The "Why" boat

Over the past two weeks I have received at least 30 different emails asking if I have seen the boat called “WHY”. I assume that most of you have also seen these pictures, but given the high level of interest I figured I’d go ahead and post them on my blog anyhow.

Several people asked if the boat really exists or not. My research indicates that it really does exist, or at least it is a real design, in search of someone to order the first one. I would expect, that given the interesting look, some billionaire out there somewhere will want to add it to their collection.

Here’s a couple of links to websites with additional information:


I had to dig a bit to find the estimated cost: $150.8 million. I don’t know whether or not this includes the optional am/fm radio.

On a more relevant note…

The spare parts for Sans Souci have now departed Seattle and are somewhere in the middle of the Pacific. They are estimated to arrive in Japan around March 7th. In other words, all is looking good for an on-time departure for the GSSR 2010 in mid-April!

Thank you,
Ken Williams
Nordhavn 68, Sans Souci (my books)

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  1. Ken,
    Great to see that you are back on board. I have followed your blog for a little over a year now and have dreams of buying a Nordhavn when the kids get out of school. Thank you for posting your blogs (It helps me stay focused on my own dreams of traveling the world by boat) they really are enjoyable to read. Hope you have a safe cruising season this year and look forward to your new postings. God Bless

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