The blog is On Vacation until Nov 17

I am taking a Marine Electric Certification course all next week, so I won’t have time to do any writing.

When I return, I should have a few fun things to write about.

– Monday I have a big meeting at the boat to map out the upgrades and maintenance that will take place between now and our departure next May
– Thursday we have a group meeting with our “Siberian Connection” to finalize arrangements for entry, moorage, sightseeing, etc

I also will try to write down some thoughts from my trip yesterday. I managed to get myself invited to spend a full day touring a NOAA research vessel (the Okeanos Explorer), and a Coast Guard Icebreaker (the Healy).

Roberta and I will probably spend a few days living on our boat next week, which I’m looking forward to….

Thank you everyone, and talk to you in a week!

-Ken Williams

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  1. Ken

    Thanks for the very interesting updates on moving your vessel north. I know I have said it before, but your blog continues to be the highlight of my daily internet usage here in Marathon Florida. Kudo’s to your Captain for getting the boat back safe and sound. It must be a super feeling, in every aspect, to have confidence in this man!


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