Slip for the boat

The marina called and they found a place for my boat! It’s all kind of comical in that I leased a slip for three years, that won’t finish for another couple of months. They have now found me a slip that I can use until we leave to start for Costa Rica, which is in late January. The odds are heavy that my boat will NEVER sit in the slip I leased. Or, at least not within the next three years. After Costa Rica, we’re planning to head to Alaska, and then Hawaii, and then continue West until we return to where we started*.

The great news about all of this, for me, is that we’ve been sweating where to put the boat over the next few weeks. The slip I’ve been using belongs to the marina owner, and his boat is coming here soon. Now, all is resolved, and my boat is happily tucked away until its next big adventure.

* Note: Our cruising schedule is largely determined by the most recent person who says “Wouldn’t it be fun to go to ____?” Thus, any plans too far into the future are almost certainly going to change a time or two. That’s the best part of boating! You can’t believe how many discussions I’ve had where someone says “I’m just going to head down to the panama canal, and decide when I get there whether I want to make a right or a left turn.”

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