Socorro has been canceled

I shut down the plans to go to Socorro today. The permit process looks like it will take too long, and we can’t wait. Instead we’ll cross to Mazatlan and start working our way south from there.

Tomorrow I have both Nordhavn and Atlas here to look at the power problem on my boat. The shore power hasn’t worked for about two weeks now. Luckily I have autostart on my 16kw generator. It has been cycling on and off all by itself. I’ve never used autostart before, and probably never would have discovered how to use it, except for this necessity. Now that I know about it, I’ll automatically use it whenever I’m at anchor from now on.

Hopefully they will figure out the power tomorrow. I go back to the US for two weeks starting Dec 16th. I was uncomfortable with the generator running, and me not on the boat. I can’t imagine having the generator running with me not in the country…

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