Ken’s: http://www.kensblog.com/aspx/m/357395

My guess is that the emails I’ll be sending out will be fairly large. Each one will run from perhaps 200k to as much as a megabyte. If you do not have a high-speed connection, you may want to unsubscribe (see the footer at the bottom of this email), and just read the updates as they are posted on the webpage above (on my website: http://www.kensblog.com/).

Thank you, and I hope you also are looking forward to Sans Souci’s upcoming voyage,

Ken (and, Roberta, and Shelby the dog) Williams
Sans Souci Nordhavn68.com


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