Trip to Costa Rica to Check On Boat

We’ve been pushing the freight company to pay for sending Jeff down to Costa RIca, to check on the boat. The boat has been sitting for over three months, and I’d like Jeff to go down and start the engines, and run it around a bit. I worry that all of the sitting is hard on the boat. They are now saying the boat will be shipped back in September, but twice before we’ve been scheduled for shipment, and twice before we haven’t been shipped — so, I am somewhat cynical at this point.

Their response is “disappointing.” Jeff still needs to go, and will go next weekend, but it appears that it will be me who pays.

 “…I am sorry I have been hard to contact lately. I have been in my main office dealing with very important matters pertaining to the next 3 ships this month. My plan was to discuss this case with my partners but our schedules didn’t permit a meeting. My initial discussions with my brother Dennis leads me to believe that we will decide not to cover the cost of the trip. I would also like to clearly state that we have not assumed custody of the yacht and all responsabilities lie with the owner and/or crew. We do however accept the charges for dockage charges until our ship arrives.

Please understand that we are doing our best to make good on our commitment to you and Mr. Williams and get SanSouci back to the PNW….”

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