Merry Christmas!

No boat-blog today … or for the next week. We’re in Seattle packing for our move to a condo.

I thought you might enjoy these two pictures, taken about 12 hours apart… from Cabo… and, then from Seattle.

And, here’s Sans Souci, in the snow (practicing for our run north!)….

Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!

-Ken W

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  1. Yes, the better way to say it is you have to have the proper material in the ANODE depending on what type of water you are sitting in. Zinc is what should be in the anode for salt water. We all commonly refer to them as “zincs” when we should really be saying “anodes”. Possibly since you are only there a short time it is not a big deal.

  2. Chuck: I’m making sure I understand… you are saying that the zincs I have may not work in fresh water, and should be switched? This is the first I’ve ever heard the issue. Thanks for the heads up! – Ken W

  3. Ken-Magnesium anodes should be only used in fresh water and zinc or aluminum in salt water. Zincs in fresh water “passivate” or forms an insulating film of zinc hydroxide which prevents it from functioning as a sacrificial anode.

  4. I hadn’t realized the mess at the airport here in Seattle! Wow! We were lucky to get here. Apparently ours is one of very few planes to have landed yesterday.

    As to Zincs… I guess the answer is – As far as we know, all zincs are being inspected. I gave Jeff a long list of things to inspect this winter, but I think I just said “Inspect all zincs.” I don’t remember specifically listing the zincs.

    Let’s see if I can list all the zincs…

    – Props
    – Shafts
    – There’s a grounding plate under the boat. Perhaps it has a zinc?
    – Water heater
    – Main engines
    – Generators (I’m not sure)

    What did I miss?

    Ken W

  5. Ken-Do you have the proper zincs in place not only on the outside of the hull but also heat exchangers etc. for fresh water storage?

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