Med Bound 2007 Gathering Steam

Med Bound 2007 is gathering steam, with seven owners reporting that they plan to join the rally to Bermuda, four of them going on to the Azores, and five making the passage from the Azores to Gibraltar. One yacht will make a passage directly from Newport to Horta.

Although other yachts are welcome, all yachts on the list to date are Nordhavns.

What does Med Bound 2007 have to offer passagemaking powerboaters? Like the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally 2004 (NAR), this event offers:

• Safety, security and camaraderie of cruising “in company”
• Pre-arranged dockage in Bermuda, the Azores, and Gibraltar
• Social events in each port
• Weather routing from the same company used on the NAR
• Pre-departure survey strongly recommended for each yacht, using NAR pre-departure survey checklists
• Pre-departure “inspections” of each boat by captains of other yachts making the crossing
• Pre-departure briefings and seminars
• Daily roll calls and tracking of all yachts

On the other hand, there are a number of important elements from the NAR that will NOT be present for this crossing. There will be:

• No official sponsorship by PAE or its suppliers
• No escort vessels from PAE
• No technical support in the form of mechanics, divers, etc. embarked in the yachts which are crossing
• No embarked doctors, EMTs or other medical personnel
• No up front fee – each captain will be entirely responsible for his yacht’s expenses

The plan is to follow the methodology of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally 2004 as closely as possible and as closely as weather will permit.


Here’s a recap of plans for the event: (all dates approximate – dependent upon weather):

FORT LAUDERDALE Meet at Bahia Mar Resort and Marina, Fort Lauderdale May 12 Dockage at Bahia Mar – 4 days

N62 Adventure – Dave and Karen Crannell
N62 New Endeavor – Jerry and Con Reynolds
N55 Salty Dawg – David and Lowie Bock, Dennis and Esther Bruckel
N47 Bluewater – Milt & Judy Baker
N47 Imagine – Greg and Kathy Beckner
N47 Kellie Anne – Nikolai Ganovski*
N43 Summer Skis – Jim Fuller

Fort Lauderdale activities will include:

–Informal “inspection” of each vessel by at least two other Med Bound 2007 captains
–Limited selection of seminars
–Social events
–Trip planning meetings
–Final departure briefing
–Weather briefing

Depart Fort Lauderdale May 16 for Bermuda – 925 miles (5.8 days at 6.7 kts)

Arrive Bermuda May 22 Dockage at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in Hamilton – 8 days

All yachts listed above

Bermuda activities will include:
–Social events
–Bermuda Day celebration (May 24)
–Time on your own for relaxing and sightseeing
–Departure and weather briefings (one for each departure group)

Med-bound group departs Bermuda May 30 for the Azores – 1,818 miles (12.0 days at 6.3 knots)

N62 Adventure
N55 Salty Dawg
N47 Bluewater
N47 Kellie Anne*

New England bound group departs Bermuda May 30 for New England

N62 New Endeavor
N47 Imagine
N43 Summer Skis

Arrive Horta June 11 Dockage at Marina Horta – 8 days

Horta activities will include:

–Social events
–Time on your own for relaxing and sightseeing
–Departure and weather briefings

Depart Horta June 19 for Gibraltar – 1,136 miles (7.1 days at 6.6 knots)

N62 Adventure
N55 Salty Dawg
N47 Bluewater
N47 Kellie Ann*
N46 Frog Kiss – Patrick and Chris Mouligne (arriving direct from Newport, RI)

Arrive Gibraltar June 26 Dockage at Queensway Quay

N62 Adventure
N55 Salty Dawg
N47 Bluewater N47 Kellie Ann*
N46 Frog Kiss

Gibraltar activities will include:

–Social events
–Time on your own
–Rally disbands July 5, 2007

*Sale of N47 Kellie Anne to Nikolai Granovski is pending and he expects to join Med Bound 2007 if possible.

If you’re interested in joining Med Bound 2007, either with your own Nordhavn or as a crewmember, further information is available on the Med Bound 2007 bulletin board at:

–Milt Baker, N4732 Bluewater

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