Planning for Costa Rica

Things remain calm. We’re in Cabo enjoying life. A technician from Atlas will be here on Tuesday to help me sort out shore power.

I’ve started planning our trip south to Costa Rica. We were planning to start with a trip to Socorro, a Galapagos-like island (actual a series of islands) a couple hundred miles off mainland mexico, but apparently it’s a much bigger deal to get a permit to visit the islands than I realized. I have a couple people working on getting me a crusing permit, but am starting to realize that it won’t come through in time. A group of Nordhavns (Alanoui, Paloma, Sanjaro, Wayward Wind and Samurai) are in Mazatlan, and now we’re thinking we might just shoot straight across from Cabo and spend a few days there to start our trip. Unfortunately, by the time we get there (approx. Jan 20th) it will be too late to catch these boats, but we’ve got Christmas plans in Seattle. Perhaps we’ll catch them further south.

I’ve been corresponding with David Sidbury the owner of the second Nordhavn 68. He is in Taiwan now, and his boat is supposed to “splash” for the first time this weekend. We keep trying to think how we can get our boats in the same place at the same time, but it may not happen for a decade or more, which is very disappointing.

I saw a posting on the Nordhavn owners group about a new cruising guide which targets superyachts. I’m far from a superyacht, but it has some great inforamtion and can be viewed free on the website (I ordered print copies for the boat).

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