Nobeltec Upgrade

I’ve been running Visual Navigation Suite V9.0 from Nobeltec on the boat.

When I called Jeppesen (the company that owns Nobeltec) to buy the charts, for the run from Alaska to Japan, they mentioned that they had a free upgrade to version 10.0. One would think I’d be an expert on anything computer-related, but this is an area where I really haven’t paid attention. Plus, I am a bit paranoid about doing much of anything to “push” the limits of the navigation software on the boat. I’m always afraid I’ll somehow blow up the software. Now that I have it installed on my laptop, I feel much braver about being able to explore all the features of the product.

As I understand it Nobeltec (or Jeppesen) bought C-Map, and as part of this upgrade my charts were replaced by C-Map charts. I’ve only been playing with the software for a few days, but can already tell it is a big step forward. Here’s a few first impressions:

  • The charts seem much better. It’s tough to know without comparing the charts side by side, but I can definitely say that the new charts are much better than what I had previously
  • The charts now auto-update themselves from the internet
  • A dongle is required to run the program, but you are allowed up to six other “planning stations”. This means you can have the software installed on other computers, charts and all — but, that the other computers are slightly crippled when running without the dongle. Everything runs normally EXCEPT you can’t run the software with a live GPS input. This is great for my use.

I think the free software upgrade might be over. I’m not sure… Here’s the press release on the new version:

-Ken W

2 Responses

  1. Capt. Didier:

    I can’t tell from your posting who it is directed at. I have nothing to do with Nobeltec, other than being a customer.

    That said, I’ve apparently had better luck than you. Nobeltec is not a perfect program, but I’ve been quite happy with it. I haven’t tried Rose Point’s product, or Transas, so I don’t know how to compare them.

    Thank you,
    -Ken W

  2. Dear Sir,

    After being a customer for an number of years and participation in the upgrades in nobeltec along the way I am sorry to report that I will no longer live with the crashing of admiral 10. I have moved to evaluate both Rose Point and Transas as the product that will replace you.

    I have been in contact a number of times with limited interest from you to address your program errors. You never offer further support. Be grateful your program is of so little aid to this and other pilots that no accident occurred to give you noteriaty. You have lost this Alaska Pilot. I will be vary happy to give my weight to another product.

    Capt. Frank Didier

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