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Hello TrawlerWeb Members!

While the TrawlerWeb Mailing List is an excellent tool to contact all the members of TrawlerWeb (such as the way Ken does to let us all know of his excellent adventures!), please remember not to abuse it. If you wish to contact Ken, please do so by sending him an e-mail directly, as opposed to sending a message to ‘’. His e-mail address is easily found here on TrawlerWeb’s Discussion Forums.

The use of the TrawlerWeb Mailing List is similar to sending an e-mail to ‘All Staff’ in an organization with over 1000 employees. However, the problem with sending an e-mail to the TrawlerWeb Mailing List is that when people wish to reply to the sender, the replies go to ‘’ instead of going to the sender of the original message, so the original sender never gets your response!

If you have a Travelling story you feel all the Members might be interested in, by all means, feel free to let us know, but for messages that only affect certain people, it would be better to send an individual e-mail to those people instead. We don’t want this Mailing List to be viewed as a source of SPAM by our Members.

An alternative (and better) way of letting Members know of important issues, or to discuss topics of interest, is to utilize the Discussion Forums. There are many different Forums available that cover a wide range of topics. If you?re not sure of which Forum to post your comments to, please use the Open Discussions Forum.

Thank you all for your consideration in this matter. Smooth Seas!

John Sytsma

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