The boat calls me

Last night at 2am I received a call from the boat. Whenever it loses shore power a robot voice calls me. I’ve received “the call” so many times I have the message memorized. It always begins “I have a call for the owner of the vessel Sans Souci…”. I was incredibly depressed to get the call. Were I in Cabo with the boat I might be able to do something, but in this case, I’m in Seattle. I phoned the marina to ask if their power was out, but no such luck. They say there were no power outages today. It’s my shore power adapter (the Atlas system) which has failed again, after just having a technician on it for four days last week. I do not understand what is happening. It has run fine for nearly five days, then today it wouldn’t run for more than an hour without failing. Each time it failed I called the marina to ask the guards to go cycle the power at the pedestal. This would get the power going for a brief period and then it would stop working again. I may have to fly back to Cabo tomorrow to try to deal with it. I’ll be calling Atlas, but the chances of getting a technician to Cabo, this close to Christmas, are slim.

There are days I love boats, and days I don’t.

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