North Pole 01 – Unpacking before packing

Greetings all!

This is the first update on our trip to the North Pole, and it isn’t much of an update. Roberta and I spent yesterday evening unpacking the collection of boxes that arrived over the past few weeks.

The truth is that we live in warm places 99% of the time. We divide our time between Seattle, Cabo and wherever our boat is. We pick the best seasons to be in various places and only occasionally get caught in cold weather. One day last week I realized that all of my shorts were dirty and put on a pair of jeans. Roberta asked why I was “all fancied up” as did various neighbors who have grown accustomed to seeing me in my usual uniform of golf shirt, golf shorts, and sneakers.

Anyway, for this expedition the travel company sent a list of suggested clothes and Roberta has been busy ordering them. The picture you see above shows the pile of boxes that arrived, and it’s actually worse than what you are seeing. This is AFTER Roberta and I worked for THREE HOURS unpacking. This is only about half the pile.

Roberta asked me to try on some gloves last night. When I commented that they felt just fine, although perhaps a little loose, she said, “Remember, these are your outer gloves. There’s another thick set of gloves that will go under these.”

We only have two days in Seattle and lots of family to see, plus LOTS more unpacking to do, before we start packing.

More tomorrow!

Ken Williams (and, Roberta)
MV Sans Souci

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  1. SUBJECT: Re: North Pole 01 – Unpacking before packing
    OH my!!! We have lots of ski gear so our boxes were not as high:)))! We can’t wait!!! This will be fun to read your blog and actually be there!!!:)))

  2. SUBJECT: RE: North Pole 01 – Unpacking before packing
    Four seasons working in Antarctica, I know your pain!
    Although, we lined up at the clothing store and tried on a succession of boots, pants, shirts, jackets, gloves, hats and helmets.
    Then the survival gear started!!
    In the end it stuffed down into a couple of bags.
    Leave some room in your boots.
    No worse feeling than cold feet, less its squashed and cold feet!
    Your gear may vary a bit, but our continental stuff was windproof only, because it doesn’t rain!!
    So, Socks, Thermal underwear your daily polar fleece outer layer, and over layer if out go out side!
    Layers, layers and layers!
    Then If you are going anywhere near water, add a layer of waterproofing,
    Good Gloves, Good boots, good hats and goggles and sunglasses.
    A spare pare of gloves, spare hat spare googles always in your day pack!
    Supprisingly, like living on the water yo will get sunburnt from underneath!
    Reflection tends to see your chin, under your nose and eyelids get sunburnt. So some sunscreen as well.
    Most importantly in the bottom of your day pack a spare sense of adventure, with a little sense of humour!
    And spare camera batteries!
    Not that I ever got many chances to take pictures. I had to rely on other peoples collections!
    Cheers and enjoy it!
    Included, is a picture of my detachment and our boats after a hard day ship-to-shore resupply at Casey Station Antarctica.
    Predominantly wet weather gear over the top of old fashioned woollen outer clothing over thermals.
    Those were the days!

  3. SUBJECT: RE: North Pole 01 – Unpacking before packing
    FUN!  I am getting excited about this trip!

  4. SUBJECT: RE: North Pole 01 – Unpacking before packing
    I am more than a little pleased to see someone else as dedicated  to ( ’s success as I.   In Phoenix, it’s like ordering from the Coyote’s Acme company – place an order and wait by the mailbox: it will be here in a few taps of your foot.
    Thanks for sharing so much on your blogs: I’ve enjoyed all of them (and bought all your books).
    Butch David

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