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Rally Participants

Uno Mas in calm seasSue & John Spencer, Roy Rouse. Not pictured; Clint Spencer (Leg 1), Chris Mather (Leg 2)Satchmo crew poses for a photo

Game Over – The Final Chapter

Greetings all… Roberta’s and my cruising has come to an end. It’s sad as I sit here looking at the boat, and looking out at

Day 49 – The End (Gibraltar)

Our final day in Gibraltar was perfect. The weather was horrific, but there is more to the story… Roberta and I had the 8:00pm to

Day 48-Arrival Gibraltar

This update is being sent out by Ken's dad. I just got off the phone with Ken. He told me the hotel in Gibraltar has

Day 46 – 389 Miles to Gibraltar

It is 2:30pm GMT, and we are 329 miles from Gibraltar, and the end of the rally. For the past few hours, we have been

Day 44 – 807 Miles to Gibraltar

Thank you to all who wrote to me about my seasickness. I am feeling MUCH better now. I’m still not 100%, but at least I’m

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