NOG Poll of Members

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1. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being BEST and 5 being WORST, how do you like Nordhavn Owners Group here on vs the group as it was on Yahoo Groups a month ago?

If you answered "other" to the question above, what kinds of problems?

3. Have all of the problems you mentioned above been resolved to your satisfaction?

4. Have you used the Search feature here on If so, how do you feel it compares with searching and finding the information you need on Yahoo Groups?

5. Is there any single thing or feature you particularly LIKE about NOG on as opposed to NOG on Yahoo Groups? If so, in a very few words what is it? Why?

6. Is there any single thing or feature that you particularly MISS from NOG on Yahoo Groups? If so, in a very few words what it is it and why do you miss it?

7. You may have noticed that many of NOG's photos did not transfer over from Yahoo Groups to Knowing that the photos are still accessible on the old NOG, how much of an issue to you is not having them available here--on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 not being an issue at all and 5 being a HUGE issue.

8. allows attachments with each member able to decide whether or not to receive attachments and set the maximum size of any attachments downloaded. NOG has not activated that feature. What is your opinion about whether or not NOG should allow attachments?

9. Are there any problems or features that relate to NOG here on that make you especially UNHAPPY with NOG’s new venue? If so, in a few words what are they?

10. Any other comments? (Please keep it brief!)

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