Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program

Nordhavn has a “pennant program” where Nordhavn owners record their mileage and get a flag they can fly showing how many miles they’ve ran.

For fun, I decided to take the total miles run, and divide it by the number of boats, just to see how many miles the average Nordhavn has gone.


I capitalized it, because that is a LOT of miles.

Out of curiosity I looked to see what the circumference of the earth is, at the equator: 24,859 miles

With a little division, you discover that this represents 47 laps of the earth AT the equator.

So, how many boats does this represent? Only 81 boats.

That means the average Nordhavn (of those who registered) has gone over 14,000 miles.

I don’t know how many boats Nordhavn has sold, but suspect this reflects only a fraction of the total miles.

If I get my boat back someday, I hope to help keep these numbers growing!

-Ken W

PS Yesterday’s blog entry had several interesting comments.

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