Nordhavn”s Motor Sailer

I just noticed that the owners of the first Nordhavn 56 Motor Sailor set up a website on my Talkspot system. There isn’t much on the site yet, but it’s worth checking out.

They mentioned that the boat would be coming north to the Pacific NW and cruising to Alaska next summer. I’m VERY curious to see the boat…The owner (John Felton) and I spoke last week. He is planning to cross the Pacific next summer, and I asked if he wanted to tag along with our group, across the Bering Sea, but he said that he plans call for heading to Polynesia. (I’m jealous!)

Meanwhile.. I’m in touch with Nordhavn, who is trying to help Sans Souci, but the sat phone has suddenly gone wacko on Sans Souci. We can hear them, but they can’t hear us. I’m getting lots of computer phone calls from the boat (via skymate) saying that the power has been cut — so I know that Jeff is working hard to get the a/c system going again.

-Ken W

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  2. Hi, Ken.
    Could you please pass this on to Roberta? Thank you! I appreciate all the two of you have done!

    Dear Roberta,
    I would like to thank you for your genius and bravery in creating and marketing computer games that appealed to families. Long ago, my husband brought home a King’s Quest game to get me over my fear of computers. Night after night, I stayed up late trying to figure out how to catch a unicorn or where the daggone bridle was hidden–I think he missed out on some evening “entertainment” with me, but I got over my fear of computers!
    We had a little boy, Clint, who began playing King’s Quest games with me when he was quite young. Clint is now 30, but I can honestly say that some of our very best bonding time was over how to solve the puzzles in King’s Quest games. We both have wonderful memories of avoiding trolls, zombies, and other nasties in the endless woods and deserts(“Which way do I go when I get to the rock? I can’t read the map!”) and spending HOURS trying to figure out some of the puzzles involved (“Don’t tell Dad, but we’re calling the Sierra hint line!”) in restoring Rosella to her rightful place in the kingdom. Your games taught him how to keyboard and problem-solve in a logical manner at a very young age. He went on to play many more Sierra games with me and then with his friends. To this day, he will play an occasional game and listen to soundtracks of some of his favorites. My daughter, Lauren, followed his lead and spent many happy hours playing “Mixed Up Mother Goose” and some of the King’s Quest games as well.
    I’m sorry that so few of the style computer games you pioneered are still around. I don’t play many anymore, as I am not interested in splattering aliens or slicing up zombies. I thought it was great for boys and girls to see that anyone can be a hero by using his or her brains and heart in a good way. So thank you, Roberta, for the gift of some of the most wonderful memories a mom and her kids can have. We will always be some of your biggest fans!
    Kim Smith

  3. Ken, we are all eagerly awaiting the start of your 2013 cruising season blog. Is your boat still docked in Gocek,Turkey?

  4. Ken, under equipment the scuba “CLICK HERE” link doesn’t work. It isn’t underlined either. Maybe that indicates it’s not an active link? Anyway, just a heads up! Great site, I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels over the years! Thanks again!

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