The voltage on the boat was fine when I woke up this morning (I get a daily email) — so all is well.

Only a few boat-related issues today (did I ever mention that a boat is a full-time job?):

  • I’ve mentioned before that I signed a three year lease on a slip at the new marina in San Jose Del Cabo Mexico. My boat is there now, but my slip is weeks from being ready. The people at the marina have been very helpful, and put me into the owners slip while waiting for my slip to be ready. My short-term problem is that the owner needs his slip back soon, and I’ll need to move my boat. Unfortunately, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are no other slips that I fit in. The marina is helping to juggle boats around to find room for me. I’ll relax when I am tucked in somewhere new (and, not before!)
  • I’m planning a trip to Soccoro, some islands 200 miles south of Cabo, in January, for some diving. I hadn’t realized getting a permit is so hard! I’m calling everyone I know to figure out the process (and, the cost).
  • Nordhavn is coming to Cabo to fix some warranty items on my boat. It’s nothing major, and I’m amazed they are coming down. I exchanged a few emails with them today on logistics, and on what needs to be done. I think it is working in my favor that there are several Nordhavns here because of the Fubar rally, and they are able to work on all the boats at once.
  • I set up an appointment with a local sat tv guy, to help me finish modifying my system to get Mexican tv. The toughest part is going to be convincing Sky Network (the Mexican Directv-type company) to authorize a receiver on a boat. I spent hours talking to them and am no closer than when I started.
Boating is awesome when you are at sea, but can be less fun sitting in port…

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