Sans Souci goes to Canada

I’m just leaving home to head to the boat. Today we head to Victoria Canada! I should be able to be tracked via AIS, at: The boat appears now as sitting at Shilshole marina.

The weather outlook isn’t great. Today looks fine; small craft advisory, and a current going the right direction. Tomorrow looks much less fun; gale warning and fighting a current the entire trip.

Jeff sent me this link to check out the weather: 

NW Wind Reports Page

It’s a site I’ve never used, and because I don’t know all the local destination names, it’s difficult for me to use. It reminds me that I need to start studying the weather reports between here and Alaska so that I start to memorize the reference points they will be using in reporting weather.


I was up this morning to start phoning Alaska at 6am to apply for an entry permit to Glacier Bay. A very small number of boats (I think it is around six) are allowed into the park at any time. To enter you need to get a Entry Permit, and they are only issued 60 days prior to entry. First come, first served. All three GSSR boats are up early this morning calling to get our permits.

Time to go to the boat!

-Ken W

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  1. Ken,
    On your approach to Victoria, BC you did a hard right and proceeded on a course shaped like a “U” and then resumed your course for the harbor. What happened?

    Using the tracking feature, I saw some crazy speeds like 17.4 Knots off the Salt Creek Recreation Area – 7 knot current?. I also saw speeds of 10.4 knots from time to time.

    You appear to have turned your AIS off once you reached Port Angeles. Lastly, have you purposely left the type of vessel field empty in your AIS transmission. Is this on purpose?


  2. KEN-Not sure what your top speed is, but I noticed following your track on the AIS website that you were mostly below 10 knots coming and going. I thought you said you were going to do a sea trial to stress your systems. I’m surprised you didn’t run at near 100% throttle in order to be sure all systems could handle the stress. Of course maybe 10 knt is wide open? Anyway, it just seems you didn’t really “push” the boat to be sure it could handle that if need be on your trip. Your thoughts please.

  3. We are at the dock in Victoria!!!

    A perfect trip. A few details to work out, but overall zero real problems. Mostly just some electronics to tweak.

    The wind was behind us all the way, as was a strong current. I’ll write a detailed report tomorrw…

    -Ken W

  4. Happy for you Ken! According to Marine Traffic, Live Ships Map, as of 3:15 PM EDST you only have 9,456 vessels in range of you, as you make progress towards Eglon. Are you able to relax underway? Enjoy your journey!

  5. Let’s hope that $50 dollars you sliped the weather router works.

    Wishing you and your group fair winds and following seas.

  6. Ken, hopefully your heating system is fully functional, it’s cold today. One comment, which I mentioned before, is that your boat shows up gray (unspecified type) on the AIS website. Perhaps you want to change it, or maybe you don’t. Just thought I’d make you aware.

    Sam M,

    Washington State Ferries do show up on the AIS website, along with their routes. At least for me.


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