Sans Souci

Greetings, from Ken Williams, aboard Nordhavn 68-05.

This email is being sent as a test of the mailing list that I’ll be using to send out daily (or, at least as often as I can think of something to write about) email updates from my boat.

Sans Souci, first sea trial, July 25,2007

For now, the boat is still being finished off, but we are getting close. By midweek, next week, we should be heading north, and I’ll start sending out updates.

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If you have changed your mind about wanting to receive these emails, or are concerned about me clogging your inbox each day – read the instructions at the bottom of this email for how to get off the list.

For those who are bandwidth challenged, but still want to be able to track my voyage, I will also be putting a copy of all my emails onto the website.

I do not promise that my emails will be worth reading, but shall do my best. We are certainly going some fun places, and the boat is amazing (Nordhavn has exceeded all expectations as usual) – so, there is some possibility that the emails shall not be a total waste of time. I’ll leave this for you to decide.

We already have trips planned from San Diego to the Pacific NW and Canada, after which we will be venturing south to Mexico with the Fubar (a 60+ boat rally from San Diego to La Paz Mexico) then further south to Costa Rica, and back all the way to Alaska, before heading to Hawaii and more! Of course, plans tend to only be accurate until the weather changes….

Thank you,
Ken Williams
Nordhavn 68, Sans Souci

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