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  • 2/20/2019 01:29 www.youtube.com

    SLOW TV - ASMR - Passage to Tobago - Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 2/19/2019 07:13 mvdirona.com

    Delft, NL

    The city of Delft in South Holland is known as the home of Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer and as the major 17th-century producer of Delftware, a Dutch ceramic product styled after Chinese porcelain. Much of the city dates from that period and is remarkably well-preserved, making it a popular day-trip destination in the...

  • 2/16/2019 22:57 comeonrover.com

    Living life

    It’s 2019.  February even.  And we haven’t posted a thing to this blog.  It isn’t that we haven’t been busy with (and without) Red Rover, or that we didn’t have anything to share.  I think rather it was just that we have been running fast on the treadmill.  Now that the snow is melting in … Continue reading Living life →

  • 2/15/2019 15:19 comeonrover.com

    Fun with Lugger Bob in his Northern Lights Diesel Class

    For years we’ve heard about Lugger Bob’s Northern Lights training classes (link here) and knew we wanted to attend. The opportunity to sign up for the class presented itself while we were at the ABT Trac owners class last fall. Bob Senter was also attending and after a quick conversation with him, he pointed us … Continue reading Fun with Lugger Bob in his Northern Lights Diesel Class →

  • 2/15/2019 11:24 www.southernstarnz.com

    Brunswick to South Florida

    Onward to Florida Auto Pilot and provisioning. We finally got unstuck from Velcro marina, and departed Brunswick about 1230 pm on Tuesday 15th Jan. We had 240 miles to go, and went offshore the entire route. The trip was good. We had the winds behind us, with 4-6 seas. The backup auto pilot worked okay. It did meander a bit in the larger following seas, but we did not need to hand steer. The trip was pretty routine, except that we planned to arrive in Stuart about mid-day, failing to think tha... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 2/15/2019 04:30 www.youtube.com

    Delos is BACK! Sailing to Tobago! Ep.207

  • 2/14/2019 07:21 www.youtube.com

    TREASURE HUNT! We buried BOOTY on this secret island :) - Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 2/13/2019 06:16 mvdirona.com

    Haarlem, NL

    Teyler’s Museum of Wonder in Haarlem, opened in 1784, is the oldest museum in the Netherlands. It was funded to foster an interest in arts and sciences both through research and sharing discoveries with the public. Much of the museum has been preserved intact and entering feels a bit like stepping back into the 18th...

  • 2/10/2019 02:54 mvdirona.com

    Amsterdam Tigers

    The Amsterdam Tigers are a semi-professional ice hockey team that play in Jaap Edenhal arena, a short train ride southeast of the city center. The complex is named after the famous Dutch speed skater Jaap Eden and includes the largest skating rink in the Netherlands, with a 1312ft (400m) lane. We hadn’t seen a live...

  • 2/8/2019 01:30 www.youtube.com

    What It's Like To Be NEW CREW on Delos! NEW SEASON! Ep.206

  • 2/7/2019 04:22 mvdirona.com

    Collision at Sea: USS Fitzgerald

    At 1:30:34 AM on Jun 17, 2017 the USS Fitzgerald and the container ship ACX Crystal came together just south of Yokosuka Japan. The ACX Crystal is a 730’ modern containership built in 2008 and capable of carrying 2,858 TEU of containers at a 23-knot service speed. The Fitzgerald is a $1.8B US Navy Arleigh Burke-Class...

  • 2/1/2019 01:30 www.youtube.com

    Delos Dives Grenada! PATREON dive week!

  • 1/31/2019 11:45 mvdirona.com

    Amsterdam Light Festival

    “The Medium is the Message“, the famous quote by Canadian scientist Marshall McLuhan, is the theme of the 7th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival. The displays are mostly along the interior canals and designed to be viewed from the water as well as the shore. We’d seen several of the displays while walking through...

  • 1/28/2019 08:50 mvdirona.com


    The Rijksmuseum art and history museum was founded in 1800 in the Hague and moved to the current Amsterdam location in 1885. It’s the largest and most visited museum in the Netherlands and annually sees over 2 million visitors. We spent much of our time there viewing the museum’s treasures, including Golden Age masterpieces by...

  • 1/26/2019 11:46 mvdirona.com

    Anne Frank House

    Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis for 25 months in a secret annex behind a 17th-century Amsterdam canal house. They eventually were captured and only Anne’s father survived the concentration camps, but her story lives on through the diary she kept that has been translated to over 60 languages. At the excellent...

  • 1/25/2019 01:30 www.youtube.com

    Our Experimental eco-friendly antifouling project begins- Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 205

  • 1/23/2019 00:43 mvdirona.com

    December in Amsterdam

    After a whirlwind trip to the UAE and the US in late November, we spent December closer to Dirona in Amsterdam. Over a relaxing holiday season, we explored the city, completed some projects, and met with old friends and new, ending the month and year with a fabulous city-wide New Year’s celebration. Below are trip...

  • 1/22/2019 02:23 mvdirona.com

    Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam

    Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) on DAM square in Amsterdam dates back to 1408. That may seem pretty old, but it’s a century newer than Oude Kerk (Old Church). Nieuwe Kerk’s spectacular 17th-century choir screen was the first to be made entirely of brass and its panelled main organ, lavishly decorated with gilding, paintings and statuary,...

  • 1/20/2019 03:27 mvdirona.com

    Soft Start

    Isolating shore power from on-board electrical systems is important to avoid excess corrosion and, even more importantly, to avoid risk of shock in and around the boat. Two common approaches to isolation are galvanic isolators and isolation transformers. Isolation transformers have many advantages and often are installed in Nordhavns, but have one potential downside though:...

  • 1/18/2019 01:29 www.youtube.com

    How to save $25,000 in the boat yard. Sailing Vessel Delos - Ep. 204

  • 1/17/2019 20:00 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Video: N100 SERENITY

  • 1/15/2019 14:28 feeds.feedburner.com


    This is an edited version of our article recently published in Pacific PowerBoat magazine Travel not to escape life but so life doesn’t escape you You don't have to cruise far in the Med to come across a yacht flying the Silver Fern or Boxing Kangaroo flag from its yardarm. I say “yacht” deliberately because the vast majority of Australasian Med cruisers are found aboard sailing yachts (including many catamarans) and rarely aboard motor vessels. Most of the cruisers we meet are retired couples aged in their 50s on who've bought their new or pre-owned boats in Europe.  Here there are many more boats for sale and consequently more choice and cheaper prices.  Some cruisers plan to ship or sail their boats home, although if you are planning this you need to consider the total cost of getting your boat back to Australasia including GST and duty.  There's also a far smaller number of cruisers who've sailed their boats to the Med either as their destination or as part of a circumnavigati...

  • 1/14/2019 13:15 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Dec 2018 / Jan 2019: Holiday Time in Fort Myers

    Winter in Our Fort Myers Condo is....PleasantHappy New Year! Since arriving back in Fort Myers back in late November we’ve grown accustomed to being dirt-dwellers once again, thoroughly enjoying time in our waterfront condo and visits from daughter Suzi, Chelle’s mom, and Rick’s sister and brother-in-law.  Southwest Florida is simply a fabulous place to enjoy the winter holidays and long overdue family visits. It also occurred to us that with all the travels and blogging during the past year we had forgotten to mention a second interview we had conducted with James Ellingford of N62 Pendana fame, way back in June 2018.  For those of you who have not had a chance to browse through that exchange, you can find it by clicking HERE. December Update The Healthpark Hospital Lobby Looks More Like a Hotel but We Would Have Preferred to be Elsewhere in DecemberWe had hoped to use the month of December to resolve the few problems that had arisen during our November return to Fort Myers, but t...

  • 1/11/2019 19:51 www.mvduet.com

    Duet Completes Her Pacific Crossing

    Duet has arrived safely in Australia, thereby completing her crossing of the Pacific Ocean, which began almost two years ago in Mexico.  The planning began long before that, but we actually left terra firma on March 17th, 2017.  We arrived in Brisbane January 9, 2019, having traveled some 8,492 nautical miles (10,200 statute miles) from our departure port in Mexico.  During this journey we spent 46 nights at sea, the longest leg was from Mexico to the Marquesas, which took 17 days.   We added 1... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 1/11/2019 07:54 www.youtube.com

    Diving SILFRA & Van Life in ICELAND!! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 203

  • 1/9/2019 14:36 feeds.feedburner.com


    A couple of weeks back we had the huge pleasure of meeting Mark and Jennifer, the American owners of N46 Starlet, currently in Auckland's Westhaven marina.  They purchased Starlet in the States then cruised across the Atlantic to explore the Med, cruised back across the Atlantic to the States, then across the Pacific to New Zealand. Being very keen scuba divers they had a very leisurely cruise across the Pacific stopping not only at some of the well-known islands but also at many remote reefs to dive. Built about ten years after Envoy, Starlet is a magnificent vessel and a credit to her owners. She has a different layout to Envoy, the main variations being her forward main stateroom (Envoy's is amidships), wider galley layout, a flybridge above the pilothouse and a boarding platform (making diving a lot easier).  Starlet also has no stair access from the pilothouse to the the forward stateroom, making for more space in the pilothouse. We also liked her carpeted saloon and stairway ...

  • 1/7/2019 20:46 worknotatlast.blogspot.com

    The Breakdown Cruise Continues (7-17catch-up)

    We moved north fairly quickly making our way to Washington DC.   It’s a long trip up the Potomac River.  We anchored on the way and the “breakdown” cruise did not disappoint.   While in Norfolk replaced the washdown pump located just under the forward stateroom bed.   It was leaking slightly and water was making its way onto the stateroom sole.   The new pump leaked WORSE!   This time the repair included a fabricated catch basin draining to the bilge.   Will see how long this pump rebuild lasts. (The picture at the opening of the blog displays the washdown pump capability). While in Washington we got a visit from a financial planner who we have worked with for years.   Conservative guy, who dinghied out to us on a  mooring ball and saw first hand were we lived and spent our money.   Sure he still thinks or is perhaps more convinced we are nuts!  Keela seems to think all is good. Visiting the Holocaust museum was moving and sobering.  Man’s inhumanity to man is staggering and on tha...

  • 1/7/2019 10:38 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Video: N86 MYSTIC TIDE video tour

  • 1/4/2019 05:18 www.southernstarnz.com

    York River to Brunswick

    Velcro Marina photos Weather dictated that we would again do the Norfolk-Beaufort trip inside down the intracoastal. We have this pretty much on auto now, and apart from frustrating delays at the Gilmerton bridges the first day, and at the Great Bridge Lock the second day, the first three days were uneventful. We were hailed by our friends on Sabbatical who were at AYB as we passed by. We hadn’t seen them since Washington DC last year. The end of the third day we arrived at one of our favouri...

  • 1/2/2019 09:32 www.kensblog.com

    [KensBlog] Boatless in Seattle

    Greetings all! They say the two happiest days in a boaters life are: 1) The day they take delivery of a new boat 2) The day they sell the boat I can confirm the first of these sayings, but am struggling with the second. Sans Souci, our beautiful Nordhavn 68, now has a new owner. We are proud that Sans Souci's reputation, extensive upgrades and amazing condition allowed her to sell so quickly, but sorry to see her go. The closest analogue to this mixture of sadness and joy would be when we s... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 12/26/2018 13:53 www.mvduet.com

    Duet Arrives In Australia

    Duet arrived safely in Bundaberg, Australia on December 22nd, traveling directly from Fiji, with a brief stop in New Caledonia to avoid some weather. The trip from Fiji to New Caledonia took approximately 4.5 days, including 8 hours keeping station overnight outside the entrance to the New Caledonia lagoon, which we weren't comfortable entering in the dark. The journey was 745 miles, Duet averaged 7.1 knots and delivered 1.79NMPG. Conditions were bumpy on departure from Fiji, with SE winds to 25...

  • 12/21/2018 04:25 www.southernstarnz.com

    New York to York River

    ?New York to York River??? Weather was predicted to be good for 24 hours and then winds were building from the southeast. This suggested that we could get from Staten Island, along the New Jersey coast and through Cape May before the wind turned which would then blow us up the Delaware River. We timed our departure from Staten Island to align with a daybreak arrival into Cape May, and the full day up the river before taking a marina inside the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Our trip along the J...

  • 12/21/2018 01:30 www.youtube.com

    We're getting MARRIED!

  • 12/18/2018 23:20 www.youtube.com

    NBC Nordhavn commercial

  • 12/16/2018 15:41 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Ladder Molded into Hull

    There has been some good discussion and suggestions on the toe pockets that I molded into the hull to serve as a ladder for getting to and from the tender. Toe pockets forming a ladder to access tender from foredeck For reference, the pockets are 10" wide and 4" high.  At least that's what the drawing shows.  I haven't actually measured them.  And the depth is unknown.  I asked for them to

  • 12/16/2018 09:56 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, What's the Fairest Engine of All

    I received a lot of questions about our Scania main engine and the thinking behind the decision, so here goes. First, none of the engine choices we had would have been bad.  In fact, all are excellent engines with great reputation, and I wouldn't reject any boat just because it had one of these engines.  Quite the opposite.  But when faced with a blank (or almost blank) sheet of paper, the

  • 12/15/2018 15:29 feeds.feedburner.com


    Envoy is in winter storage in Lefkas Marina, Greece and we are home in Auckland. In late October we cruise back into Greece's Lefkas Marina with my brother Charles still aboard. The weather is still great and totally suitable for cruising, though it generally deteriorates rapidly during November. Although we had our smaller “spare” Raymarine radar serviced in August and the fluorescent back lighting replaced with LEDs the screen is still too hard to see, even at night. So we take it back to Dieter at Metronix and he tells us what we expected to hear; that the unit is from the early 2000s and old not only in years but in technology, being an LCD screen. The latest similar-sized units have a GPS/Plotter included so will solve the problem of replacing our failed Northstar GPS too. Also they support AIS which neither of our present radars do. So Dieter visits Envoy to check installation costs and quotes us for an Axiom 7 Display unit, Quantum Q24C Radar, Navionics charts for the plotte...

  • 12/15/2018 10:45 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Some Modifications We Are Making

    We are making a variety of changes to the "standard" N68, though that's kind of a meaningless statement since there really is no "standard".  The running joke is that if you've seen one Nordhavn, you've seen one Nordhavn.  They are all different, and that's one of the key features of the brand and company, at least for us.  This post will focus on some of the more noteworthy changes

  • 12/14/2018 05:43 www.southernstarnz.com

    Block Island to NYC

    ?NYC pictures??? Block Island was closed for the winter season. Literally it was closed. We were planning to grab a mooring for a few days, but all of the moorings were gone, only small orange floats left behind. We tried to contact the marina that rented the moorings. No answer on VHF or on the phone. We called another marina and were told that the marina was closed and the moorings were removed, and no private moorings were available. He had space in his marina, if we wished. We decided to an...

  • 12/14/2018 03:11 www.mvtanglewood.com

    More Molds, More Progress

    I've just complete my first visit to Ta Shing Yacht Builders in Tainan, Taiwan.  I'll spare the travelog, and just say I really like Taiwan, and Ta Shing's hospitality is second to none.  Thank you Ta Shing!! Progress continues molding other parts of the boat.  The hull that we followed in the last blog entry covered the creation of the hull, but that's just the beginning of the structural

  • 12/14/2018 01:30 www.youtube.com

    Bye Bye Delos! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 202

  • 12/10/2018 13:34 feeds.feedburner.com

    Greenland - Land of Unending Ice

    Link: https://kottke.org/18/12/greenland-land-of-unending-ice  Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa

  • 12/7/2018 01:30 www.youtube.com

    Q n A - Delos 2.0, Lithium Batteries, Money and whats next! Friday Night LIVE-ish...

  • 12/6/2018 08:29 www.youtube.com

    Dubai Desert Safari, November 2018 (MV Dirona Channel)

  • 12/6/2018 07:28 worknotatlast.blogspot.com

    Running Inside on the ICW ( Catch-up 6/17/18)

    Mary, Keela and I continued the run north on the inside. Anchoring just south of Coinjock at Lutz creek we awoke to find the boat covered in bugs.  Locals refer to them as “Fuzzy Wags”.   Thank heaven they did not bite.   They were so thick they clogged the deck drains and left green smudges everywhere. We enjoyed a stop at Coinjock for prime rib and pie.   It’s an interesting place made special by the family ownership.   It’s a “wide spot on the ICW” that draws a tremendous number of cruisers each year.  1200’ of  dock space often filled wall to wall.  Good fuel stop but famous for the prime rib.   Land lubbers from all around also flock to the restaurant.   Reservations are encouraged and you MUST reserve your prime rib cut ahead of time to be assured it’s available.   One of the many highlights of an ICW trip. Sheltered Slip between float-in shedsNext stop was Atlantic Yacht Basin in Chesapeake.   Established in 1936 it’s a major hurricane hole (we weathered hurricane Mathew a...

  • 12/5/2018 20:16 feeds.feedburner.com


    Envoy is berthed at Lefkas Marina, Greece and we are home in Auckland. Beautiful gardens of beachside bar at Petriti on Corfu Envoy anchored at Ormos Imerolia, northern Corfu with RHIB alongside jetty This Selene trawler anchored nearby This unusual "yellow submarine" came by with some tourists Cruising around Corfu I hear a couple of knocking noises while under way and initially think the noise is caused by waves crashing against the hull. But it doesn't sound right and we soon establish that the port side Naiad stabilisers are making a slight knocking noise when Envoy is in larger waves (much of the time it's been too calm to need to use the stabilisers so we hadn't noticed this issue).  We send a brief audio-visual video clip of this to Internaftiki – the Naiad agents here.  They ask us to do some further tests by disconnecting the arm from the potentiometer that controls the stabiliser fin movement so that we could move the arm and therefore the fins by hand.  This replicates...

  • 12/4/2018 21:03 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Nordhavn 68 Build Underway

    It's hard to believe that it's been a full year since we signed the contract to build Nordhavn 6837.  And a full year and a half since we decided to move forward with the project.  In that time we moved off our Nordhavn 60, sold it, refined the specifications for the 68, did some travel to celebrate our 30th anniversary, and caught up on a number of other projects.  Oh yes, and our 68 build

  • 12/3/2018 14:00 www.youtube.com

    N60#75 "Morning Dew" - Sea Trial and Training

  • 12/2/2018 14:27 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    Our shakedown cruise

    Our shakedown cruise - after a few days of organizing the boat ( six months away from the boat, there's always work to be done) our crew members, son Andrew and his girlfriend Adrienne, flew in and made it from Cabo to La Paz on the Baja Ecco bus with no problems. They even had time for a 'welcome to Mexico Margarita' at one of the bars outside the airport. We spent the next day getting ready, and the kids headed to the fancy forbidden pool ( $30 American each for the privilege of sitting ther... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 12/1/2018 14:19 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Testing BMS Voltage Sensing

    In this article on building a BMS, one comment I received cautioned about "phantom" voltage reasons if one of the battery cell voltage sense wires broke, or a fuse blew.  His experience was that the phantom voltage was essentially the average of the two adjacent cells, and could appear to be a healthy battery when it's not.  That would be a problem, so I wanted to test it out. Thankfully, my BMS

  • 11/30/2018 14:05 www.mvduet.com

    Cruising in Fiji - Part Two

    We returned to Fiji on September 7th, having left Tahoe on September 5th. The complexities of the international date line still cause Nancy some confusion, so it was a few days before she knew what day it was, never mind what time. Regardless, the mission was clear, to get Duet off the dock and go cruising. Duet herself looked great. Jo's folks had taken good care of her, with weekly checks and monthly washes and bottom cleanings. Jamie, Captain of the Nordhavn 75EYF Lady Grey, was docked just ...

  • 11/30/2018 01:29 www.youtube.com

    SAIL. DIVE. REPEAT. Welcome to the FUNGATTA! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 201

  • 11/26/2018 10:51 www.kensblog.com

    [KensBlog] Many decisions to make

    Greetings all! For those of you who may have missed my last blog entry, the quick story is that Roberta and I have listed Sans Souci for sale and are in the process of ordering a new boat. The quick reason is that we are planning to cruise 'the Great Loop' (an inland journey on America's rivers). We chose our Nordhavn 68 as the best possible boat for ocean crossing and now we're building a boat that is built for a completely different flavor of cruising.   We're now deep into the process of or...

  • 11/25/2018 23:20 comeonrover.com

    Liveaboard Thanksgiving – When the kids find their way home to the floating home

    It’s funny.  We’ve had a number of people who read our blog ask us if we have kids.  I guess they haven’t made many appearances on this blog.  Sorry kids. So we do have kids.  Two of them in fact!  Mike is 27 and lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Jenny. Mike works for … Continue reading Liveaboard Thanksgiving – When the kids find their way home to the floating home →

  • 11/23/2018 01:12 www.youtube.com

    Our 200th EPISODE! Brian got kidnapped... SV Delos Ep.200

  • 11/21/2018 22:29 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Nov 2018: From Palm Beach to Fort Myers

    Our Track from OPC in Palm Beach to Marathon After our week-long dirt-dwelling break visiting family in the Midwest we returned to Florida…..Rick to the boat in Palm Beach while Chelle stayed at the condo in Fort Myers for a couple more days.  During that spell Rick got caught up on a long list of overdue Wheelhouse recurring maintenance items while Chelle continued condo preps and coordinated some needed repairs at that location. Our “boat business” maintenance list had been completed as planned with one exception (see footnotes at the bottom), so we turned our attention to planning the final legs to get ourselves and the boat back to our home port (Legacy Harbour) in Fort Myers; those sorties would also serve as our sea trial for all the repair work.  Sea conditions weren’t looking great, but they were good enough to make the trip “around the horn” – down and around to Marathon in the Keys, then turning back north and up the west coast of Florida. So, on Saturday, 17-November, we ...

  • 11/21/2018 21:14 feeds.feedburner.com


    Photos are to be added in next few days. Envoy is now safely tucked away under her storage cover in the Lefkas Marina while we have just arrived home in Auckland, NZ last week. Our last Blog posting detailed Envoy's sale. Now we're going to backtrack to mid September. I forgot to mention previously that since our exhaust system was reconditioned an exhaust vibration that we previously noticed at low rpm has gone, making for a much nicer exhaust sound right through the whole rpm range. With our friend Chris still aboard we leave Gouvia marina in great weather and anchor in Kalami, made famous by being home to the English Durell family of authors in the 1930s and now featured in a popular British television series – The Durrells. The water here is perfectly clean and clear, ideal for a proper test of our newly repaired water maker and it works fine making about 90 litres an hour of pure fresh water, although we find there's a very slight (250 ml per hour) sea water leak in the line –...

  • 11/20/2018 06:01 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    51.557N to 24.1426 N.. road trip to La Paz

    November 6 2018 We are presently landlocked in San Diego... having driven down here two weeks ago so that himself could take the 100 ton captain's license course.   Not that he can actually get the license - being Canadian, that is not available to us. I was thinking of taking it too but having seen the work they have had to put into this two week course, and with other ways available to occupy myself during the day, (playing tourist with my sister Eileen while she visited us for the week.. ...

  • 11/18/2018 16:30 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Building a Battery Management System (BMS)

    I've been building a Battery Management System (BMS) for my LFP battery system, and this article will go into more detail about what it does, and the equipment involved. I'm not building my own BMS because I want to.  Well, maybe a little bit, but it's really because I'm concerned about support and repair 3 to 5 years from now.  Most of the companies building stand-alone BMSs are tiny outfits,

  • 11/16/2018 01:29 www.youtube.com

    My Best Friend's First Time on Delos! 'LES GO SHECK IT OUT!' Ep.199

  • 11/14/2018 21:19 worknotatlast.blogspot.com

    North on the ICW 5/17 (Catch-up)

    Paul and Irma stayed with us northbound with stops in Vero Beach, Marine Land, and Savannah Ga.  Along the way the learning continued ...near Rockhouse Creek we anchored and shut down all the engines only to hear “something running”.   After searching bow to stern and noticing there was no power draw on the electrical panels discovered the sound was from a dredge at least a mile away.   It’s discharge pipes ran underwater fairly near our location.  If you listen closely can hear the gravel runnng thru the pipes. . One our favorite stops is Osprey Marina.    They pack us in pretty tight!   Osprey is known for low cost fuel and one of the best goodie bags on ICW.  The contents include a whistle for life jacket, Honey Bun, and more. Another favorite is Randy’s BBQ in Savannah.   The Uber driver was not crazy about stopping but man was it worthwhile!    We asked for sauce on the side (we got two of these trays) and we got a milk jug complete with milk lable filled with BBQsauce, prop...

  • 11/13/2018 11:26 www.mvduet.com

    Cruising in Fiji - Part One

    Our time in Fiji was to be divided into two parts, first, the four weeks or so after our arrival in Savusavu, before we flew home for the summer, and, second, the several months after we returned in mid September, before we departed for New Caledonia and Australia. This blog covers our initial visit. Upon arrival in Savusavu, our plans immediately underwent a change, because Ron got the local Savusavu flu bug. We've found that we are more susceptible to microbes in other countries, and our US f...

  • 11/9/2018 01:29 www.youtube.com

    Gettin' Deep into the Grenada Cruiser Scene - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 198

  • 11/3/2018 20:28 worknotatlast.blogspot.com

    False Start 4/12/17 (Catch-up)

    Friends Paul and Irma, liveaboards from San Diego joined us in a Florida to bring WORKNOT back to Mexico.  Irma is from Guatemala, fluent in Spanish, great cook and Paul is a proven cruiser.   Provisioning and boat prep continued non stop and we departed for Old Port Cove with plans to leave for the Bahamas and continue south.  Keela seems to approve too. The first year of owning a “new to me” boat is always filled with new problems and new maintenance issues.  About 3 AM ( seems to be the boat God’s favorite time) Paul awoke to a burning smell and no air conditioning in the forward cabin.   A quick inspection suggested the A/C fan had failed.   Daylight revealed a failed shore cord connector.   These are the top source of boat fires and marina fires.   Replacement is pretty straightforward.  The was no damage to the wiring or surrounding area but the connector was toast.  It’s the place where the cord and boat meet, potentially wiggling the contact points every time the boat rocks i...

  • 11/3/2018 19:31 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Oct/Nov 2018: From St. Augustine to Palm Beach

    Our Track Capture from St. Augustine to Palm Beach & OPCWe experienced another beautiful fall morning on Monday, 29-October, departing the St. Augustine Municipal docks at 0900 to chug further south.  Air temp started off around 60F with low humidity and light winds, and sea conditions out in the Atlantic were actually pretty good. That would have been a nice change for us, but the longer term forecast out there wasn’t so attractive, so we stuck to the inside ICW route. Once you get south of St. Augustine the tide variations and attendant currents taper off quite a bit, and that results in fewer shoaling areas in this part of the ditch….although the depths rarely get much more than about 15 feet.  Still, it made for a fairly relaxing run, with only a few bridges to negotiate openings; at one we were able to lower the big antennae and squeeze under its 23 foot span by carefully keeping Ghost Rider in the middle of its channel.  Temps rose to the low 80’s by mid-afternoon, it was a real...

  • 11/3/2018 09:15 www.southernstarnz.com


    Boston Photos Boston- Jenny writes. We arrived into Boston on a Sunday afternoon and tied up at Constitution Marina. We were right beside the Charlestown Bridge and had the most amazing views of the Boston skyline. We were getting ourselves organized when there was a knock on the boat, and we found a fellow kiwi welcoming us to Boston. Colin has been an expat for many years, and lives on board his 36ft Tartan, Antipodean, at the marina. We invited him on board for a beer and he suggested wher...

  • 11/1/2018 07:26 www.southernstarnz.com


    One of the biggest challenges of living on board a boat and moving along the less travelled road is the ability to communicate.  In today’s connected world, we have found it very challenging to keep our selves connected to the internet, and at times even to make voice calls. It is very important to be able to stay in touch. We rely on the internet to give us weather so that we can plan our journeys safely, and to know the best places to anchor for predicted conditions. We use our communications...

  • 11/1/2018 07:10 www.southernstarnz.com

    Portland to Boston

    Portland to Boston We spent a quiet night at an anchorage around from Boothbay. The trip south from NE Harbor was okay but we had a 6ft swell and were worried it might find its way into the anchorage. It didn’t, and justified our decision to anchor out, instead of taking a marina at Boothbay. We had called them for the end of season discount that others are now offering, and they offered a measly .25c off their usual $3.50/ft. Too expensive for us. We had another lumpy ride south from Linekin ...

  • 10/31/2018 21:15 worknotatlast.blogspot.com

    Feeling my way around Florida Catch-up 3/27/17

    Along with trying to learn the new layout and systems aboard the “new to me boat” my friend DENNIS provided a great distraction with the “something I want to show you” item.   My buddy who was “done boating” took an interest in this. Two weeks later he owns a 76’ Nordhavn.   So much for “done boating”.  We were both aboard this boat in Mexico on the 2013 FUBAR Ralley.  Named Spring Day then it’s a whole other level of boating.   Yachting in my view.  It’s massive.   Weighing well over twice WORKNOT, powered by Detroit 60 Series and drawing over 7’.  Everything is bigger, lines, fenders, anchors, fuel tank (5,000 gallons) and operating expense. Check out this side by side! Back on WORKNOT my daughter and grand kids came for a visit.  Plenty of activity and excitement watching out for 2 kids under 3.  Proud grandpa  promptly took them all out for a ride and ran aground!  Edged out of the channel by a bad intentioned center console (he laughed as we stopped) .   Lesson taught, stay in ...

  • 10/29/2018 20:37 worknotatlast.blogspot.com

    First Haulout Catch-up 3/6/17

    Haulouts are ALWAYS stressful.   The entire vessel lifted from its natural habitat by 4 slings.   Less than 5% of the hull surface area supporting it all.   The minute or so when the boat is half over the water and half over the concrete edge as it’s wheeled to the blocking area.   Just writing about it gives me the creeps. Usually when purchasing boats of this type a survey including out of the water inspection is done by a professional surveyor.   Many deals are broken by the disagreements between buyer and seller.   A good surveyor finds that balance between the parties and deals work out, some surveyors view their job as proving their worth by finding every defect possible.   A friend had a $1mm+ boat surveyed for purchase, included in the pages of notes was condemnation of the dinghy anchor light as it was a few inches short of the required height.  The light was the installed by the OEM boat builder when the dinghy was new 10 years ago.   WORKNOT was not surveyed when I purchas...

  • 10/28/2018 21:04 worknotatlast.blogspot.com

    Maiden Voyage Catch-up 3/4/17

    AND SO IT BEGINS, a “new to me” boat, same age and engine hours as the old one, from the same builder.   Today is the first voyage where I’m the Captain and she’s really ours.   Have been living aboard with the good friends Dennis and Julie on and off for past month as I shuttle between Mexico (suporting sale of N50) and Old Port Cove Florida preparing N57 to return to Mexico via Panama Canal.   Dennis is a vertern cruiser, owned more boats than I’ve owned cars and crossed most oceans.   More importantly Julie and he are good friends.   It was a little awkward buying a boat to live on and having the previous owner stay involved, let alone live aboard in the master suite.  However, true to his nature, DENNIS kept fixing things while I was gone.  Should have let them say longer....... Take a look at the picture on the top of the blog, the water stream is used to washdown the anchor chain.  It’s from a large hydraulic driven pump that delivers several hundred gallons an hour of seawater...

  • 10/28/2018 19:11 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    October 2018: From Edisto Island to St. Augustine

    Our Track from Edisto Island to the Hilton Head Area.The morning of Saturday, 20-October came damned early for us….we set the alarm for 0700 so we could time our departure from Paul and Dee Dee’s Edisto home at a relatively high tide and an outgoing current.  Temps and humidity were both already in the mid-70’s by 0815 when we thrusted away from the dock and spun Ghost Rider around to head further south.  The ride down-river was relatively quick with the pushing current and it was very smooth, but that changed quickly once we got outside and back into the Atlantic waters.  Winds were brisk out of the southwest at 15+ knots, producing white-capped wind waves of three to four feet on top of dual swells running two to three feet, all at narrow intervals.  And we were punching straight into it all….for about four hours, with frequent salt water spraying over the fly bridge.  We quickly retreated to the pilot house helm. Eventually, around 1300, we reach our turn point for the entry channe...

  • 10/27/2018 18:11 worknotatlast.blogspot.com

    WORKNOTATLAST BLOG Restart (again)

    Those of you who were following my blog know it has not been updated in almost a year.   While there are many excuses there are no reasons.   Mary, Keela and I are just as committed to cruising as before and have been actively traveling between Florida and Nova Scotia CANADA. Since buying Nordhavn 5715 in February of 2017 we have logged 1155 engine hours.   Conservatively averaging 7 kts/hr yields 8,085 nautical miles.  5 gallons of fuel an hour average consumption equates to about 6,000 gallons.   My fuel logs indicate we purchased a bit less but WORKNOT had more than half of her 2,000 gallon capacity on board when purchased. (Thanks DENNIS) Our original plan was to bring this boat back to Mexico and we were actually on the way just after purchase.   Fate interviened (more later) and we decided to cruise the east coast for a season.   Well this will be our second season here and still have not seen 20% of the available ports. With over 1,000 hours on N57 WORKNOT I’m glad we took t...

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    Sorry about the delay since our last Blog posting – we've had an issue loading images, but I'll do another Post shortly, even without pictures. Our prospective buyer arrived from Australia last Tuesday with his surveyor friend and a boating friend from UK. The buyer and I had already exchanged dozens of emails and had several phone conversations, but had never met, so on a rainy Tuesday afternoon we had a quick tour of Envoy followed by a dinner so we could all get to know each other. This included my brother Charles, a qualified shipwright and very experienced yachtsman, who came over from Scotland where he works as a Harbour Master. On the Wednesday the rain passed, the weather was great again and the buying team did a thorough inspection and sea trial. They were well pleased and commented that Envoy's appearance surpassed their expectations and their impressions from photographs. On Thursday we lifted Envoy out of the water for a hull survey. On completion the surveyor said Envoy...

  • 10/24/2018 09:31 www.kensblog.com

    End of an era, Start of an era

    I have some very bizarre news. Roberta and I have listed Sans Souci for sale ! Why? you might ask… The quick answer is that after completing a semi-circumnavigation we’ve been struggling to think of where we want to go next. We’ve cruised our way through over twenty-five countries and have come very close on a couple of ideas. We joined the Waikiki Yacht Club in anticipation of taking the boat to Hawaii, and then had trouble finding moorage. Weird as it sounds, a marina in Hawaii accepted us,...

  • 10/22/2018 22:34 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn 80 mold released

  • 10/20/2018 10:41 www.youtube.com

    N76 IVANHOE enroute to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 10-19-18

  • 10/20/2018 08:09 www.youtube.com

    N76 IVANHOE enroute to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 10-18-18

  • 10/20/2018 08:05 www.youtube.com

    N76 IVANHOE enroute to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show10-17-18

  • 10/20/2018 08:02 www.youtube.com

    N76 IVANHOE enroute to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show10-16-18

  • 10/19/2018 14:23 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    October 2018: From Oriental to Edisto Island

    On the ICW Between Oriental & Beaufort We Saw Several Homes with Blue Tarps Covering Roof Damage from TS MichaelOn Saturday, 13-October we arose early (for us) and experienced a slight taste of Fall weather – we had slept without air conditioning given the pleasant conditions overnight, and now we saw crystal clear skies, air temperature in the upper 50’s, humidity around 40% and a northerly breeze.  It was jacket weather.  After checking the weather one more time we were underway just before 0830…..according to our plan that would put us in the Beaufort Inlet at a slack current, and also get us into Charleston Harbor before sunset on the following day. The run down the ICW to the Atlantic Ocean was smooth and mostly uneventful; there was some debris to dodge but nothing difficult.  We did experience a troublesome battery charging issue where the alternators didn’t seem to be keeping up with the DC draw, but we had “bailout” opportunities along the ICW all morning, so we continued wit...

  • 10/17/2018 07:33 www.cochranesadrift.com

    Physics of Docking 102E - Side Ties

    The simplest way to dock a boat is to tie to a side tie. A side tie is typically a long face dock or the end dock on a row of slips. The advantage to a side tie is that you typically have sufficient room to maneuver in and out. In case of problems, you can just pull away, reposition, and try again. In this episode we discuss some techniques for docking on a side tie. See Episode 5 here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7ynVJP2uSKA. Enjoy!... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 10/16/2018 18:56 comeonrover.com

    Red Rover Photo Submittals for the 2019 Nordhavn Calendar

    And there it was.  The posting from PAE requesting photos for the 2019 Nordhavn Calendar along with the deadline.  Ugh!  Our trip north was planned late this year.  Not much time to get some good shots in great spots!  So we were on a mission – get north and find some awesome anchorages.  This meant … Continue reading Red Rover Photo Submittals for the 2019 Nordhavn Calendar →

  • 10/15/2018 22:41 comeonrover.com

    West Coast of Vancouver Island – Part 2

    West Coast of Vancouver Island – Part 2 As I write this we are cruising east in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and it is totally flat, glassy water without any wind, waves, or anything.  Unbelievable.  With many hours of cruising left to go, it seems like a great time to draft the next … Continue reading West Coast of Vancouver Island – Part 2 →

  • 10/13/2018 06:28 www.southernstarnz.com

    Maine continues to awe

    ?Maine photos??? Enjoying life in Maine We are well placed in Northeast Harbor, to take advantage of the Acadia National Park which surrounds us here in Mt Desert Island. LL Bean, the well- known outdoor outfitter company is based in Maine. They sponsor a bus system the goes all over the park, the service is great, and it is free. Michelle and Clark too us to the Thuya Gardens in the early afternoon, located on the East ridge of the harbor. It is a beautiful lush garden, with an old summer cot...

  • 10/12/2018 13:15 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    October 2018: Riding Out Michael at Oriental

    A Radar Image of Michael Passing Just to Our West Right Before We Lost Power and InternetDuring the afternoon and evening of Thursday, 11-October, Tropical Storm Michael strafed our area with the expected rain and wind.  Around 1400 we lost power to the marina, but only for about 30 minutes.  But later, between 1900 and 2000 hours, as the low pressure center made its closest approach, we saw winds clocking a steady state around 50 knots with gusts to 60+ knots, and that was more than enough to knock out utility power for an extended period. So we cranked up the generator and became self-sufficient, a lot like being at anchor, but with the protection of the River Dunes harbor area.  Nonetheless we saw whitecaps and 2 foot waves in the marina.  We were securely tied and adequately fendered, so had no real concerns….with the winds cranking mostly out of the south as Michael passed just to our west, as long as no other boats broke free from the other t-heads then we would remain safe and ...

  • 10/10/2018 17:12 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Sep/Oct 2018: From Baltimore to Oriental

    Passing Fort McHenry Just South of Baltimore Harbor....Where During the War of 1812 the British Navy Was Repulsed & Francis Scott Key Penned the Words for Our National AnthemIt was time to say goodbye to Baltimore and begin our trek back to our Florida home, so on the morning of Sunday, 30-September, we got back underway.  It was a cool (60F), and cloudy but dry morning, requiring jackets, but winds were generally light, and by 0930 we were off the dock and underway once again.  We encountered plenty of floating debris in the muddy Patapsco River, with a few floaters bigger than telephone poles, but we managed to avoid all that.  Vessel traffic was moderately heavy, as plenty of folks were anxious to take advantage of a dry weekend. By early afternoon the clouds had cleared and we were treated to another very pleasant day for cruising…..bright sun, light breezes, temps hovering around 80F.  Once we reached Chesapeake Bay and got south of Annapolis the vessel traffic lightened consider...

  • 10/9/2018 10:57 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn 120 AURORA & Nordhavn 100 SERENITY in Dana Point Harbor

  • 10/8/2018 18:32 comeonrover.com

    ABT-TRAC Captains Course

    At Nordhavn’s 40th Anniversary Gala this past spring, we spoke to Ernie Romeo with ABT-TRAC (the company that supplies the hydraulic systems for Nordhavn and many other quality boatbuilders) about the captains course (link to their site) that the company offers.  We’d heard about it before and it was on the to do list, but when … Continue reading ABT-TRAC Captains Course →

  • 9/30/2018 18:55 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    September 2018: From Annapolis to Baltimore

    Our Track from DC to Annapolis to BaltimoreThe weather on the morning of Sunday, 23-September, was just as predicted – absolutely lousy: rain showers with temps in the low 60’s and a north wind.  It felt a bit raw for us.  We donned our rain gear, untied from the mooring ball and got underway around 0930.  In spite of the poor weather the river and bay were packed with small sailing vessels and a fair number of power vessels, requiring a few detours from the planned route and an occasional evasive maneuver until we were north of the Bay Bridge. There were a few areas where we also had to dodge floating debris, not too surprising given the recent high tides and coastal flooding, but we managed to avoid the big stuff (including a very large truck tire…still mounted on its steel wheel rim…that was different.)  The blah weather persisted all day, so we handled helm duties from the pilot house except for the two short spells on the fly bridge during the departure from the Annapolis mooring...

  • 9/28/2018 15:47 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Lithium-based Power System

    There is so much to say on this topic that I struggle with where to begin.  It's been an exercise in drinking from a fire hose, and everywhere I turn there is another hose blasting away.  So I'll just pick a starting point, and describe what our plans are for 6837, and how I'm proceeding from here to there.  That should set out the context, and I can write other articles later digging into

  • 9/28/2018 11:07 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn 63 TRUE BLUE video tour

  • 9/26/2018 09:00 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Lithium Battery Backgrounder

    I started writing about the lithium power system we are planning for the new Nordhavn 68, and quickly realized that it's incomprehensible without some basic back ground.  So here is my attempt at a lithium battery summary. Not all Lithium Batteries are the Same First, there are lots of different types of lithium batteries, and different types of lithium-ion batteries, and they behave quite

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    Envoy is currently under offer to an Australian couple who will visit Lefkas marina late October for an inspection and survey. Envoy being launched at Lefkas Marina Laurie enjoying a Greek Mythos beer and giant beans After a few days cruising by ourselves we anchor off Lefkas Marina to pick up Chris who's flown into Athens and caught the bus to Lefkas with just two minutes to spare after a super-fast taxi ride from the airport to the bus station.  We visit some of our favourite local places, especially Sivota, before moving on to Cephalonia – Ay Eufemia and Ithica – N Ay Nikolau. Here we meet three kiwi farming couples from the Manwatu cruising aboard a 50 year-old 60ft displacement motor vessel with loads of character called Lochinvar.  Laurie and Chris by dinghy at N Ay Nikolau Chris and Di at N Ay Nikolau with mobile taverna in background. They store all their beer outside with no security overnight and it's still there in the morning Dog on waveski At many of these places w...

  • 9/22/2018 18:28 www.n62graymatter.com

    Still learning – drama off Oz east coast

    After 7 years, and 10,000 sea miles, there are a few things I always wondered about Gray Matter – never expected to discover all of them in a period of 5 hours.   To name a few; how would Gray Matter handle dead in the water in 25 knots of wind, abeam to 4-6 foot waves; [...]

  • 9/22/2018 14:49 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    September 2018: From DC to Annapolis

    Fort Washington Sits on the East Bank of the Potomac Just a Few Miles South of the DC Area We departed National Harbor just before 0900 on Saturday, 15-September, and pointed Ghost Rider south down the Potomac River.  The weather was a rerun of the previous week’s humid gloominess, with air temperature at the 70F mark and a northeast breeze of about 8 knots.  Up on the fly bridge it felt a bit chilly and we both wore light jackets for most of the day.  By early afternoon the winds had clocked around to the east giving us an apparent wind speed near 20 knots on some headings, along with a healthy wind chop at times.  It wasn’t a particularly relaxing cruise as constant vigilance was required to avoid all the flotsam floating in the river – mostly tree branches but there was the occasional entire tree as well.  In the northern half of the river the water was the color of chocolate milk, although once we got below Quantico we saw less debris and the water color was more its normal green...

  • 9/21/2018 06:40 www.southernstarnz.com

    Exploring Maine pt 1

    Maine ?Maine photos??? We left Lunenburg Nova Scotia after a few nights on the hook. The weather looked good for our westerly trip to Cape Negro, or if we are feeling up to it, we could keep on and make Maine in one trip. The trip to the Cape was just almost perfect. We had very small beam seas, and so we decided to keep on moving and go directly to Maine’s Northeast Harbor. We passed Cape Sable at about 11:00 pm. It was a dark night, but the conditions were still good. We had a current push...

  • 9/20/2018 14:48 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn 76#24 Seattle to Vancouver Delivery

  • 9/20/2018 12:36 www.southernstarnz.com

    St Peters and the Bras dOr Lakes

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/6GLSxQ6HpRNfcR7Q6 The next morning we readied lines and fenders for the Canal and Lock, which we need to, do on our port side, where we don’t have easy access. It was great to have Gordon on board to manage stern lines, while I was on the bow and Ted drove the boat. We glided into the lock and tied up while they raised the water level, only slightly. We then had to wait till they drove along to the bridge which also had to be opened to allow us through. Immediately on ...