One down, three to go

Darn…. One of the four boats traveling with us to Japan just dropped out (The Stabberts on Starr).

We’re disappointed, but not surprised. I have been through both the Fubar and the NAR, where significantly more boats signed up than actually made the trip. My recollection is that on the NAR over 70 boats said “they were definitely planning to go”, yet only 18 made the trip. I also remember my own efforts to put together a group to cross the Pacific. At one point it appeared that we had 10 boats in the firm category, and then ALL of the boats, including my own, dropped out for one reason or another.

The reasons people drop of rallys are widely varied. It is a big commitment to make a trip such as this. In the year that it takes to put a trip together, a lot can change. I can think of dozens of things that would stop Roberta and I from making the trip, such as health issues, financial issues, family issues, etc. Our hope is that none of these things occurs, but, this is life, and few things are predictable.

When Braun Jones (Grey Pearl) and I first discussed the trip, we discussed whether or not we wanted to add more boats, and decided it would be a good thing, even though it complicated logistics, because you need to start with a big number if you hope to leave the dock with even a small number of boats. We figured with a third boat, then the odds the trip would really happen would increase immensely, and that with a fourth boat, the trip was an almost certainty, because as long as we have two boats on May 1st 2009, the trip is a “go.”

-Ken W

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  1. Ken – I think the idea for your trip (GSSR) is a great idea. You have the boat(s) that can do it, and you are looking at the right time of the year. And most important you are an adult who know what he wants to do. Why all the doomsayers have to keep trying to bum everyone out I don’t know.

  2. I’ll join. MV Felicitous. 12 ft. kayak. The works: rudder, paddle, storage, and a hot tub on the fly bridge.

    p.s. sorry to hear someone won’t be going. may make moorage easier to find.

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