Missed by the Hurricane, but still not bored

When you open your email and see these words from your weather router, you can safely assume it’s not going to be a good day:

“…Hurricane Norbert has strengthened overnight and is now a category 3 Hurricane. Norbert could briefly reach category 4 strength before it starts to weakens. ..”

Fortunately, Hurricane Norbert has continued to move West and is not currently a factor, beyond the large swell it is creating. However, it is expected to make a right turn and sweep back over Baja over the next few days.

By the time the hurricane sweeps over Baja, Sans Souci will be “safely” tied up at the dock at Puerto Los Cabos, in Sans Jose Del Cabo.As you can see in the picture above, there is a good chance Sans Souci will get a free fresh water washdown, complete with blow dry, but unless the hurricane decides to pursue a much more southerly course than expected, it should not be a problem.

However, there is still much to keep things “interesting” aboard Sans Souci…

At 2:30am this morning my phone rang. The boat has an automatic system that phones me when the electricity fails. I immediately phoned the boat to ask what was happening.

Regular readers of my blog know that I have been fighting problems with the air conditioning system since the boat was new. It will probably turn out to be something simple, but the boat needs to sit still before it can be repaired. I had thought we were shipping the boat, on a freighter, back from Costa Rica, so I wasn’t worried about getting it fixed.

To no great surprise, the a/c failed again, taking the electrical system with it. The call I received was a result of Jeff trying to get things going again. This particular failure seems nastier than usual. They can’t get the a/c going again. As soon as I finish typing this blog I’ll be digging through the electrical plans trying to help them out.

I’m sure this doesn’t seem like a big deal to persons reading this from cooler places, but right now, where they are in Mexico, the air temp is over 90 (at night) and the water is 87 degrees. It’s hot, sticky and humid. Inside the boat is much worse. The crew, that is off-duty, has moved to the fly bridge to try to get some sleep.

Arrival in Cabo is expected for tomorrow around noon. My hope is to help them get the a/c running again. If not, I’ll be on the phone with Nordhavn to see if they can help.

-Ken W



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