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I'm experimenting with adding daily updates. We'll see how this works out.... 

End of the season

(8/17/2018) The season ended abruptly! We knew it was going to be a short season, due to some personal issues, but as sometimes happened, real life interceded and we had to go home to Seattle. Sigh .. hopefully a LOT more cruising next year

We're on the Canadian Border!

(8/6/2018) Twenty-five or more years ago a bunch of other guys and me rented rooms at a resort on the Canadian border for an all-night poker binge. I remember at the time thinking "This resort is pretty cool. I should bring Roberta here." Well .. I was fairly slow about it, but when I realized we were only a four hour run from the resort and they had a marina, I decided the time had come. We just got here. Roberta isn't likely to want to play poker all night, so it may not be quite the same.

Back to where we started

(8/4/2018) We returned to Roche Harbor! It's a convenient place for clearing into America and we decided there are some American towns and anchorages we've never been into, so we returned to Roche. We have a slip here at Roche, but aren't staying, so we dropped anchor. We'll provision the boat tomorrow (load up on food) and then head somewhere monday morning. Where exactly Not sure yet... I am showing the picture of the coast guard boat because he is anchored next to us. His radar has been running nonstop and I've wondered if I should be wearing an aluminum hat or something.. Does prolonged exposure to radar hurt

Lots of wind today

{8/2/2018) We headed south. Not sure why. Just thought we'd return to the US. So -- we're on the US/Canada border anchored. The wind has come up and we are seeing up to 27 knots. I just dropped a bunch more anchor chain, just to be safe. We're in 50' of water with 350 of chain out. Way too much, but, why not

No fun at all

(7/30/2018) Roberta and I departed Hornby Island headed south at 6am yesterday. It was to be a five hour run. By 6:15am I had an alarm going saying that my hydraulic system was overheating. This lead to me spending most of the next four hours on my belly in a miserably hot engine room trying to get a dead pump going while Roberta drove. All ended fine, but it will make a good blog entry, that I hope to be able to write later today or tomorrow.

Toundra takes a ride

(7/28/2018) I offered Toundra a ride on the kayak. She has been bored on the boat. That said, she thought we were going in the tender and when she discovered it was the kayak she through a tantrum and had to be brought back. Oh well...


(7/27/2018) Apologies for the poor picture. It's not accidentally blurred. I just found this funny. The pink blur you see is a young couple relaxing (naked) on the beach. I happened to look over and was surprised to see a golf hole immediately above them with four golfers hitting balls over their heads and onto the green. The disparity of the golfers in their fashionable golf attire and the beach goers in their non-attire busted me up. Don't ask me why.. it just seemed like something you don't see everyday. I don't know if there is a golf course here, or if it's a waterfront house with their own golf hole...

Hornby Island

(7/26/2018) Yesterday was a very long, semi-miserable day. We had a seven hour run, the first four hours of which were in Force 4 or 5 seas, with lots of spray over the bow. We were happy to finally drop anchor. The good news though is that the beach in front of us is a nude beach!

Porlier Pass

(7/25/2018) We are about to start engines! Today may be a long day. We have to hit a narrow pass exactly at 9:15 in order to get slack water. On the other side we have a marina we can go into, or if the Strait of Georgia feels calm we'll head another eight hours north to Hornby Island.

A blast from the past

(7/23/2018) We cruised with Starr in Japan and they are now here at the marina in Ganges after running 4500 miles from Hawaii to Dutch Harbor in the Aleutians. Meanwhile, this is Roberta's and my last day in a marina for a couple weeks. We will spend today getting ready to go.


Dropping the tender

(July 16, 2018) We are at anchor and planning to stay at anchor for four or five days. Time to drop the tender and explore!

currents are not fun

(July 15, 2018) The 10.4 knots on the upper gauge shows how fast we were moving through the water. The bottom gauge, with 3.8 knots show our progress. We spent six hours today bucking a current against us ranging from 3.5 to 6 knots! Sent from my iPhone

Drive time

(7/13/2018) Were driving a couple hours out to the west coast of Vancouver Island today. I'm taking the drone and hoping to get some great beach footage. I forgot to charge the battery though (oops!).. so .. whatever footage I get, there won't be much of it.

We are at anchor

(7/8/2018) We dropped anchor in front of the marina, just as a way of making our early morning departure tomorrow simple. We plan an early morning departure hoping to beat some bad weather developing tomorrow afternoon.

Frustration Du Jour

(7/7/2018) My 50 amp shorepower cable has an automated cord retrieval system which has always been unreliable. Today it quit completely. Crap. I get to spend the rest of the season with the cord coiled up in my cockpit. Oh well...

Fireworks on the 4th

(7/4/2018) This was the first year weve been at Roche Harbor for July 4th. It was pretty incredible! Lots of decorated boats. My goal today is to get a rental car. We need to do some provisioning in nearby Friday Harbor. There's a store here on the docks, but there's a bigger store in Friday Harbor. The bad news is that we can't buy too much. We enter Canada soon and I'm not sure what we can and can't take across the border.

Kenmore Air

(7/3/2018) On the plane now. Looking forward to seeing the boat.

View Landing

Fireworks on the 4th

(7/2/2018) Today is our last day in Seattle. We expect to be on the boat for over two months. There isnt too much to pack though. We keep a set of clothes on the boat. Tomorrow morning well fly Kenmore Air (a tiny float plane) about 45 minutes to Roche Harbor Marina in the San Juan Islands. The float plane arrives at the dock within 20 feet of our boat. The 4th of July at Roche will be incredible!

July 4th

Roche Harbor

(7/1/2018) Roberta and I have been stuck ashore the last month, but will head back to the boat on Tuesday. I'm not sure what cruising we will do. Short-term, I think we just want to chill on the boat for a few days and enjoy Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor Live Cam


chuck dahill 7/21/2018
enjoy the mini posts along with the full blog.  Heading your way next year and appreciate any/all info on navigation/sea state/etc.  
---Reply posted by Ken Williams on 7/21/2018
Will do! We were at the market on salt spring island today. I should have taken pictures and forgot to... It's an every saturday event and a lot of fun...
Ken Williams 7/15/2018

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