The Dan Streech Report #3

Each day just gets better… It is Thursday morning as I begin to write this. We are cruising along on absolutely glassy seas and Jimmy Buffet is playing on the sound system. Crosser glides through the glass-like seas.

Few things in this world can match the simple wonderful pleasure of a night watch in calm seas. My watch last night was from midnight to 3:00 AM. The bridge of Sans Souci was set for night running and the various screens, gauges, plotter, GPS units etc emitted their soft red and green glows. The doors were open and the pleasant 75-degree breezes rustled the papers from time to time. Except for the occasional sound of water past the hull, it almost seemed as though Sans Souci were floating on a cloud. Best of all was the music. We have “XM” radio on board and I had it tuned to channel 7 for “70s” music. Every song was perfect for the moment and brought back many memories.

After roll call this morning, the boats came closer together for a photo shoot. About that time Crosser reported whales on their port side. We saw them and turned over to get a closer look. It was a pod of 4 sperm whales and we were able to get right along side of them for quite a long look. I have never seen a sperm whale (that would be Moby Dick) and the site of them diving into the crystal clear water is a memory that I will have forever.

The folks on Sea Fox are having quite a time. They claim to have caught the same fish 3 times. They first reported it last night and claimed it to be 4 feet long and that it got away. They said that they landed it and it slipped thru the scuppers and overboard. We protested that a fish, four feet long, wouldn’t fit thru the scuppers, and they then changed their story and said that it jumped through their transom door taking their prized lure with it. They then landed the same fish later and recovered their lure. They decided that it was too big and released it. Then they claimed to have caught the same fish AGAIN. This time they released it again, but not before scolding it and telling it not to bother them any more. See anything “fishy” in that story?

Here’s the fish that Sea Fox caught…four feet? Perhaps they meant four inches! I should take a moment and introduce our fleet AKA group 1, AKA the “fast” boats. We consist of:
Sans Souci – A Nordhavn 62 Hull #9 with a crew of 8, including Ken and Roberta Williams and your author.

Crosser – A Monk-McQueen 90 with a crew of 9. Grey Pearl – A Nordhavn 62 Hull#8, with a crew of 5, including owners Braun and Tina Jones. Sea Fox – A Krogen 58 with a crew of 6, including owner Dennis Fox and VIP guests Kurt Krogen and Tom Selman. Tom is owner of a Nordhavn 50 in his other life.

Goleen – A Nordhavn 57 Hull#29, with a crew of 4, including owners Chris Samuelson and the lovely Sonia.

Emeritus – A Nordhavn 57 Hull#21, with a crew of 4, including owners Bob and Janis Rothman. Unfortunately, Emeritus “turned early” and has not been part of our happy fleet.

It has been really fun and rewarding to see how the dynamics of the fleet have developed. Having never done this before, we didn’t know for sure how (or even if) the travel as a fleet would work. As it has turned out, it has been quite easy to stay together. The twice-daily radio roll call is the “campfire” time as we chat and each vessel reports on their situation. Numerous running jokes carry over from time to time and we have gotten to know each other better through these chats. I start the roll call each morning with 30 seconds of rock and roll music and then my best Robin Williams impersonation of “Goooooood Mooorrrrnnnning Group 1!!!!”

At noon today, we had a BIG event – we changed the clocks. We “sprung” forward to Bermuda time so that when we arrive, there won’t be any mix-ups.

Go NAR!!!


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Credits     |     Video produced by: Rock Steady Media     |     Teletype photo: Arnold Reinhold     |     PDP-11 photo: Trammell Hudson