[Kensblog] Video look at the boat in Malaysia

Greetings all!

I just uploaded a video to YouTube which shows the current status of our boat.

It is nearly complete!

However, because the Canadian border is closed, and because it will soon be winter, we have asked the factory to hang onto the boat until next Spring, when we hope the world will have returned to normal.

Grand Banks has done an incredible job with our boat. I wish I could say that I did as good a job on the video. It was a zoom call with participants from all over the world:

Roberta and I, connecting from Seattle

Mark Richards (Grand Banks President), connecting from Australia

Steve Martin (our Grand Banks salesman), connecting from Florida

Steve D’Antonio (Marine Consultant), connecting from Virginia

We meant to record the zoom call, but goofed. The call was not recorded. Instead, I happened to be capturing my screen. This resulted in a clunky video that is low resolution, with only some of the audio, that is painful to watch.

The video shows the exterior of the boat, the interior of the boat, the lazarette, the engine room, the equipment spaces and much more. If you can tolerate the low quality, there is far more here about the boat than you can imagine. As you’ll see, it is an incredible boat! We are REALLY looking forward to cruising it.

Cygnus Zoom Walkthrough

And, a couple of other things unrelated to Cygnus…

  • Our prior boat, the mighty Sans Souci, a Nordhavn 68 is back on the market. We sold it a couple years ago and apparently the new owner is selling it (I have no idea why…) (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LISTING)
  • And, I spent the summer writing a book about our company, Sierra On-Line, which was an early videogame company. Some of the readers of my boat blog are also Sierra or Videogame fans. If so, you may want to register at www.kensbook.com to be notified when my book is released (hopefully in October). Also: Roberta and I were recently profiled on a netflix series about videogames. We’re at the beginning of episode 3.
That’s it for this issue of the blog. As always, thank you and best wishes,,,

Ken and Roberta Williams (and, Toundra and Keeley our furry friends)
Cygnus, Grand Banks 60

  • Chris Jones
    Posted at 17:08h, 19 September

    Hey Ken, boat looks great! GB has always had a phenomenal reputation and i’m happy to see that still standing. Did they run the Victron Color GX display to your Garmin chart plotters? It’s a simple Ethernet connection. I did it on mine and am very happy with the Victron integration into the Garmin interface.

    • ken@kensblog.com
      Posted at 17:13h, 19 September

      I am not sure. I’ll ask them. I didn’t realize it was possible. Thank you for the question!

  • Scotto
    Posted at 05:11h, 17 September


    lookin goood!

  • Bernd Oliver Fischer
    Posted at 20:43h, 15 September

    Hi Roberta and Ken,
    i accidentally found your blog and i am a great fan of your work since the early 80ies! Your impact on the gaming industry has been tremendous! I actually did watch the videogame series on Netflix about you (High score), just so cool.

    You are both two wonderful people, Wish you all the best. Stay healthy and safe!

    • ken@kensblog.com
      Posted at 20:51h, 15 September

      Thank you! Stay safe! These are some crazy times…