The Atlas System

I have an international power system, called Atlas, which allegedly allows me to plug into shore power anywhere in the world. The problem is that Cabo seems to be an exception. I’ve been running for the past week on my generator, while we figure out why the power here in Cabo seems to be incompatible with my Atlas system (or, if the Atlas has hardware issues). I spent today on the boat talking to a technician from Atlas as he walked me through opening one of the four huge boxes of electronics in my lazarette that forms the Atlas. I am not an electrician and was very nervous about working around wires that were labeled “HIGH VOLTAGE”. The goal was to see if the people at Atlas could use me as their arms and legs in diagnosing the problem. After a couple hours of messing about, it became clear that this was a bigger problem than could be solved without a “real” technician here in Cabo. My new goal is to convince them to send someone SOON.

One really nice thing today: A boat pulled in next to us, arriving from Magdalena Bay. It was an approx. 60 foot aluminum trawler named “Misty Michael”. While I was complimenting them on a very cool, and seaworthy, looking boat, the lady on board surprised me by mentioned that she had read my book. She said her husband gave it to her as part of convincing her that they needed to buy a trawler and cruise the world. The boat is only a few months old, and they’ve already been to Alaska and are now in Cabo. It’s a neat feeling to think I’ve helped inspire someone to build a boat. Hopefully they’ll enjoy theirs as much as we have ours….

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