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  • 12/11/2019 08:32 www.youtube.com

    Sailing OFFSHORE Safety meeting - Cruiser University - SV Delos Safety series

  • 12/11/2019 06:23 n4329.tumblr.com

    Test Post

    Test Post

  • 12/8/2019 20:17 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Nov-Dec 2019: Back to FLA & a Short Cruise

    We Sustained Two Deep Gelcoat Gouges on This Area of Starboard Bow During  Our Throttle Failure Experience.  But After Mike Worked His Magic  on the Light Grey Gelcoat It Was Hard to Discern.By the time we returned from our visit to the Midwest to our southwest Florida home the fall season was finally making a debut in Fort Myers.  Within a few days we were seeing highs in the low 70’s instead of lows near 80F, but having just departed single digit temps it still felt blissfully warm. We spent about a week getting the boat ready for some overdue cruising.  That included getting Ghost Rider detailed once again by Frank at Ultimate Marine (LINK), and Mike Peters of Brightworks completing the gelcoat repairs on the starboard bow, and of course keeping up with the usual routine maintenance items that Wheelhouse would point out to us.  The most significant of those was replacing the raw water pump’s impeller on the wing engine, a once-a-year proactive task. Rick decided to try out one of...

  • 12/6/2019 18:01 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/6/2019 Aft bulkhead panel cover, and seat back cover to be...

    12/6/2019 Aft bulkhead panel cover, and seat back cover to be installed most likely tomorrow.

  • 12/6/2019 18:00 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/6/2019 - Side panels

    12/6/2019 - Side panels

  • 12/6/2019 18:00 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/6/2019 - Started the interior installation today. Each seat...

    12/6/2019 - Started the interior installation today. Each seat pan has a fiberglass pan, 2" foam padding, and a padded custom cushion. Then the contact adhesive process begins!

  • 12/6/2019 17:58 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/6/2019 - more high-speed taxi tests today. Update: the oil...

    12/6/2019 - more high-speed taxi tests today. Update: the oil pressure issue (being high) was really a configuration issue with the EIS and EFIS. They were configured to read the send’s output with the wrong scale factor resulting in a reading that was 2x the actual pressure.

  • 12/6/2019 17:55 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/6/2019 Aft bulkhead panel cover, and seat back cover to be...

    12/6/2019 Aft bulkhead panel cover, and seat back cover to be installed. most likely tomorrow.

  • 12/6/2019 17:53 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/6/2019 - Side panels

    12/6/2019 - Side panels

  • 12/6/2019 17:52 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/6/2019 - Started the interior installation today. Each seat...

    12/6/2019 - Started the interior installation today. Each seat pan has a fiberglass pan, 2" foam padding, and a padded custom cushion. Then the contact adhesive process begins!

  • 12/6/2019 17:48 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/6/2019 - more high-speed taxi tests today. Update: the oil...

    12/6/2019 - more high-speed taxi tests today. Update: the oil pressure issue (being high) was really a configuration issue with the EIS and EFIS. They were configured to read the send’s output with the wrong scale factor resulting in a reading that was 2x the actual pressure.

  • 12/6/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    We sailed into a SWIMMING POOL! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.246

  • 12/4/2019 07:55 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/4/2019 - Ariworthiness Inspection schedule this morning. ...

    12/4/2019 - Ariworthiness Inspection schedule this morning. Aircraft, documents, and build manual complete. Looking forward to starting test flights soon.

  • 12/4/2019 07:52 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/3/2019 - Seatbelts installed today, final interior install...

    12/3/2019 - Seatbelts installed today, final interior install after Airworthiness Inspection.

  • 12/4/2019 07:50 n4329.tumblr.com

    12/3/2019 - Installed external limit switch to protect...

    12/3/2019 - Installed external limit switch to protect flaps/airframe from overextended flaps in the down direction.

  • 12/2/2019 11:51 feeds.feedburner.com


    The purchase of our new boat has now been finalised and we take over ownership in the next few days. While Envoy, as a full displacement vessel, was perfect for the Med, we never intended to buy such a vessel here. Instead we have been looking at planing or what are commonly called "semi-displacement", although I'm told this term is not technically correct as a vessel is either planing or it's not. We planned to buy a boat around 14 metres and looked over around 20 without finding anything that really suited us in terms of either design, space or condition until we found "Awesome" by accident when we wandered onto the Westhaven sales jetty of a broker called Orams Marine. We saw Awesome sitting there with a For Sale sign, went aboard and within minutes felt she was the right boat for us. At 16 metres she is a little larger than we intended, but she has the advantage of three separate sleeping cabins and two bathrooms/Heads. Much of our boating will be with other couples aboard (or Ch...

  • 12/2/2019 11:40 comeonrover.com

    It’s getting warmer! San Diego and Mexico!! Part I – Ensenada and San Quintin

    We arrived in Dana Point as two Nordhavns, and we left as a Noodle.  What’s a Noodle you ask?  Watch …

  • 11/29/2019 16:59 www.youtube.com

    BERMUDA after 7 days at SEA! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 245

  • 11/28/2019 16:17 adventuresoflittlefish.com

    Ensenada – The Taco Runners have arrived!

    Ensenada at the head of Bahia de Todos Santos is a Port of Entry into Mexican waters and is about 65 n.m. from San Diego. Marina Coral greeted the Taco Runners with a banner and provided convenient International Arrival or Entrada Internacional at a small location near the marina.  They presented a streamlined clearance process … Continue reading "Ensenada – The Taco Runners have arrived!"

  • 11/25/2019 09:47 adventuresoflittlefish.com

    Turtle Bay is halfway! A lesson in ‘Industrious!’

    Turtle Bay is the halfway point on the Baja between Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas.  The bay is huge and can safety anchor a couple hundred boats in 20 to 30 feet.  We Taco Runners are sharing the bay with the Baja Ha Ha rally flotilla, a group of mostly sailboats running from San Diego … Continue reading "Turtle Bay is halfway! A lesson in ‘Industrious!’"

  • 11/23/2019 20:45 adventuresoflittlefish.com

    That would have made a great video! POOM, POOM, POOM!!

    Traveling the coast of California has been awesome.  The cruise to Marina Del Rey was a “short” day cruise from Channel Island where we stayed close to shore.  We were traveling with Red Rover N55, Alison and Kevin Jeffries and their two pups, Zoe and Max.  Marina Del Rey is huge with traffic lanes to … Continue reading "That would have made a great video! POOM, POOM, POOM!!"

  • 11/23/2019 20:29 adventuresoflittlefish.com

    My [Mom, daughter, sister, Nan] lives on a boat. What??

    You live on a BOAT?  Can you walk around on the boat?  How do you cook?  Is sleeping on the boat a challenge?  How do you find your way?  Are you cold?  Is it like a cruise ship?  Like on the ocean? Some of our family and friends have been to the boat, so they … Continue reading "My [Mom, daughter, sister, Nan] lives on a boat. What??"

  • 11/23/2019 19:35 adventuresoflittlefish.com

    Puerto Magdalena – waiting out the storm

    250 n.m. south of Turtle bay is Magdalena Bay. We anchored in Man of War Cove for a few days rest and to wait out a predicted tropical weather depression, later named Raymond. Magdalena Bay is huge, 25 miles NW to SE and 13 miles E-W.  The bay is rimmed by 2 elongated islands, Isla … Continue reading "Puerto Magdalena – waiting out the storm"

  • 11/23/2019 10:19 adventuresoflittlefish.com

    We are on the Pacific Ocean!

    Here we are on the Pacific Ocean 28oN, 55oW anchored on the east side of Isla Cedros, a big volcanic rock of an island (21 miles long) in Mexico. We are traveling as the Nordhavn Taco Runners with Alison and Kevin on Red Rover N55, Lisa and Alec on Audrey Mae N57, Jeff and Shannon … Continue reading "We are on the Pacific Ocean!"

  • 11/23/2019 10:01 adventuresoflittlefish.com

    Bahia San Quintin – A story of landing

    Bahia San Quintin was our first overnight as the Taco Runners, a 15 hour run (110 n.m.) from Ensenada. We left Ensenada in the afternoon, traveling overnight so we could arrive at the anchorage in daylight.  The bay is a 5-mile-wide crescent shaped anchorage south of a 10-mile-long sand bar.  The bay is open to … Continue reading "Bahia San Quintin – A story of landing"

  • 11/23/2019 03:53 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    Cubar 2019 San Diego to La Paz Aboard MV Varnebank

    Cubar 2019 'Cruise Underway to Baja Rally' formerly known as FUBAR.   Lawrence and I left San Diego aboard Varnebank on October 30th with the Cubar fleet, or at least part of the fleet. There were a number of cubaristas who had decided the night before that the weather was going to kick up and an earlier leave-taking would be better than waiting until daybreak the next day.   Turns out they were right - but we didn't think it would be anything Varnebank couldn't handle and we couldn't tolera... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 11/22/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    What happens in the BERMUDA triangle?! Lightning Storms & Naked Swims! SV Delos Ep. 244

  • 11/21/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    How Cost effective is solar power? - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (7 of 7) - Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 11/20/2019 14:29 www.youtube.com

    What can Lithium Power? - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (6 of 7) - Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 11/20/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    What's in Brian's Electrical Repair Kit??? - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (5 of 7)

  • 11/19/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    Lithium Battery Monitoring, heavy draw items, and inverters - BOAT TECH (4 of 7)

  • 11/18/2019 20:24 feeds.feedburner.com


    We're home in Auckland and Envoy is in Greece's Lefkada marina.  Our involvement with Envoy is over as she's now under the control of her new Australian owners, Larry and Catherine. We've been looking at buying a new (pre-owned) boat and have taken one to survey stage, so if we proceed with this boat I'll give more details next week. It's early October and we're back in Lefkada marina with my brother Charles aboard. It's fitting that he's with us for our final days aboard Envoy as he's the reason we're here. In the early 2000s Charles and his French wife Marie sailed their 34ft yacht Acrobat from Brisbane to Turkey and invited us to join them there  in 2004 for a couple of weeks cruising. It was during that time Diane and I decided to do this Med cruising. We came into the marina two days early because a “destructive thunderstorm” was forecast and we didn't want to take any chances – we've seen what they can do! However despite our caution this time the storm doesn't materialise. ...

  • 11/17/2019 05:43 www.southernstarnz.com

    York River and FLIBS

    York River and FLIBS photos By Jenny We finally left Washburns and had a lovely run down past the Potomac, and into a lovely anchorage at Fishing Bay on the Piankatank River, just north of Mobjack Bay. As we had our sundowners, we saw N55 April K on AIS, and watched as they anchored a little way from us in the fading light. Paul hailed us on VHF and we chatted for a while. They were heading offshore from Norfolk, and had left by the time we got up the following morning. We continued the next ... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 11/15/2019 09:58 www.southernstarnz.com

    Summer of upgrades

    The summer of upgrades Summer of upgrades photos As usual, we planned to spend the summer north of North Carolina for hurricane season. We decided that going all the way to Nova Scotia was simply too far a trek for us after doing so last year. We are proud of our 10,000 mile pendant from Nordhavn, but are looking forward to not moving at such a fast pace as last year. After our stop at York River Yacht Haven, we moved on to Herrington Harbour North to spend a month there. We have learned that...

  • 11/15/2019 08:36 www.southernstarnz.com

    York River to Herrington Harbour North

    York River to Herrington Harbour -Jenny Herrington Harbour photos Ted had scheduled a trip in July to see his family in Oklahoma while we were at York River, and he left from Richmond Airport a few days after we arrived. I was still down with pneumonia, but had visited a clinic and got some strong meds to sort me out. So the week Ted was away, I was either on the couch in the air-conditioning, or by the pool under an umbrella. I was so unwell I could only just get into the pool and sit for a w...

  • 11/15/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    46 knot SQUALL in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 243

  • 11/14/2019 10:46 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Steering System Maintenance (MV Dirona Channel)

  • 11/14/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    1 YEAR REVIEW - Induction Cooking on a Sailboat - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (3 of 7)

  • 11/14/2019 02:11 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn 68 MIGRATION - walk through with Garrett Severen

  • 11/13/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    SOLAR Vs. WIND - How much power can you make? ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (2 of 7) - Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 11/12/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    Sailboat Electrical System Overview - ELECTRICAL BOAT TECH (1 of 7) - Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 11/11/2019 08:47 www.mvtivoli.org

    She's Gone

    Much has happened since our last post over a year ago.  Though our enthusiasm for blogging waned we continued to cruise.  We traveled back to Florida, out to Eleuthera, and down to Key West and the Dry Tortugas this past year before settling in at Suntex marina in Vero Beach.  In Vero we completed many boat projects, land trips to see relatives, the usual doctor’s appointments, etc…and endured our first hurricane season in Florida.  Thankfully, Dorian spared us but we grieve for the Abacos; thei... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 11/9/2019 15:49 feeds.feedburner.com


    Envoy's ownership is now transferred to Larry and Catherine Wood of Brisbane, Australia and we're sure they'll have as much fun and adventure as we enjoyed.  Envoy has been de-registered from the NZ Shipping Register in preparation for her new Australian listing. We've been back home in Auckland for three weeks now and busy searching for a new boat. We looked at about 15 before we found one we really liked and signed the deal last Wednesday, subject to survey, sea trial and engineering report. This should be all complete in about two weeks and then I'll provide some details. Now back to the Med. It's late September and we leave Kastos Island to cruise through the Dragonera and Echinades Islands. There are several islands in this remote and barren group with many fish farms among them.  The Dragonera islands Although there are good day anchorages here it's not the place you'd want to move around at night if you needed to, so we head to the nearby mainland coast and anchor at a bay ...

  • 11/8/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    LOOK what you're MISSING OUTSIDE! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 242

  • 11/6/2019 10:39 www.youtube.com

    Replacing Lugger/Northern Lights PTO Clutch (MV Dirona Channel)

  • 11/6/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    Delos Ditch Kit - What to Bring if the BOAT SINKS! Cruiser University - SV Delos Safety series

  • 11/5/2019 10:21 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Oct 2019: A Couple More Boat Projects

    Updated Port Side Fly Bridge SeatingChelle didn’t want to be left out of all the recent “boat business” fun so in parallel with the whole throttle replacement spend fest she embarked on a couple of new projects…as if we weren’t already spending enough B.O.A.T. units.  There is probably a cure for us out there somewhere, but for now at least we are slow learners in that particular area of fiscal responsibility.  The "Sea Notes" continue to flow. The first of these projects involved updating the vinyl cushions for Ghost Rider's fly bridge seating areas.  We had the helm seat rebuilt and recovered two years ago, but now all the other seat cushions were looking pretty ratty, too. And lately they had been absorbing and retaining more rain water than their covers were repelling.  We bought the new foam filling and marine vinyl from our own sources – with the material and color matching what was used for the helm seat do-over (Sea Oyster vinyl) – and then engaged Cape Canvas & Cushion (LINK)...

  • 11/5/2019 08:29 www.youtube.com

    SLOW TV - 6.5 HOURS! Florida Canals, SQUALLS and sailing the ATLANTIC OCEAN!

  • 11/4/2019 16:22 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn press conference - NFF and N41, New N148 with Vripack

  • 10/22/2019 13:37 feeds.feedburner.com


    We're now back home in Auckland and Envoy is safely on the hard at Lefkas marina, Greece. We're now in the process of changing legal ownership of Envoy to Larry and Catherine and associated matters such as converting insurance and taking Envoy off the NZ register. However we still have three or four postings to do to complete Envoy's epic under our ownership. I'm going to add some photos to this posting in a few days. It's mid-September as we leave our anchorage at Ormos Varko heading further south to Syvota, mentioned many times on the Blog, and then on to Cephalonia, one of the most attractive of the Ionian Islands. The weather is still warm being in the mid 20s and the sea temperature is 25d, but as usual in September over here the weather is unstable with many thunderstorm warnings. Here we anchor at a not-so-popular (because there's no tavernas or shops) but very sheltered bay called Kalo Limani.  In the early evening we notice a few Coastguard personnel and what appear to b...

  • 10/21/2019 21:27 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Oct 2019: Sea Trial to Captiva Island

    TS Nestor Moved Quickly from the Southwest Caribbean & Into the Gulf Towards Florida.  But Its Winds Stayed At or Below 50 MPH.We took a break from boat business from 10-October to 15-October to enjoy a visit from daughter Suzanne…a friend’s wedding and copious amounts of wine were involved. It was a great family break.  During that time Rick was trying to decide between selling the boat and taking it out for a sea trial, with the latter winning out for now.  Besides, our local Grady-White boat club has scheduled a long weekend get-together at nearby South Seas Resort on Captiva Island, and that looked to be a good excuse and opportunity to wring out the systems. So by Thursday, 17-October, we were back on the boat to prepare for the sea trial.  We packed and provisioned for a short three day jaunt and performed our usual pre-departure checks on Ghost Rider.  The weather forecast wasn’t particularly good for the coming weekend – actually it rather sucked.  A tropical depression was sp...

  • 10/21/2019 21:26 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Sep-Oct 2019: Maintenance Wrap-up

    Ross & Jerry in Ghost Rider's Engine Room Working on Installing the New Transmission Cable and the New ZF MicroCommander 9110 Brain Box. We have noted before, and not without some humility and embarrassment, that experience can be a tough teacher.  And within that realm of education, that failure is the absolute best instructor.  Based just on failure frequency alone we're now thinking we should be at genius level by year end. At 0815 on the morning of Friday, 27-September, Ross and Jerry of Classic Yacht Service showed up at the boat with a new throttle control brain box.  The ZF 9110 – the latest edition of the “MicroCommander Marine Propulsion Control System” – was identical in size and proportion to the old unit, so it dropped right in.  Jerry worked on attaching the small lead wires from each of the three throttle stations while Ross ran the new cable to the transmission.  Calibration of this unit is done with electronic programming vs. the old style dip switches, and that tak...

  • 10/21/2019 07:21 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    Fork In The Road

    Life can be way more fun when you occasionally allow things to happen to you rather than let plans dictate what you are doing or where you are going tomorrow. That is why when our good friends in San Diego - ones we met on Cubar 2015 - asked us to crew for them for Cubar 2019... we couldn't really say no. Our Nordhavn 50 Northern Ranger II is waiting for us in La Paz, and we are heading south in the Little Red Truck yet again. This summer was not the fun-filled travel fest of last year, but we...

  • 10/18/2019 14:45 comeonrover.com

    Offshore cruising without crash, bam, thud in the night

    Crashing furniture.  Glass tinkling followed by crunching noises. Heavy thuds that require investigation.  Whacking doors.  The lovely sound of unidentified …

  • 10/18/2019 05:23 www.youtube.com

    Copenhagen Arrival (MV Dirona Channel)

  • 10/14/2019 23:59 oursloboda.com

    Film Festival Finalist- A Nordhavn Love Story

    We are home from a whirlwind weekend at the Nordhavn Film Festival in beautiful Dana Point, CA where we shared in an evening full of incredible boat films made by even more incredible boat people. When Nordhavn announced the film festival last year, we had just become the new owners of Pendana, and I knew... Read More

  • 10/14/2019 22:28 comeonrover.com

    Sea lions, smooth seas and the Nordhavn Film Festival weekend

    Sea lions are loud.  And stinky.  And they grace every marina we have visited in California.  They drive Zoe absolutely …

  • 10/14/2019 10:36 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: Ophelia N5025 Gulf Stream Run

  • 10/14/2019 10:33 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: West Coast Wonders The Great Bear Rainforest

  • 10/14/2019 10:33 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: Voyage of Nordhavn and Egret

  • 10/14/2019 10:32 www.youtube.com


  • 10/14/2019 10:32 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: SPREZZATURA Alaska to Maine

  • 10/14/2019 10:25 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: Trek to the Extreme 81°27 7N

  • 10/14/2019 10:25 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: A Passagemaker Afternoon

  • 10/14/2019 00:37 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film estival: Flotilla, Fever and Smack: Collective Terms in the Cruising World

  • 10/14/2019 00:35 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film FestivaL: Captain Andy & Friends - Gordon Turner & Niguel Macleod

  • 10/14/2019 00:32 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: Beyond Convention - Dougal, Jennifer & Cassidy Gardyne

  • 10/14/2019 00:28 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: Adventures in Nordhavn Comfort - Jim Lynda Frantz, Tracy Frantz Reinhart

  • 10/14/2019 00:26 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: Nordhavn 9614 VivieRae II - Jean de Ridder

  • 10/14/2019 00:24 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Film Festival: A Nordhavn Love Story - Nicole Potter & Cody Sheehy

  • 10/12/2019 05:44 www.cochranesadrift.com

    Physics of Docking - Backing the Boat

    The next technique we need to learn is how to back the boat. Usually we are faced with moving forward. But it is important to know how to accurately back the boat as well. This is a useful skill if we want to dock stern-in in a slip. It is also important for those occasions when we pull into a narrow fairway only to find that we are in the wrong fairway or the slip we intended to dock in is already occupied. In this episode, we will discuss a couple of ways to control the boat whilst backing in... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 10/7/2019 16:58 comeonrover.com

    Migrating south in the Pacific

    We’ve waited a long, long time for this moment. We’ve dreamed about it, talked about it, and of course made …

  • 10/7/2019 03:35 www.youtube.com

    Departing Anholt, DK in the Dark (MV Dirona Channel)

  • 10/4/2019 02:02 www.youtube.com

    Black Sabbath at Skagen, Denmark (MV Dirona Channel)

  • 9/27/2019 04:13 feeds.feedburner.com


    ENVOY CRUISING SOUTH FROM CORFU  Envoy is now at stunning Kastos Island on the way to Mesolonghi to meet my brother Charles. Back to late August we've cleared in to Greece at Corfu after our return from Albania and heading south we spend time in Petriti and Syvota – both extensively mentioned in previous blogs. Enjoying cakes at one of our favourite bakeries - in Syvota (Mourtos) Cruising west from Petriti you need to stay well clear to the north of a large sand spit, covered with shallow water and well marked on charts but with no buoyage. There's a line of boats including us and several charter yachts keeping well clear of the spit and then I see a 45 ft sailing catamaran under motor veer out of line off to the south. At first I think maybe he has local knowledge and with his cat's shallow draught may be OK. He's well out of hailing distance when I see things go horribly wrong and the cat grounds. Fortunately the sea is very calm and I see the cat trying to get clear, but instea...

  • 9/26/2019 21:46 comeonrover.com

    August in Desolation Sound, British Columbia

    In Seattle, everyone in the boat world talks about Desolation Sound.  “Oh you know, last summer, when we were in …

  • 9/26/2019 20:56 adventuresoflittlefish.com

    You got this mom!

    Today we are in Crescent City, in northern California waiting for weather to travel south to Mexico, joining the Taco Run in San Diego! We are traveling with another Nordhavn, 5505 named Red Rover, friends Alison, Kevin, Zoe and little Max. On board Red Rover are Laura and Kevin of Slowboat fame. Header photo by … Continue reading "You got this mom!"

  • 9/25/2019 17:03 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Sep 2019: More Boat Business

    The "Brain Box", a ZF/Mathers MicroCommander 585; the Servos & Physical Cable Connections Are Behind the Printed Circuit Board. In the days following the electronic throttle (and gear) failure we began pursuing answers…but we weren’t finding anything definitive.  Immediately after the event Rick had tested the electronic throttle station in the pilot house and found it nonresponsive – dead, unable to take control at that location.  But by the following day (Tuesday, 17-September) ALL THREE throttle stations were operating normally once again.  He ran the engines for a few hours to heat up the engine room – wondering if the “brain box” for the electronic throttles, which is located in the engine room, might be succumbing to heat related issues.  But after retesting the throttles following the heat soak, all stations again worked normally. The next day, Wednesday, 18-September, Rick called on Ross Lund of Classic Yacht Service to visit the boat and assess the electronic throttle syste...

  • 9/21/2019 06:01 feeds.feedburner.com


    Envoy is now anchored at beautiful Cephalonia, Greece. Fingers crossed we seem to have sorted out our photo issue now. I meant to mention that although Envoy has two aircons – a forward unit cooling the two sleeping cabins and an amidships unit cooling the pilothouse and saloon – we only use these to provide an AC load for the generator as to use them properly we'd obviously have to close all the portholes, doors and windows - something Di and I don't like to do. Also to use the aircons we need AC power which means being on shore power or running the generator or running the Lugger with the inverter. While we're in Gouvia marina waiting for the epirb situation to be resolved it's hot – like up to 37d. It's generally hotter in marinas as there's less wind than at anchor and large expanses of concretes that soak up and then radiate the heat. Larry and Catherine are having a bit of difficulty sleeping in the heat and suggest we run the forward aircon all night. So we close the portholes...

  • 9/20/2019 19:11 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Sep 2019: After Hurricane Dorian

    Ghost Rider's Bottom Paint Getting a Much Needed Waterline Touch Up. Rick didn’t visit RFYC and Ghost Rideragain until Tuesday, 10-September, when he made the drive to check on work order progress and to coordinate logistics for splashing the boat once it was again ready for sea duty.  The RFYC crew had been busy….they were about 80% complete with the bottom paint touch-up job, and had already torn into the two raw water intake seacocks for the main engine.  The one on the port side checked out OK – we visually verified the ball valve was moving to the closed position, plus they removed a hose end and poured water in to verify the ball valve wasn’t leaking. Where the Starboard Side Seacock Used to Be. The starboard side seacock definitely had a problem, though.  While we could visually verify the ball valve was moving to the closed position, when we performed the same leak check it was a veritable sieve.  Under pressure it would produce the scary flow that Rick had observed last ...

  • 9/17/2019 06:33 www.kensblog.com

    [KensBlog] September Construction Update

    NOTE: This blog entry is very different from my normal blog entries. Roberta and I are building a new boat and this boat is focused on the construction process and decisions we are making. If you are seeking a travelogue, stay tuned. That is coming! But . . . we need to get the boat built first.  Greetings! Roberta and I are still in 'waiting mode'; waiting for our boat to be complete so we can start cruising. That said, I am using the word 'waiting' very loosely in that there hasn't been muc... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 9/12/2019 06:00 feeds.feedburner.com


    Envoy is currently anchored at Lefkada Island. With Envoy's new owners, Larry and Catherine aboard we have left Italy's Santa Maria di Leuca at first light bound for Greece. For those who don't know, an EPRB is an emergency position indicating radio beacon and when activated provides rescue authorities with your vessel details and position. You wouldn't use it unless in case of dire emergency combined with inability to give your position by VHF radio. Just north of the Greek island of Othoni our old EPIRB with an expired battery, which I had kept on board activated by itself. This causes a Coastguard boat to come out from Othoni island to check we are OK as well as radio calls from Olympia Radio, the Greek rescue authorities. We explain both by VHF radio to Olympia Radio and in person to the Coastguard people alongside us that the EPIRB had activated by itself with no human intervention and I thought that might be the end of it – but no such luck. The Coastguard said we would have t...

  • 9/11/2019 17:39 comeonrover.com

    Big Left Turn Ahead

    “Come watch me disconnect us from Seattle.”  That was Kevin’s cheesy line this morning as he removed the 50 amp …

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    Envoy is currently cruising to Preveza, mainland Greece. Still having problems loading images so that's why there's not many. Late in the evening of Sunday 28 July we arrive back to Envoy berthed at Taranto in Italy. There's a 20 knot wind blowing and the boat is moving around making it tricky to get our luggage back aboard across a bouncing passarelle. All is as we left it except that we inadvertently closed the fridge door (we usually leave it wedged open when its not operating) and in the high heat a bit of mould had formed inside. However this is soon cleaned up. Next day the marina lends us a car and driver to take us to a supermarket a couple of km away where we do a huge shop to re-supply. It's fun in these smallish and unfamiliar Med supermarkets, but there always seems to be a shortage of trolleys. Taranto is interesting but seems a bit run down with a lot of derelict, unoccupied buildings. Next day we cruise back to Porti di Caesareo – already mentioned previously. Some ...

  • 9/7/2019 09:46 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Aug-Sep 2019: Hurricane Dorian

    The Early Path Predictions for This Storm Covered a Huge Area.  Marinas & Boat Owners Had to Make Decisions Early. From August through October hurricanes are an annoying but normal part of life in Florida.  The damned things are inevitable, and with climate change accelerating at an alarming pace they are also getting more frequent and stronger.  And that’s why we always give ourselves a bailout option.  This year we knew we would be stuck in Florida for the tropical storm season, so we signed up for the hurricane club at the River Forest Yachting Center (RFYC) in Labelle, Fl.  That facility is 40 miles up-river from our Fort Myers (Legacy Harbour) mooring, with two locks (meaning no storm surge) between it and the open ocean, and with an expansive apron of concrete dotted with embedded tie-down anchors.  It was designed specifically to offer safe harbor from big blows. Our Satellite Tracker Path from Fort Myers to River Forest Yachting Center Near Labelle, Florida. When the foreca...

  • 9/4/2019 07:13 www.mvstarr.com

    Day 11 and only 457nm to Hanalei

    This has been an uneventful passage thus far. Uneventful is as good as it gets! The only glitch has been the leaking swimstep hatch which the manufacturer just adjusted the day before our departure. Obviously that didn't work! They say they will come to Hawaii to make it right. Stay tuned. The weather was calm enough for me to open the lazarette hatch and wash the salt out of the things that got drowned in the flooded swimstep. I'm not sure what the official definition of a lazarette is, but t... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 9/2/2019 08:38 www.mvstarr.com

    End of the Line

    9/2 0800 position 22-13N 159-30W. At anchor in Hanalei Bay in 30 feet, sand bottom. As the mighty Starr entered Hanalei Bay yesterday morning we could see pal Mitch Haynie tow in surfing on his foiling board on the reef at the entrance to the bay. Lori told me by email that he'd be out there this morning, taking advantage of the season's first big north swell. Fortunately, the swell wasn't big enough to ruin the Hanalei anchorage, but it will ruin our plans to head down to some of my favorite a...

  • 9/1/2019 06:26 www.mvstarr.com

    Land Ho!

    9/1 0600 position 22-28N 159-12W. Wind NE@9 knots. Seas 3 feet. 21 miles from Hanalei. When I came on watch at 1AM this morning I could just see the loom of Honolulu's lights off to the south. We never did see any lights on Kauai. Dawn broke this morning when we were still thirty miles from Hanalei, too far offshore to see lights on shore there. We get a bit stir crazy during the night watches aboard Starr, staring at the instruments with nothing else happening. Clay noticed that our log, the...

  • 8/31/2019 07:53 www.mvstarr.com


    This is Noodle's 8/31 blog post: '0600 position 25-17N 156-31W. Wind E@4kts. Seas 2 feet. 245 miles to Hanalei. I'm sure Fred's advice on the lures was correct, but when the ocean is full of mahi mahi, and not ahi, mahi is what you catch. We put an ahi lure out and caught three more mahi in quick succession, just keeping the last and largest one. We hooked up the second fish before the lure was even all the way out again after releasing the first one. The second was probably one of the first f...

  • 8/30/2019 17:08 www.mvstarr.com

    Day 11 and only 457nm to Hanalei

    This has been an uneventful passage thus far. Uneventful is as good as it gets! The only glitch has been the leaking swimstep hatch which the manufacturer just adjusted the day before our departure. Obviously that didn't work! They say they will come to Hawaii to make it right. Stay tuned. The weather was calm enough for me to open the lazarette hatch and wash the salt out of the things that got drowned in the flooded swimstep. I'm not sure what the official definition of a lazarette is, but t...

  • 8/30/2019 12:15 www.mvstarr.com

    Day 11 and only 457nm to Hanalei

    This has been an uneventful passage thus far. Uneventful is as good as it gets! The only glitch has been the leaking swimstep hatch which the manufacturer just adjusted the day before our departure. Obviously that didn't work! They say they will come to Hawaii to make it right. Stay tuned. The weather was calm enough for me to open the lazarette hatch and wash the salt out of the things that got drowned in the flooded swimstep. I'm not sure what the official definition of a lazarette is, but t...

  • 8/30/2019 07:15 www.mvstarr.com

    Green Flash

    8/30 0600 position 27-55N 153-50W. Wind E@4kts. Seas flat. 457 miles from Hanalei. Yesterday morning we decided it was time to bust out the fishing gear again and snag something for dinner. Within an hour we had landed two mahi mahi. The first went into the freezer. We threw the second one back and put away the rod and reel. Not bad. We've fished for just over an hour total and landed three mahi mahi. The skipper declared that we've caught enough mahi. It was time to catch some ahi. How do we ...

  • 8/29/2019 10:59 www.mvstarr.com

    Water Temperature

    One of the aspects of voyaging that I most enjoy is observing the subtle changes in environmental conditions as the vessel moves across the ocean. Upon assuming the watch on 'Starr' we make logbook entries including date, time, position, total miles, speed, course, engine RPM, fuel burn rate, and alternator charging rate. We also record barometric pressure, air and sea temperatures, sea state, cloud cover, wind direction and speed, and anything else of note. Taken as a group, the record of the e...

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    This is Noodle's 8/29 blog post: '0600 position 30-26N 151-05W. Wind NW@3kts. Seas 2 feet and confused. The forecast showed that the southwesterly headwinds we experienced yesterday morning would be light and short lived. They were neither. The wind slowly increased as the day progressed, and after dark last night it was up near twenty knots with a good sized wind chop. It got a bit uncomfortable aboard the mighty Starr heading directly into it at nine knots, but at least we were dry in our cl...

  • 8/28/2019 12:27 www.mvstarr.com

    Don, you stink like fish!

    I finished my 0100 watch and was soundly sleeping when at 0500 this morning Sharry nudged me awake and said to me 'god you smell fishy!' On my pillow was a flying fish! It's getting warm here so last night we opened our leeward porthole which is only 6'x12'. Somehow this flying fish flew thru the porthole and landed next to me. Do they ever smell!...

  • 8/28/2019 08:48 www.mvstarr.com

    MV Starr 8/28 update - NET DODGING

    8/28 0600 position 32-59N 148-05W. Wind SW@7kts. Seas flat. It was another glorious day yesterday spent piloting Starr from the flying bridge. The wind was still from the NE, directly behind us, basically blowing the same speed we were going so it was like a calm day at the beach. There was a lot of lounging, napping, and reading up there by the off watch crew. Visibility is much better from Starr's flying bridge, ten feet higher than the wheelhouse. As a result, we could see a lot more of the...

  • 8/28/2019 08:46 www.mvstarr.com

    MV Starr 8/27 update - INTO THE TROPICS

    0600 position 35-24N 145-00W. Wind NE@6. Seas almost flat. Yesterday it felt like we were in the tropics. The wind was from the Northeast, directly behind us, and blowing at the same speed Starr was powering, about nine knots. That made the apparent wind close to calm, and it was glorious on deck. Don dug out the flying bridge cushions from the lockers, and all of the crew spent time up there during the day. Sharry read her book for a few hours in the shade of the bimini and Donna spent her en...

  • 8/28/2019 08:44 www.mvstarr.com

    MV Starr 8/26 update - TRAFFIC

    8/26 0600 position 37-44N 141-42W. Wind NE@8kts. Seas 2 feet. Shortly after posting yesterday's blog we got a radar contact. The 'Ever Lyric', an 1,100 foot container ship heading from Taiwan to Los Angeles at 21 knots, was on a near collision course with the mighty Starr. Don called them on the radio, 'Do you see us?', he asked. 'Yes, we see you,' the female on the other end of the radio call answered in Chinese accented English. 'Would you mind altering course a bit to pass green to green?'...

  • 8/28/2019 08:41 www.mvstarr.com

    MV Starr 8/25 update

    8/25 0800 position 39-59N 138-12W. Seas flat. Wind NE@3kts. We are definitely in The High now. The barometer has steadily climbing up from 1014mb a few days ago to 1023mb today. Water temperature is up to 76 degrees, seas are almost Kaneohe Bay smooth, and last night the skies were perfectly clear. The Milky Way was directly overhead during my midnight to 3AM watch pointing the way to Kauai. After seeing no garbage all day long, we saw a plastic buoy and a few minutes later some styrofoam just...