Passarelles, Power and A Guest Manual

I’ve been emailing back and forth with “George L.”, who has a Nordhavn 68 on order. He is trying to decide what to do about a passarelle for his boat. Depending on the day you ask me, you’ll find me whining about all the space our passarelle takes up inside the lazarette, or I’ll describe it as an absolute necessity.

My last comment on the subject to George was that he should try to quantify how much time his boat would really be spending in the Med, and that if it was over six months, that he would actually be aboard — then a “true” hydraulic passarelle is probably justified. As an alternative, some recent Nordhavn owners have had manual “gang planks” made, which they stow away when not in the Med. Roberta and I had one of these on our Nordhavn 62 prior to upgrading to a “real” passarelle in 2000.

This prompted George to write back and ask if I could hunt around the marina, and take pictures of some stowable passarelles. When I mentioned to Roberta why I was heading to the marina with the camera, she said “You won’t need the camera. There is nothing in the marina except true hydraulic passarelles.” She was right. We hiked around the marina for an hour, and every boat we saw, over about 32 feet, had a passarelle. They are a standard part of every boat made.

To do my best on George’s behalf, I did snap pictures of different flavors of passarelles, and uploaded those pictures, which can be viewed here.

You’ll also see on the photo gallery pictures of the power pedestal (showing that the standard is 32 amp, 220v, 50hz service), several examples of boats med moored, and pictures of a “Mangusta” (because I mentioned one in yesterday’s blog.

On a completely different topic: Milt Baker, a Nordhavn 47 owner, now cruising in Croatia, just made public the “Guest reference card” he uses for guests coming aboard his boat. It’s a nice start in creating you own, and I posted it HERE.

-Ken W

PS I had a question yesterday about the extension to the back of my N62, so if this interests you, make sure you read the comments section at the bottom of yesterday’s blog entry.

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  1. Michael: Are you in Monaco now? We’ll be in Monaco tomorrow and I’ll look for the Wallypower 118, and report back. Can you try emailing me again? Try: kenw @ ( … and, perhaps cc to: kenw @ (

    My mailserver was hacked and sending out 100s of thousands of spams. I spent yesterday trying to figure how to lock down a mail server.

    Thank you! – Ken W

  2. Ken, there is an unusual in interesting multi-purpose passerelle on the Wallypower 118. When lowered down it becomes a swim platform and fits a swim ladder. When raised up it is a very wide passerelle to the shore. Halfway between these two positions, the steps are aligned to make a “plank” that retracts into the boat. Very nice. It is moored in Monaco harbor now, at the very far left end. Have a look. (and please send me email–I’m struggling to contact you by email at every address I have for you!) (

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