Leaving Cabo?

The boat is ready to go, but stuck in port. The hurricane has passed, but left behind high wind and swell. There is a six foot swell, and 25 knot north wind. The guys are eager to get moving, and may depart this afternoon, although I doubt it. It would be a miserable trip. The winds should get steadily better through the week, and my guess is that by tomorrow afternoon the crew will get tired of waiting and decide to head north, knowing they’ll have a rotten day followed by an ok ride.

I knew the run north was going to be a rough one, which is why my original plan had been to have the boat shipped north. Unfortunately, the freight company I hired wasn’t able to move the boat, and now we’re moving the boat the wrong direction, in the wrong season.

Last night, Roberta and I had dinner with some friends that have a Nordhavn 55. Roberta and I were talking about our upcoming Japan trip, and we started making plans to buddy boat together to Alaska. At one point in the evening we started talking about whether they would consider sticking with us, and making the passage to Japan. I could see that they were starting to take the idea seriously, until they said “What happens after Japan? How does the boat get home?” That’s not an easy question, and not one I know the answer to. We really don’t have the vaguest idea where we are cruising after Japan. I really had no answer for them, which kind of killed that discussion.

For now, my primary focus is on getting the boat safely to Seattle, and putting together a list of work to be done this winter. With a little luck the boat will be in Seattle in under three weeks…

-Ken W

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