Night Vision

I bought a night vision monocular for the boat:
I have a large night vision camera on the boat, but have never felt as comfortable using it as I’d like. On our prior boat we had a yellow pair of night vision binoculars that I loved. I searched the internet for another pair and haven’t found anything. My guess is that they were Gen 1 or Gen 2, and not very good by today’s standards.

I would have rather ordered binoculars, but the monocular was already too expensive (I paid around $4,800!)

The box just arrived, and for that price, I’d better like them. I’m waiting for it to get dark so I can give them a try.

My other project for the day is checking with the insurance company to verify that my boat is insured for the run north from Costa Rica. There’s really not a great weather window. It is hurricane season now in the southern pacific, and the boat needs to be north before November to avoid rough weather off the west coast of the US.

-Ken W

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  1. Choosing the best night vision equipment is very important especially if you are doing for an essential purpose. If you can buy them offline, do it so because you will not be taken advantage of or fooled by online sellers. Well, if you think that you have the chosen the best; then be happy about it.

  2. My boat is currently sitting with empty tanks, and about as light as it can possibly be. My guess is that it weighs right at 90 tons as it is currently sitting. All three freighters that have been sent to Golfito to retrieve my boat have had dual 40-ton cranes. I am “encouraging” the freight company to send an alternate freighter with a crane large enough to lift my boat, and they are working on it. But, at this point, I need to get the boat moved. The west coast of the US, particularly the stretch from San Francisco to Seattle, can get ugly starting in November. I’m in the situation of hoping the freight company can honor their commitment, but needing to have a backup plan ready to roll if they can’t. The good news is that “one way or the other” my boat will be heading north sometime in the next three weeks. – Ken W

  3. Good Fortune Be With You Ken & Jeff,, et all,

    I must have missed something, although I am a daily reader of your writings. How much more does your boat weigh than the sistership that was transported previously to Victoria? Can’t you off load some fuel and the tender you weren’t that happy with a get down to spec.? Like I’m going to think of something you haven’t already considered. I guess I’m wondering how they commited to transpoting your boat at it’s weight from the factory when actually their equipment isn’t up to the job. Good luck, Ken. I know this is very frustrating. Dave Evans

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