There’s a typhoon coming!

When Roberta and I returned home from Japan, we were absolutely certain that typhoon season was over, but it appears that we were wrong.

Steven and Carol Argosy (Seabird) are still in Japan with the boats, while Braun and Tina Jones (Grey Pearl) are on the east coast, and we’re in Seattle.

Meanwhile, a typhoon is headed for Osaka, and it looks like a mean one.

Intensity Very Strong
Center position N23°05′(23.1°)
Direction and speed of movement NNW 25km/h(14kt)
Central pressure 930hPa
Maximum wind speed near the center 50m/s(95kt)
Maximum wind gust speed 70m/s(135kt)
Area of 50kt winds or more Wide 150km(80NM)
Area of 30kt winds or more NE560km(300NM)

Roberta and I were at a movie theater tonight when I received the call from Steven alerting me to the oncoming typhoon.

While we were in Japan we had four of these typhoons headed for us, and all turned before reaching land. This one was expected to turn, but has kept coming, and is expected to hit Japan within the next 24 hours.

Hopefully, it will make a last minute turn. If not, the GSSR boats are likely to see winds of 90 knots or more.

Steven spent the day adding fenders to all three boats, and adding additional lines. I felt powerless when speaking to him. There’s not much I could say except ‘THANK YOU.’ Luckily, our boats are in a very strong marina, in the best possible location.

To watch the typhoon yourself, as it approaches, and hopefully fizzles before it reaches Osaka, visit the website:

The good news, if there is any, is that Japan has a long history with typhoons. The cities and marinas are built with the knowledge that typhoons are an annual event. I hope the typhoon doesn’t run the track that is now projected, because it looks to me like there is the potential for damage. This said, if any country is prepared for an oncoming typhoon, it is Japan.

And, since I mentioned being at the movies, and on a much cheerier note…

We were watching the film “Julie and Julia” about a young lady who wrote a blog about Julia Childs. She set a goal to cook all of the over-500 receipes in Julia Child’s book in one year. It was a cute movie, but I most enjoyed watching her (Julie) sending her blog out, and watching for the comments to roll-in, and agonizing over what to write, only to hit the delete key when she decided it was too personal… and, sometimes NOT hit the delete key when she later wished she had (usually about 2 seconds after pressing the ‘send’ button.) I knew exactly how she felt. Roberta must have liked the film, because we’re now slated for a Julia Child’s recipe (Boeuf Bourguignon) for Sunday.

More tomorrow when I see if the typhoon missed us. I recommended to Steven that this could be a good day to check into a hotel, but he said that there is no need. He is confident he’ll be safe on the boat.

-Ken Williams, and

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