Redesigning the electrical system

I’m just back from a meeting with an electrical engineer and Jeff (Pacific Yacht Management). One of my main projects when the boat gets to Seattle is to “solve” the air conditioning problem. The chillers for the air conditioning are drawing too much current when they first start up. I’ve discussed pulling out these chillers and installing different chillers that have soft start capability (a way to start the air conditioning, without the initial start up current crunching the electrical system). Nordhavn is convinced the chillers I have can work fine, and they may be right. However, by my calculations, the current chillers are always going to be problematic.

Today my focus was on another possible solution: keeping the chillers, but swapping the inverters. Currently, the boat is either inverting power from the batteries, taking power from shore, or taking power from the generators. During startup of a chiller, the boat requires more power than any single source can provide. There are some inverters that have the capability to merge multiple sources of power in order to meet demand. Specifically, what I am interested in is having the ability to invert power from the batteries for the few seconds when a chiller is spinning up to speed, and the generator has inadequate power. Specifically, I’m thinking of swapping my inverters for these:

On a less technical, and more fun note: There’s a third boat (a Northern Marine 75′) now talking about going along with Grey Pearl (Nordhavn 62) and us next summer on the run to Japan. This is great news! With three boats, the odds the trip will happen rises exponentially.

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