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  • 9/20/2018 01:26 mvdirona.com


    Ålesund is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Norway. After a devastating 1904 fire destroyed much of downtown, the city was rebuilt in an art nouveau style with many of the buildings overlooking a canal that runs through downtown. From Åndalsnes we travelled 55 miles south to Ålesund, stopping for a few nights...

  • 9/18/2018 12:07 www.cochranesadrift.com

    Crossing the Bar

    Introduction If you are planning to transit the U.S. Pacific Coast, the following information about crossing river bars may be of interest to you. Because the Columbia River bar is the most challenging of all the West Coast bars, I will give it extra attention. Why cross the Columbia bar at all? Astoria is a wonderful historic harbor town with a great marina, excellent chandlery, and lots of good restaurants and places to see. Portland, Oregon is just a day sail up the river. The Columbia Gorge ... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 9/18/2018 03:55 www.mvtivoli.org

    A Simple Mistake

    After significant effort we’ve concluded the electronics issues that aborted our plan to cruise the Canadian Maritimes this season were self-induced.  In the interest of redundancy I installed a NMEA2000 rudder position indicator while we were at Atlantic Yacht Basin.  You wouldn’t think this would present a problem but, in fact, the additional cabling required drove the voltage reduction across one leg of my NMEA2000 network past specification likely leading to random loss of data.  The electro... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 9/17/2018 09:47 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    Gloucester Aventures and Future Plans

    The end of the summer is here - I know this because it snowed yesterday.  Thursday September the 13th… has to be some kind of record! However I cannot dwell on our weather, as it is to be expected and is totally benign - as opposed to the hurricanes and storms that are hitting the rest of the world. We have been glued to our computers trying to keep track of what is happening on the east coast of the US.. and of course  the Philippines… both our boats are in Mexico (Ensenada and La Paz) and this... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 9/16/2018 01:20 mvdirona.com

    Fuel Quality Differences

    When considering fuel quality, we’ve always thought first about water, rust, and other impurities in the fuel. Knowing we intended to travel the world and expecting poor quality fuel in the many less-developed countries we would visit, we left Seattle with 48 primary filters on board. What we have learned is that fuel quality is...

  • 9/14/2018 16:10 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    September 2018: Hanging Out Around DC

    The National Harbor Waterfront District is Dotted with Numerous Statues. Here: Churchill, FDR & Rosie the RiveterJust as with the prior day, the weather on Sunday, 09-September, was exactly as predicted….which is to say pretty crappy.  Rain chances had been pegged near 100% with temps in the 60’s and a stout 15 MPH breeze from the east, and that’s pretty much what we got.  Perhaps eventually we would start pining for the sunny and hot days of the previous weeks, but for now we were content to cool off. Rick spent the day onboard and dry – loading routes into the ship’s PC, backing up that computer, checking weather forecasts (all ugly), repairing a sagging ceiling panel, and catching up with the MLB pennant races and some boring NFL games. Chelle, not capable of sitting still for very long, braved the raw weather and scouted out the local water taxi tours to Alexandria and DC proper. Another Interesting Sculpture at National Harbor.  This One, Called "The Awakening", is Not Supposed...

  • 9/14/2018 02:29 www.youtube.com

    Sailing to the Most Famous Island in Brazil! Fernando de Noronha - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 190

  • 9/13/2018 11:55 mvdirona.com


    Trollveggen (“The Troll Wall”) is the highest vertical mountain wall in Europe. The face is 3,600 ft (1,100 metres) from base to summit and scaling it is one of the ultimate mountaineering challenges. With several other difficult climbing peaks in the area, nearby Åndalsnes is considered the mountaineering capital of Norway. Their modern visitor center...

  • 9/12/2018 20:51 www.mvtanglewood.com

    Tanglewood N6062 has Sold

    They say the happiest two days of boat ownership are the day you buy and the day you sell.  We closed on the sale of Tanglewood N6062 today, and I only kind of agree.  It's definitely not a happy day, but it's certainly a load off my mind.  A boat sitting is a boat breaking, and I'm glad Tanglewood didn't sit for too long, and now it's ready for more adventures with her new owners. It's exciting

  • 9/11/2018 03:38 www.southernstarnz.com

    Offshore to Nova Scotia

    Offshore passage https://photos.app.goo.gl/AMcd6MNMqC4iMA7TA I began to write this after 3 days at sea. 'We are now located off of Cape Cod having finished our second night. Jenny is below taking a sleep as she is off watch. I have the music on, the doors open in the wheel house, a nice cooling breeze coming through the doors. I am running the generator to charge the batteries, and to make some water. We are heading NE in nearly perfect conditions. Clear skies, following seas, 1-2’, no boat... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 9/11/2018 02:46 mvdirona.com


    The dramatic Trollstigen route near Åndalsnes winds up a steep 1:12 gradient through 11 hairpin turns so tight that vehicles longer than 43 ft (13.1m) are prohibited. En route, a narrow bridge carries the road over and beside the spectacular 1,050 ft (320 m) Stigfossen falls. In 2012, Trollstigen was officially opened as a National...

  • 9/8/2018 18:43 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    September 2018: Chesapeake & The Potomac

    Ghost Rider Comfortably Hanging on Her Hook at Horseshoe Bend in the St. Mary's RiverWe had our usual laid back morning on Monday, 03-September.  The anchor had stayed where we had dropped it and it looked to be another warm and sunny day ahead.  We got through our normal checks in the pilot house and engine room in short order, and performed a quick weather check – the tropics were heating up again but locally things looked good for the next several days.  It was time to launch the tender and explore. Just as we were getting to launch the dinghy we received a visit (via their own dinghy), from Don and Debra McCarty, who happened to be out for a spin and recognized a fellow Nordhavn.  They own N55, Mondai Nai, (Japanese for ‘no problem’) and live in the general area but were exercising their Nordy with some local gunkholing.  We had a nice if brief visit, and decided we would reconnect that evening for a happy hour event. St. Mary's College Boasts a Fine Marina Facility for a Modest...

  • 9/8/2018 00:39 comeonrover.com

    West Coast of Vancouver Island, Part 1 – Seattle to Ucluelet, British Columbia

    It has been awhile since we wrote a cruising post, because, well, it has been awhile since we’ve been truly cruising.  Our daughter Kirsten was home from college this summer, which was lovely.  As Kirsten was working (and so were we) we did weekend trips to local favorite anchorages plus two trips to the San … Continue reading West Coast of Vancouver Island, Part 1 – Seattle to Ucluelet, British Columbia →

  • 9/7/2018 02:29 www.youtube.com

    Running AGROUND! There's two types of sailors.... Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 189

  • 9/6/2018 11:06 mvdirona.com


    Andalsnes is close to some of Norway’s most spectacular and unique scenery, including 5900ft (1800m) Trollgiven, the highest vertical mountain wall in Europe and the dramatic Trollsigten route, a narrow roadway that climbs at a gradient of 1:12 through 11 hairpin turns with a viewing platform above. And an hour or two’s hike from town...

  • 9/4/2018 05:44 www.mvduet.com

    Bora Bora to Fiji

    Ron began looking for weather windows to Fiji in late May, before Sean and Celia even arrived. Weather patterns can be glimpsed, if not solidified, as much as two weeks in advance. Often the details don't pan out, but the general trend is useful. Given that we planned to leave as soon as we could after Celia's departure, Ron wanted a good understanding of what was going on out there. Unfortunately, what he found wasn't great. During the Southern Hemisphere Fall, the weather between French Polyn... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 9/3/2018 07:55 mvdirona.com

    South from Trondheim

    After five weeks in Trondheim, we departed for Norwegian destinations farther south. We really enjoyed our stay, and it was an excellent place to leave the boat while we returned to Seattle for work. From Trondheim we travelled 140 miles south and anchored for a few days in Vagsetervagen while a storm system passed through....

  • 9/2/2018 20:20 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    Aug-Sep 2018: From Norfolk & Into Chesapeake Bay

    We Enjoyed Some Evening Time on the Fly Bridge at Waterside MarinaWe had stayed up a bit late enjoying the music and dancing the night before so on the morning of Sunday, 26-August we slept in, then had a lazy, relaxing morning on the boat.  Rick did mix in a little troubleshooting of the fly bridge thruster controls – they had been showing an annoying tendency to stick, which in close quarters could be a little stressful; after tightening some connectors and spraying a little CRC electrical cleaner around they seemed to be behaving better. We grabbed an early lunch at the nearby Smokehouse restaurant and then walked along the riverfront over to the Nauticus maritime and naval museum.  (LINK.)  It is a fabulous place to learn about the rich nautical history not only of Norfolk, but also of Portsmouth and Hampton Roads, from the early settlement days all the way to today’s period, where it is now home to the world’s largest naval base.  In between it was a pivotal battleground and cont...

  • 9/1/2018 14:28 feeds.feedburner.com


    We departed Lefkas Marina on Friday morning and anchored in a bay off mainland Greece about 15 miles south. Weather is fine with temp in low 30s, little humidity and sea water a beautiful 28d. This was pretty fast progress seeing as we didn't arrive here until one week before, but Sailand and Yachtpaint had done a good job of getting things ready. Everything seems to be working well except for our B&G Network wind speed and direction gear which powers up OK but doesn't read wind speed or direction. The local B&G specialist has inspected the system and says the sender unit on the mast has failed. Wait for it - we can't just replace this 15 year old sender because the new model apparently won't work with our old instrument, so we need a new sender, wiring loom and instrument, all of which has been ordered and will be here week of 10 Sept. I guess it's not too bad to get 15 years life out of a product continuously exposed to weather. Haven't done a whole lot of relaxing yet as have been s...

  • 9/1/2018 01:34 mvdirona.com

    Trondheim Projects

    We completed a number of boat projects in Trondhiem, including replacing a steering pump and the nav computer. Most were waiting on gear sourced on our return trip to Seattle—we spent much of the ten days after the trip installing and stowing parts. Below are highlights from July 14th through August 14th in Trondheim, Norway....

  • 8/31/2018 02:29 www.youtube.com

    Gentleman Don't Sail To Weather - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 188

  • 8/29/2018 11:30 shearmadness72.com

    2018-08 Farewell to Cruising

    I’ve been procrastinating on this post for a very long time! January marked the end of a major chapter in our lives when we accepted an offer to sell Shear Madness. It was with mixed emotions that we handed her over to her new owners, a wonderful family who will continue to show her great […]

  • 8/27/2018 15:36 feeds.feedburner.com


    Our advertising of Envoy on this Blog has resulted in an offer to purchase from long time readers of the Blog. In fact not only have this Australian couple been following our Blog since its inception, but followed Envoy's Atlantic Crossing by the previous owners in 2004. The potential buyer's offer is naturally subject to their inspection and survey which will take place here in Lefkas late October. So Envoy is “under offer” and we won't be considering any further offers unless this sale doesn't proceed. We've arrived in Lefkada after a good trip from Auckland spending one night in Dubai and one in Athens on the way. Emirates are a great airline and the nearly 17 hour flight passed quite quickly aided by a solid 8 hours sleep. We like Emirates 30kg luggage allowance, their lenient attitude towards cabin bags and the generous space between economy seat rows. Having a spare seat between us on both flights certainly helped too. Our hotel in Dubai was good and it's a convenient place to b...

  • 8/27/2018 10:31 feeds.feedburner.com

    Brunswick, GA - Revisited

    Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa

  • 8/27/2018 00:37 mvdirona.com

    Return to Seattle

    In late July, we left the boat in Trondheim, checked Spitfire into “the resort” at the beautiful Pusehuset Kattehotell, and returned to Seattle for a couple of weeks. While James spent all day and most evenings in meetings, Jennifer picked up our mail at the UPS store, sourced some other parts and spares locally, and...

  • 8/26/2018 18:18 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    August 2018: Service at AYB and on to Norfolk

    We got a visit from our assigned AYB technician (Tim) the morning of Wednesday, 22-August and we went to work on the sight gauge and steering ram issues. We managed to get the sight gauge upper shutoff valve completely closed with a mostly unreasonable amount of torque on its packing nut, and that allowed us to drain the sight tube glass into a small bucket.  Removal of that tube revealed a crack near the top along with a malformed o-ring, so Tim would be hunting for replacement parts.  Then, after we depressurized the steering system, Tim also removed the faulty steering ram, and then took all the parts with him back to the shop to see what they could match up, or determine what needed to be ordered and shipped. Another Shot of Ghost Rider's Alongside Tie Up at AYB The estimate to rebuild the steering ram came back at a week and an undetermined cost….whereas a new one could be here in a day or so at 1.5 boat units.  Rick opted for the latter – rebuilding a 16 year old ram just did...

  • 8/24/2018 01:29 www.youtube.com

    UNCHARTED Rivers of Brazil! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.187

  • 8/21/2018 16:50 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    August 2018: Oriental to Atlantic Yacht Basin

    Nice Homes Located on the River Dunes Property Overlooking the Marina On Thursday, 16-August and Friday, 17-August we continued our very pleasant stay at River Dunes with relaxing mornings on the boat.  In the afternoon Chelle again commandeered the courtesy car for shopping errands in town, while Rick caught up with his Wheelhouse preventive maintenance list.  He also spent at least one OCD hour running and testing the hydraulic systems on the boat, attempting to verify there were no more line leaks at any point in the extensive plumbing runs.  (So far none found.)  And we dismantled the wing engine’s Racor fuel filter bowl to drain and clean it of some accumulated debris, and also replaced its filter element as a precaution. Sunset Peeking Through The Pines Unfortunately we also heard from Mike and Mari that their service down at Jarret Bay was taking longer than planned (sounds familiar, eh?) and wouldn’t make it back to River Dunes before we departed.  Perhaps we’ll be able to ...

  • 8/18/2018 05:09 mvdirona.com

    Exploring Trondheim

    Trondheim is a beautiful waterside city with many excellent restaurants and attractions, including a rock music museum, the world’s only bicycle lift, the largest medieval building in Scandinavia, a 17th-century fort and the remains of a massive Nazi-built submarine pen. The city has made a real successful effort to be bicycle friendly and is a...

  • 8/17/2018 20:07 comeonrover.com

    NAPS 2018 Follow Up

    NAPS 2018 was, well, a bunch of fun! At least once we left the dock… Although NAPS officially didn’t start until Friday afternoon, Alison and I had planned to head up Thursday after she was home from the office. I had left the office early to go provision for the Saturday evening dinner of ribs/chicken … Continue reading NAPS 2018 Follow Up →

  • 8/17/2018 01:29 www.youtube.com

    It doesn't get any better than this... SV Delos Ep.186

  • 8/15/2018 08:13 www.northernrangeradventures.com

    Another Boatless Summer... and the fun never ends!

    Ah summer… months of hot weather, warm seas, and glorious boating opportunities. Unless, of course, your boat is down in Mexico.  This is our third summer   (have to do the calendar math here, not my strong suit… 2016, 2017, 2018 - yes) without a boat nearby in which to cruise the Pacific Northwest. We have always been lucky to find lots of alternative activities instead, and this summer has been no exception. I have done some things that ticked off items on the bucket list I didn’t even know I ...

  • 8/14/2018 17:55 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    August 2018: Charleston to Oriental

    Getting Ready to Depart Charleston....the Harbor is a Busy Place.The morning of Sunday, 05-August dawned with clear skies and nearly calm winds, and while the forecast called for a chance of thunderstorms during the day, it was much less onerous than what we had been seeing the previous 10 days.  So just after 0915 we departed Charleston Harbor Marina at a nearly slack tide and steered Ghost Rider back out into the Atlantic.  Out there seas were smooth with two foot swells at generous intervals and little to no wind chop, so the ride was excellent.  During the course of the day we could see some cumulonimbus lines form just inland along the sea breeze boundary, but their movement paralleled our course and had died out by the time we turned into the channel for Winyah Bay and the Georgetown Light anchorage. At Anchor Near Georgetown Light Just After Sunset. Arriving at a mostly slack tide was fortuitous, but we still got frustrated trying to set the anchor in the river’s muddy bottom...

  • 8/13/2018 11:36 mvdirona.com

    Trondheim Arrival

    Trondheim was Norway’s capital during the Viking era and currently is the country’s third-largest city with a population of just under 200,000. Our arrival there represented the mid-way point of our six-month trip through Norway, where we would return to Seattle for a couple of weeks before continuing south to explore the rest of the...

  • 8/12/2018 15:03 www.southernstarnz.com

    Heading north to Nova Scotia

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/vE4BXN13TzX7QGf78 It really seemed that we were not going to make it all the way to Canada on this trip. Between the boat issues, the health care requirements, and that all of the Nordhavn Atlantic Group (informal group of Nordhavns and others who are casually travelling together) already in Nova Scotia, that we were just going to run out of time. But our very good friend, Gordon, was due to arrive into Sydney Airport, Nova Scotia, on 9th August, and we wanted to do o...

  • 8/12/2018 11:19 oursloboda.com

    Meet Pendana

    Little did we know nine years ago when we first stayed aboard ‘Pendana’ in the Bahamas, that we would one day be her Captain and First Mate. The last few weeks have been surreal as we come to the realization that we bought our dream boat. At first we wanted to keep our boat name... Read More

  • 8/12/2018 04:55 www.cochranesadrift.com

    Physics of Docking 102D - Preparation for Docking

    Many of the problems that occur during docking are the result of a lack of planning or poor communication. In Episode 4 of our ongoing series titled ‘The Physics of Docking’, we discuss how to develop checklists, prepare the crew for their duties, and make sure everyone knows the plan in advance. Click https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KRAlF7EEkp8 for details....

  • 8/10/2018 07:05 www.mvduet.com

    Guests and Generators

    We returned to Papeete on April 12th, with a relatively short list of things to do before Barbara and Ken joined us in Bora Bora. Most of Ron's work was done, so he could help Nancy, which was not something he would necessarily volunteer for, but it definitely speeded things up. Nancy can only manage so many provisions at a time, whereas, with Ron's help, she can do several carts, all in the same day! Fortunately for Ron, his assistance was limited to one day of hauling heavy items, such as beer...

  • 8/10/2018 01:29 www.youtube.com

    Ocean Conservation, Turtles and SHIP WRECKS! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.185

  • 8/9/2018 15:07 feeds.feedburner.com


    NOTE: ENVOY IS STILL FOR SALE – SEE DETAILS IN BLOG POST BELOW THIS ONE. We are finally set to leave Auckland and return to Greece in about 10 days time to resume cruising. The Ionian weather is generally fairly good to the end of October, so we'll be able to enjoy two months cruising before going back into Lefkas Marina for the winter. After launching we'll spend a few days in the Lefkas area while we confirm everything aboard Envoy is working correctly and then head north to Corfu. Our watermaker's main pump has been reconditioned in Athens during our absence and Angelos will install it in Corfu's Gouvia Marina. Needless to say this will also be a good chance for Di to check out some of her favorite shopping haunts. From there we'll head around Corfu's NW coast to check out a small island we've not visited previously – Nisos Mathraki and its village of Plakes. From here it's only about 7 miles NW to the island of Nisis Othoni where we've anchored previously, but not been ashore...

  • 8/7/2018 12:00 www.youtube.com

    Hello LITHIUM, Goodbye Propane!!! Part 1- Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 8/6/2018 21:47 www.youtube.com

    SV Delos theme song REMIX!! Ramukanji By Laikipia

  • 8/4/2018 13:03 oursloboda.com

    It’s a Girl!

    We can hardly contain our excitement as we proudly welcome the newest floating vessel to the Potter Family. She’s a beautiful, shiny, rugged, NORDHAVN 62!!!! Formally, AND famously known as ‘Pendana,’ she has most recently cruised the world with the lovely Ellingford Family and we are beyond humbled to carry on their legacy through this... Read More

  • 8/4/2018 12:49 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    July 2018: Hanging Out In Charleston

    Our Second Slip Assignment at CHM Was Much Closer In, and We Still Had a View of the Yorktown & Patriot's Point When we have to choose a place to get “stuck”, Charleston is definitely on our shortlist.  The weather forecast for the foreseeable future was awful – both regarding wave heights and winds out in the Atlantic, as well as overall storminess up and down the coast.  Weather forecasting is far from an exact science, but so far the prognosticators were being annoyingly accurate.  Given that we don’t really have any kind of schedule, and that Charleston is about the halfway point between Palm Beach and the mouth of the Chesapeake, we were in no hurry and content to hang out here for a while. The first half of Wednesday, 25-July was spent on provisioning (Chelle’s new code word for “I need to get off the boat and do some kind of shopping”), and some routine boat maintenance tasks that Rick had been delaying for about a week.  The first of those involved taking manual voltage readi...

  • 8/4/2018 07:26 www.pendanablog.com


    ADIOS!  Funny how life changes on a dime!  One minute you are in control and have a pretty good understanding of where one is headed and the next, BAM! Everything changes. A little while ago Claire and I received an unsolicited offer for Pendana.  After much discussion with Claire and the girls we decided to accept the offer on the basis that it complete quickly. The idea of hanging around on a boat that I wouldn’t own was not very appealing to say the least.  As most would know the plan was ... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 8/3/2018 01:30 www.youtube.com

    11 things to EXPECT! Open ocean sailing! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.184

  • 8/1/2018 09:00 www.pendanablog.com

    Guest Interview – Maik Broetzmann

    So, Maik, tell us a little something about your cruising to date and where you have been as I understand you have been on S/Ys, M/Ys, tall ships, fishing boats, research vessels, navy vessels and even cargo ship? I am German by origin and was born in the Russian controlled sector where cruising was out of the question due to its locked down borders. However, I also happened to live in Berlin, which, little known fact, back to Kaiser times was the hotspot for yachting thanks to the rivalry with ... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 8/1/2018 08:25 www.kensblog.com

    [KensBlog] Lazy Days Of Summer

    Note: This particular blog entry is divided into three sections. In Part one I answer a reader question about life on a boat. Part two consists of nothing but some randomly selected and annotated pictures from our last week on the boat. And, Part three is a technical story of a mechanical problem during our last passage. Part 1: What’s it like to live on a boat?Whenever I send out a blog article a flurry of questions comes flying back my direction. I enjoy the questions and typically learn far... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 7/31/2018 22:29 www.youtube.com

    WATT THE HELL is an amp hour? Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 7/30/2018 08:14 www.southernstarnz.com

    Care and Maintenance- Boat and body

    Ft Pierce- Boat and personal maintenance. https://photos.app.goo.gl/FHXFGHcoDuwnLMbv9 As I mentioned in a past blog, we had the crane motor fail while in the Bahamas. This is a major setback while living on the hook, as we now have no transportation from the boat to the shore aside from our kayaks. We had planned to spend a few additional weeks in the Bahamas, and then head across directly to York River in Virginia, to get a big jump on our northern trip. But with the crane breakdown, we no...

  • 7/29/2018 15:24 feeds.feedburner.com

    Georgetown, South Carolina

    Nordhavn 57-26 Istaboa

  • 7/28/2018 06:59 www.mvstarr.com

    John Livingston is a very special person

    John Livingston: Master Carver and Painter of Northwest Native Art…….. . Sharry and I stopped in Victoria to visit with John Livingston and his wife Maxine Matilpi.  Unfortunately, we missed Maxine because she was at Gilford Island teaching women how to make button blankets, a traditional art form of the coastal people which is her specialty.   John came to dinner on Starr and we talked about our growing friendship over the past 30 or so years. John carved this pole for Sharry and I many years ... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 7/27/2018 17:18 www.youtube.com

    Saltstraumen Maelstrom, June 2018 (MV Dirona channel)

  • 7/26/2018 22:29 www.youtube.com

    Sailing into Rio De Janeiro! - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.183

  • 7/25/2018 04:57 www.pendanablog.com

    Guest Interview Rick & Michelle on Ghost Rider II, N50-21

    This is a special interview and one that I hope demonstrates that with courage and persistence most can overcome tragedy and triumph.  Rick and Michelle Riordan are a prime example of overcoming adversity as they experienced firsthand what every boater fears most, the total loss of their much loved Nordhavn 47, Ghost Rider.  Rick and Michelle have both discussed in detail the simple mistake that led to the tragedy in an open and honest way which is not only refreshing, but provides countless les...

  • 7/24/2018 15:27 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    July 2018: Savannah to Edisto to Charleston

    Our Track from Savannah to Edisto to CharlestonFirst to address one of our reader’s typical questions:  during this blog entry’s time frame, as far as we know, nothing new broke or went wrong; nor did any previous fix come undone.  And yes, that might be a first.  We’re not superstitious, so we don't think we're "jinxing" ourselves.  We’ll just put it down to a lot of hard work and diligence….for now, at least. J As we dallied in Savannah, the weather forecast for the next several days had been looking bleak, with a high probability of rain and thunder (ergo, lightning) for the foreseeable future.  We were anxious to make the run up to Edisto to visit with our good friends there, but finding a suitable window was equally important.  The stationary front that was triggering all the storminess hadn’t progressed quite as far as originally forecast, so Wednesday, 18-July was looking like our best bet….especially if we got an early start. Edisto Island Beach at the River Entrance By 065...

  • 7/21/2018 09:04 www.kensblog.com

    [kensblog] Victoria BC to Montague Harbor

    After five days at the dock in Victoria Canada we decided to run a short distance north to an anchorage we enjoyed last year, called Montague Harbor.   In the Pacific Northwest (PNW) one must pay close attention to the currents. There are narrow passages that can only be traversed at certain times and strong currents that can push you or slow you down. As I studied our run I could see that we had a choice of leaving early in the morning and traveling against the current for seven hours, or le...

  • 7/19/2018 20:00 www.youtube.com

    UPS and DOWNS of our Sailing Life- SV Delos Ep 182

  • 7/19/2018 11:14 www.mvstarr.com

    It's All about Family & Friends!

    Alert Bay July 16,  Meet Stevie and Stella Beans:  The best Grease Maker and Fisherman on the BC Coast We left Goose Island, north of Queen Charlotte Sound at 0430 to ride an ebb tide down coast, and then caught a flood tide of 3-4 kts pushing us into Queen Charlotte Sound for a 1630 arrival in Alert Bay.  We wanted to get to Alert Bay before Stevie Beans left the next morning to go Prince Rupert to fish for salmon on his 58ft seine boat Ocean Predator.  Stevie is a high chief of the Namgis (AK...

  • 7/18/2018 11:30 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn Video: N96 VIVIERAE II video tour

  • 7/17/2018 20:48 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    July 2018: St. Augustine to Savannah

    St. Augustine and Conch House Marina at Our 6 O'Clock We got underway just before 0900 on Tuesday, 10-July under sunny skies and with air temps in the low 80’s.  Egress through the St. Augustine inlet turned out to be a bit dicey….the charts aren’t marked at all in that area, and for good reason – the bottom in the so-called channel is constantly shifting and shoaling, so they don’t bother with permanent markers.  Can buoys are used to mark the best path, but when heading directly east into the sun those things are not easily seen, even with binoculars.  The current was also ripping on the outbound tide.  We managed to pick our way through it, but you wouldn’t want to try it in any kind of other limited visibility – it is definitely a VFR operation.  We were very happy to get out into the open Atlantic and deep water about 30 minutes later. The seas were as forecast, with long period and gentle swells from the northeast, initially at three to four feet, then gradually diminishing to ...

  • 7/16/2018 07:35 feeds.feedburner.com

    Short Legs - Easy Days - Long Post

    This year we've not felt the urge to push ourselves or the boat. There's no specific plan other than to be north of Florida and we've accomplished that already. Hoping to resist complication and just be, we're patiently allowing chance to influence our travel plans for the next few months. It's said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.  So we'll stay prepared and opportunity will likely appear sooner or later. If not, we'll just keep bumping around till it's time to go back to Jupiter. No, we'll not put a lot of distance behind us this way, but we're not sure where we're going anyway so it probably doesn't matter. On this day we're tied up at Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown, SC. The second largest seaport in South Carolina, though it's more a sleepy little fishing village. We've spent time here before and found the old seaport town to be a friendly place. Just off the beaten path and very quiet, there's a pretty little harbor that provides protection and reli...

  • 7/15/2018 06:08 www.pendanablog.com

    Pendana Arrives in Mexico

    Before I start, I just wanted to mention that the blog has a new feature called Quick Updates.  This section comprises of little snippets of information re the coming and goings on board the good ship Pendana. In some way this will replace Facebook which was deleted around four months ago.  Sorry, to those Face-bookers out there! If you want the very latest dose of boating then don’t forget to check out the Quick Updates Section.   I must say that Marina Harbor Anchorage where Pendana stay...

  • 7/13/2018 10:17 www.seabirdlrc.com

    Bye Bye Birdie

    It’s been almost a year since my last blog, mostly because Seabird has been sitting at Old Port Cove in Florida waiting to be sold. Boats like ours are meant to be cruised and provide countless adventures for its owners. Seabird has done all of that and more over the 15 years that we have owned her.   On May 31, we passed the ownership papers to her new owner. Both Carol and I had mixed emotions about it. We were sad to see her go, but happy to see the excitement in the eyes of the new owners. ... Start your own blog now! Free!

  • 7/13/2018 04:09 www.mvstarr.com

    Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th. 53 18N 129 05W 0500 Sun just starting to come up We departed Prince Rupert yesterday morning and caught the ebb tide to ride south thru Grenville Channel and got big boost, hitting 13kn for a short time. That is a 5kn increase for our steady 8kn Starr. We were passed by Western Towboat’s 130ft Gulf Titan towing a 1x4 (100 x 400ft) barge loaded to the hilt with containers from SE Alaska heading to Seattle. I had a nice chat on the VHF with the Gulf Titan skipper and we talk...

  • 7/13/2018 04:08 www.mvstarr.com

    Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th. 53 18N 129 05W 0500 Sun just starting to come up We departed Prince Rupert yesterday morning and caught the ebb tide to ride south thru Grenville Channel and got big boost, hitting 13kn for a short time. That is a 5kn increase for our steady 8kn Starr. We were passed by Western Towboat’s 130ft Gulf Titan towing a 1x4 (100 x 400ft) barge loaded to the hilt with containers from SE Alaska heading to Seattle. I had a nice chat on the VHF with the Gulf Titan skipper and we talk...

  • 7/12/2018 20:00 www.youtube.com

    Sailing Brazil's Biggest Island, Ilha Grande - Ep. 181 Sailing Vessel Delos

  • 7/12/2018 15:10 www.kensblog.com

    [kensblog] Victoria Canada

    Greetings from Sans Souci! Roberta and I really have only one goal for our cruising this summer: To relax. It’s a long story, but we’ve had a lot happening in our personal lives over the past year (sold our place in Mexico, building a house, help one of our mothers move into a senior community, among other things). Our goal is to find a couple of quiet anchorages, tune out the world, and just be mellow for a while.   After several days of enjoying ourselves at our home port of Roche Harbor ...

  • 7/9/2018 22:43 www.mvstarr.com

    Petersburg & Wrangle Alaska

    It’s salmon season and the purse seiners are out in full force.  As we cruise down the east coast of Baranof we see the seiners with their nets out, and their sein skiffs noisily pulling in their nets in the process of closing the net into a continuous purse.  The fish tenders are standing by ready to offload the fish as soon as the purse sein skipper gives the order. While in Petersburg, next to where we were moored at the North Harbor Pier, the fish tenders were offloading the salmon at the T...

  • 7/9/2018 17:39 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    July 2018: Heading North

    We Reached a Smoking 11.3 Knots of Ground Speed Courtesy of a Gulf Stream Current Running in Close to the Shoreline Finally Underway On Tuesday, 03-July at 0900 we steered Ghost Rider out of Old Port Cove, down to the Lake Worth Inlet and out into the Atlantic.  We took up a northerly heading a few miles offshore, with air temperature in the low 80’s, sea temp at 86F, with a 10 knot breeze out of the east and mostly clear skies.  Sea surface was tame with a two foot chop on top of a slow gentle swell, so the ride was good. The Gulf Stream current was running in close, and there were plenty of near shore fishing vessels trying to take advantage of that.  The current had to be something close to three knots as we were clocking as much as 11 knots SOG on the GPS at some points even at a loping 1400 RPM. The boat performed well, including its stuffing box (yay!)  As the new packing settled in we initially saw a gland temp of 110F, which climbed during the day to near 120F, but then set...

  • 7/8/2018 13:08 comeonrover.com

    Autopilot Upgrade

    When we bought Red Rover two years ago, most of her navigation equipment was from the original 2005 install.  There was also some added items that previous owners had added over the years.  The equipment did a good job bringing us up the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle after closing on the boat … Continue reading Autopilot Upgrade →

  • 7/7/2018 11:10 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn 60 TANGLEWOOD - walk-through tour

  • 7/7/2018 10:41 www.southernstarnz.com

    Offshore again

    Passage making again- What a difference a day makes. https://photos.app.goo.gl/abC99kiSVj8QZkgD6 We spent a month at Ft. Pierce City Marina. Time seemed to get away from us. We got lots accomplished, more about the month of projects, but we are finally ready to get some miles under our hull, and we set up a route for a non-stop run from Ft Pierce to Norfolk and to York River our desired destination. This would be our longest passage together on Southern Star, and we both looked forward to doin...

  • 7/7/2018 09:54 www.mvstarr.com

    The Land Of Plenty

    Red Bluff Bay July 5&6, 2018 56 51N, 134 44W The Land of Plenty We ran down Chatham Strait after exiting Peril Strait with the current giving us a one and one- half knot boost. It is always a thrill to see the hundreds of streams cascading down the steep mountains on the East side of Baranof Island.  The snow is almost all melted off the tops. We pulled into Red Bluff Bay and dropped our 2 shrimp pots just inside the entrance in 350ft of water.  Steve and Kim Oberto on their big trawler Maxim...

  • 7/6/2018 01:30 www.youtube.com

    Brazil's FAMOUS Dinghy Regatta, Churrasco, and Cachaca! Sailing vessel Delos Ep.180

  • 7/5/2018 11:29 www.kensblog.com

    [Kensblog] July 4th at Roche Harbor

    Greetings all! Roberta and I are back on the boat. We had to leave the boat for a month to take care of some business, but are now ready to start the summer cruising. Sadly, it will be a short year due to our late start. And, even worse, I’m not expecting the blog to be particularly interesting this year. Roberta even asked, “Why are you going to write a blog? We’re not doing anything exciting.” She is right about that. My guess is that we won’t be going very far; perhaps no more than a hund...

  • 7/5/2018 08:29 www.cochranesadrift.com

    Physics of Docking 102C - Pivoting the Boat

    In this video, we expand on the use of Prop Effects, discussed in 102B, to learn to pivot the boat in its own length. We will use Prop Walk and Prop Wash to spin the boat without moving forward or backward more than a few feet. This is a useful skill as it makes it possible to maneuver in tight quarters, such as in a narrow fairway in a marina. See it here: ?Pivoting the Boat???...

  • 7/5/2018 04:41 www.mvtivoli.org

    It's All Good

    It’s all good.  Some years ago we were having a discussion with our friend Bob on N57 Istaboa about the relative merits of off-shore versus ICW travel.  His response was “It’s all good”.  Very wise.  Since then we’ve used the phrase often; particularly when life dictates changes in plans.  In cruising this is not infrequently the case.  Weather, life events, boat issues and a thousand other things can often get in the way of plans.  Flexibility is the key.  We are again in such a situation.  Whi...

  • 7/4/2018 17:32 www.mvstarr.com

    Sitka, Alaska-Moored next to a 107 year old piece of Ballard Fishing History

    Sitka, Alaska - Moored next to a 107 year old piece of Ballard Fishing History. Noodle and Lori flew back to Hawaii yesterday afternoon. Great crewmates and they will be missed. Sharry and I departed Sitka this morning at 12:30 today, the 4th of July. We found ourselves underway heading into a thick wall of fog as we entered Peril Strait. We were in a hurry to catch the 1600 slack tide at Sergius Narrows because the max flood and ebb currents can run 8-9 knots and can create a standing wave. ...

  • 7/4/2018 15:05 www.pendanablog.com

    Guest Interview John and Tracey aboardPairadiceSelene 47

    So, John, tell us a little something about your cruising to date and where you have been so far? For the last three years, we have called Hayden Island in Portland Oregon our homeport. We cruised most of the Inside passage of British Columbia in 2016 from April through September. We travelled as far north as Kitimat, B.C. before turning around and spent more time cruising areas that we missed on the trip north. 2016’s total was 3,362 NM. In 2017 we travelled to South East Alaska primarily thro...

  • 7/2/2018 16:50 mv-ghostrider.blogspot.com

    July 2018: Time To Depart

    Wrapping Up Boat Business RTV Silicone Sealant...It Works! During the past week or so we’ve been focusing on wrapping up several maintenance issues while still moored at Old Port Cove in North Palm Beach, Florida. The main goal was to resolve the minor but perplexing oil leak at the front of the main engine.  We conducted a two hour sea trial with the front of the engine “naked” (stripped of its protective belt and pulley guards), with Alex Graham, our diesel guru, on board.  That exercise confirmed that the leak was (still) indeed from the oil pan gasket – no other seal showed any seepage.  So a few days later we once again drained the oil and removed the pan.  This time, however, instead of going with the rather flimsy OEM paper gasket we decided to make our own rubberized seal from a tube of Motorcraft high temperature RTV Sealant. After the oil pan work was completed Alex also walked Rick through the procedure for adjusting the generator’s intake and exhaust valves.  That is ...

  • 7/2/2018 07:41 www.mvstarr.com


    On Saturday Starr punched out into the Pacific for the final time while Lori and I will be aboard.  We had a twenty mile stretch at the southern end of Chichagof Island where there was no inside channel to protect us.  Fortunately, it was another stellar day with light winds and nearly calm seas.  After we cleared Chichagof we turned left once more and entered the narrow channels that run between Kruzof and Baranof Islands for the final twenty five mile run into Sitka.  The channel was narrow an...

  • 7/2/2018 06:06 www.southernstarnz.com

    Jenny's family rendezvous

    Family rendezvous x 2 https://photos.app.goo.gl/Vs7ZafNhFriCsVsq7 When I had been in NZ last year, we had talked about a cruise that my brother Jonathan and his wife Nicola were planning for April-May, which was to start in San Diego, travel south along Mexico and Central America, transit the Panama Canal, and then after a stop at Cartagena, travel to Ft Lauderdale, Charleston and Boston.   Then they were spending a week in Honolulu on their way back to NZ. I was certain the cruise ship itine...

  • 7/2/2018 05:52 www.southernstarnz.com

    Enjoying the Bahamas, but time to leave

    Wow. Started this blog almost a month ago, and we are now departing Ft. Pierce Florida. Better get this one out before we move any further. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ZsFbrApA2NntG3iK7 We are sitting at Great Sale Cay, in the northern Abaco Islands, waiting to depart for the last leg of the trip to Ft Pierce, Fl.  The trip is about 120 miles, and we plan to leave today June 1 at about 3:00 pm to make our landing at Ft Pierce about 8-9:00 am tomorrow. We are the only boat anchored here this mor...

  • 7/1/2018 14:12 www.youtube.com

    Nordhavn 63 PEREGRINATIONS - walk-through tour

  • 6/30/2018 09:13 www.mvstarr.com

    Secret Cove

    There are hundreds of small islets here on the Pacific side of Chichagof Island and a maze of narrow channels between them. Most of those channels are blocked at some point by submerged rocks making them impassable, but in a few places a boat as large as Starr can wind its way deep into the mess and find a protected spot to moor. We were in one of those spots last night, with the stern tied to a tree ashore and an anchor holding us off the stones. It was completely calm in there. The evergreens ...

  • 6/29/2018 12:16 www.mvstarr.com


    Starr powered through the calm seas across Cross Sound, the northern most entrance into the fjord land of southeast Alaska in calm conditions. Our destination for the day was Black Bay, a favorite spot of Don and Sharry's on the western side of Chichagof Island. We powered south along the coast of Chichagof for twenty miles and turned left towards the shore. A passage between smaller offshore islands appeared in front of us and the Pacific disappeared as we wound our way deep into a maze of isla...

  • 6/29/2018 07:07 www.mvstarr.com

    Stealth Mode

    The might Starr is heading for a secret hidey hole this morning. The cruising pals that told Don and Sharry about it in 1997 made them promise to keep it a secret. We are going stealth on our position tracker and AIS to honor that commitment. If you are following our position on the tracking web site or AIS and see that Starr has disappeared, don’t worry. The AIS and tracker will be live again tomorrow after we move on to the next anchorage....

  • 6/29/2018 01:29 www.youtube.com

    LIVIN' like the LOCALS in Paraty, Brazil! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep.179

  • 6/28/2018 09:47 www.mvstarr.com

    The Ghost on the Ship

    Honolulu to Prince William Sound to Sitka June 27, 2018 We left Honolulu on Starr heading for Dutch Harbor on May 28. I didn’t know it at the time, but there was a ghost on our ship. As we departed Honolulu, there were five of us on board: Don and I, and our guests/crew, Bill Leary (Noodle) and Clay Huchinson (both from Kaneohe), and Kyle Kim (from Honolulu). The “Ghost” was just a dim shadow at departure, but grew larger and darker as we headed North. I could start this tale with a typica...

  • 6/28/2018 09:42 www.mvstarr.com

    Lituya Bay

    Lituya Bay is a six mile long by mile and a half wide body of water that runs between the steep glacier covered mountains on the northeastern end of the bay and the ocean to the southwest. The entrance to the bay is a narrow channel only thirty five feet deep in the middle that quickly shoals on either side. With a twelve foot tidal swing, there is a lot of water that moves into and out of the bay twice a day through the small entrance. The coast pilot said that the prudent mariner only transits...

  • 6/28/2018 06:23 www.pendanablog.com

    News Flash

    I just wanted to mention shoot out a very quick blog to let everyone know that Pendanablog has a new feature called Quick Updates.    This section comprises little snippets of information regarding the coming and goings aboard the good ship Pendana. This will replace Facebook which was deleted around four months ago.  So, if you want the very latest dose of boating then don’t forget to check out the Quick Updates Section as updates are going up all the time. Stay Safe James...

  • 6/27/2018 11:57 feeds.feedburner.com

    Bypassing Florida

    It's been a while since we've done an all-nighter. Several reasons why, but a couple in particular stand out. Number one: Radar, our senior pup, has apparently developed sea-sickness in his old age. He's a smart dog so this all could be a show of protest, however he becomes distressed and his old heart does race; that's not good. Secondly, me, my old ass. At one time pulling all-nighters was just how it was done and I was quite good at it, but that was long-long ago. These days, the appeal of the all-night run has faded somewhat. We've enjoyed and/or endured many sleepless nights at sea so a nice tie at a friendly marina sounds pretty relaxing at this stage in our life. We enjoy running our boat alone; no crew, no friends aboard, just two dogs and two folks on a boat. This way our unplanned/wishy-washy cruising lifestyle inconveniences no one. While this tack does indulge our desire for independence, it also means we must do everything and that can sometimes be wearing. So, yes, runn...

  • 6/27/2018 08:41 www.mvstarr.com

    I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good

    Lady Luck has decided to stay aboard Starr as a member of the crew so far on this passage across the Gulf of Alaska. She has given us more than a day of glassy ocean out here as we head for Lituya Bay. Lori Lloyd, who is quite susceptible to sea sickness, is our canary in the coal mine and so far she is having a great time. Good luck is important out here. I got an email from Clay yesterday with details on the loss of the sloop Kalaerin off of Seattle ten days ago. Kalaerin belonged to friends ...

  • 6/27/2018 06:03 www.mvstarr.com

    A Whale of a Tail/Tale!

    A Whale of a Tail/Tale! Hey Kat! This story is for you! Yesterday we were ready to leave Northern Alaska to head across the Gulf of Alaska to Sitka. Sharry had just mentioned that we hadn’t seen very many whales over the past couple of weeks and just then I heard a scratching sound against the side of Starr’s hull. It sounded like rough sandpaper rubbing and the boat moved slightly to the port as though it was being pushed or nudged. Then I heard a blowing sound and smelled what seemed to be ...

  • 6/27/2018 04:25 www.kensblog.com

    Loss of Kelaerin

    Roberta and I are off to a late start on cruising this summer. It's not always easy to escape life on shore at times and we had some personal business to attend to that has kept us off the water.  Starting next week we'll be back on the boat for what we hope will be an excellent cruising season. Meanwhile.... I woke this morning to this story on a friend's blog (www.mvstarr.com) about a couple who lost their sailboat recently. It's quite a story and a reminder that no matter how experienced ...

  • 6/26/2018 19:00 www.mvstarr.com

    A Sailor’s Story, A Warning To All

    June 26, 2018 59 41N, 144 32W; 2300Z We are making the 350nm crossing of the Gulf of Alaska heading to Sitka and just passed Cape St Elias on our port side, 75nm East of Prince William Sound. As I filled in the Ship’s Log I noted that we had covered 3165nm since leaving Honolulu with only 225nm of open water left to get to Lituya Bay Just North of Cape Spencer. The rest of the run to Seattle will be mostly in protected inside passage waters. The wheelhouse door is open and Starr’s quiet Cum...

  • 6/26/2018 10:51 www.mvstarr.com

    Flash Mobs

    After some terrific glacier viewing we picked our way back out through the ice cubes to clear water. The spot where the ice ended was right over a submerged moraine, the ancient limit of glacial ice where rubble carried by the ice was deposited creating a shallow area. The moraine was very popular with the Otter. There were multiple rafts of as many as thirty of them floating around. It looked like some kind of a community meeting or perhaps a love-in. Wells Passage is a bottleneck in Prince Wi...

  • 6/25/2018 09:19 www.mvstarr.com

    Indecision is the Key to Flexibility

    Starr’s course wavered as she headed north, but we finally decided on Disk Island off of the mainland. On the way there we set our shrimp pots in 350 feet of water hoping for better luck than our first drop. We saw a small boat sitting stationary nearby and headed over to speak with them. They had just landed a thirty five pound halibut and gave us some tips on where to find more. We tried following their advice but only caught a number of rockfish, which we threw back. Discouraged by our lack o...