Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow morning early Sans Souci will be back on the move after sitting still for six months. Jeff and crew spent the day changing the oil, and checking all the systems. I had a few calls asking how to turn various systems on, but overall, it was a very calm day.

Jeff spoke with the weather router who said the winds are running 35 knots across the Bay of Tehuantepec. He won’t be there for until early next week, so hopefully things will calm by then. Tomorrow’s run is a “short” 170 miles to Los Suenos, where they are stopping to do provisioning (a bigger grocery store than at Golfito).

Here are a few weather links I gave Jeff:

-Ken W

2 Responses

  1. David: I hope to! The schedule is a total unknown, so I don’t know when they’ll arrive. I also hope to meet them in Cabo, and take the crew for a round of golf. It’s bad luck to be thinking these thoughts when they still need to deal with the Papagayo winds, crossing the bay of Tehuantepec, etc – so, I don’t want to think too far ahead. For now, my focus is on tomorrow, when they get to cross in front of an island (I forget the name) which is one of the worlds most active lightning zones. I REALLY don’t like lightning…

    -Ken W

  2. Great Day Ken,

    Happy to hear your boat is northbound. Do you plan to meet them in Dana Point?

    Bon Voyage,

    David Evans

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