Rally Participants

Uno Mas in calm seas

Sue & John Spencer, Roy Rouse. Not pictured; Clint Spencer (Leg 1), Chris Mather (Leg 2)

Satchmo crew poses for a photo op

Steve Soltysik, Ellen & Bill Bane, Calvin Kendig

Envoy with paravanes deployed for stabilization

Don Bunnell, Barrie Smith, Wayne & Patricia Davis. Not pictured Janet Smith (Leg 1)

Egret plows through a wave while her crew smiles for the camera!

Front Row: Scott & Mary Flanders – Back Row: Cecil Newsome, Dean Wiley

World odd@sea crew members welcomes this adventure with open arms.

John & Dulcie Harris, John & Pam Chatting, Steve Lawrence

Stargazer crew waves to the camera

Bill Carpenter, Will Perras, Michael Perfit, Kevin Keith

Strictly for Fun crew flying high!

Bill Parlatore (Leg 3), Teri & Scott Strickland, Frank Sain (Leg3)
Not pictured; Jon Ehly (Leg 1 & 2), Christin Ehly & Sean Ehly (Leg 1), Georgs Kolesnikovs (Leg 2)

Sundog crew poses on the Portuguese Bridge.

Back; Lee Roman, Dave Hill, Robert Greenbaum Front; Robert Schaper
Not pictured; Adam Greenbaum (Leg 1)

Four Across crew poses on the fly bridge.

Eric Leishman (Leg 3), Doug Seaver, Will Seaver, Jennifer Alloway, Charles Metcalf (Leg 1 & 2)

Que Linda on the hook in Bermuda

Hal & Linda Wyman, Chris & Staci Wyman (Leg 3), Wayne Almquist, Bob Owens
Not pictured: David Wyman (Leg 1)

Goleen sits at the dock in Bermuda

Bob Senter (Leg 1 & 2), Sonaia H. Maryon-Davis, Bransom Bean, Chris Samuelson
Not shown: Kate Brunel-Cohen (Leg 2), Jon Ehly (Leg 3), Georgs Kolesniskovs (Leg 3)

Emeritus sits at the dock in Bermuda

Bob & Janis Rothman, Matt & Caroline Inman

Sea Fox heads out to sea.

Dennis Sturdivan, Tom Selman, Dennis Fox, Rod Semrad (Leg 1 & 2)
Not pictured: Julie Fox (Leg 1), Kurt Krogen (Leg 1), David Fox (Leg 1)

Grey Pearl and the Rock of Gibraltar.

Braun & Tina Jones, Maralee Costino (Leg 3), Steve Kellenberg (Leg 3), Jose Gutierrez
Not pictured: Mark Wildman (Leg 1), June Crafton (Leg 1 & 2), Mort Taubman (Leg 2)

Autumn Wind crew posing on the Portuguese Bridge

Bill & Arlene Smith, St. John O’Neil-Dunne (Leg 3), Patrick Hemphill, Garrett Severen (Leg 3),
Mike Ronquillo, Eric Leishman (Leg 1 & 2), Jackie & Josie (Dogs)
Not pictured: Brad Smith (Leg 1 & 2), Georgs Kolesnikovs (Leg 1), Bing O’Meara (Leg 2)

Sans Souci makes easy headway as she closes in on Gibraltar

Phil Strable, Rip Knot, Roberta & Ken Williams, St. John O’Neil-Dunne (Leg 1 & 2),
Mike Ronquillo (Leg 3), Kirk White (Leg 2 & 3)
Not pictured: Dan Streech (Leg 1), Christian Fittipaldi (Leg 1), Garrett Severen (Leg 1 & 2),
John & Nova Heuer (Leg 3)

Crosser and crew enjoy some flat seas.

Back Row: Richard Doering & Linda Rice-Doering, John Burgess, Beverly Monigal,
Front Row: Anita & Dale Neifert, David Stone, Sandra Howarth
Not Pictured: Patrick Hemphill (Leg 1 & 2)

Atlantic Escort cruises into Bermuda

James Leishman, Brad Smith (Leg 3), Kari Ware (Leg 2 & 3), Kevin Ware, Jim Leishman
Not Pictured: Justin Zumwalt (Leg 1 &2), Dave Shuler, Scott Shane (Leg 1), Peter Swanson (Leg 2),
John Woolridge (Leg 2), Brad Kovach (Leg 3), Peter Janssen (Leg 3)

Rally Staff:
Joan & Bruce Kessler, Amy Zahra, Jenny McCauley Stern, Milt & Judy Baker

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Credits     |     Video produced by: Rock Steady Media     |     Teletype photo: Arnold Reinhold     |     PDP-11 photo: Trammell Hudson