[KensBlog] Sans Souci is in the Med!!!!

Greetings all!

Roberta and I are very pleased to report that the freighter transporting Sans Souci has just entered the Med.

As I type this, we are at our home in Mexico. I will depart tomorrow for Turkey to offload our boat from the freighter, clear customs, and move the boat to moorage in Gocek, Turkey. 

Here you see the location of the MV Frauke, with my boat sitting on deck,  from just minutes ago.

Over the past few months I’ve had to locate a marina, and also locate someone to watch over my boat when Roberta and I are not onboard. Above you see Riza Cagdas Cakir, from Emek Marin in Gocek, Turkey. Riza will be checking my boat daily when I’m not around, to verify all is well.

This picture is from the dock where my boat will be parked. I asked a friend who was visiting Turkey to check out the marina for me. Note how all the boats are parked by backing up to the dock. It’s called Med Mooring, and is something I haven’t done in a while. One of my goals for this week is to get some practice with Med Mooring.

This is my actual boat slip! (Actually, with Med Mooring, you don’t get a slip, you just get a wall to back up to.)

One of the reasons I chose this particular marina was that the docks are new, and the electricity is rumored to be reliable. Note the clear blue water! That’s both the good and the bad news. Turkey takes water purity very seriously, and has strict regulations about dumping grey or black water into their bays. I’ve heard of cruisers who received fines just for letting their grey water (from the washing machine) flow into the bay while at anchor. I assumed there would be pump out at the dock, but there isn’t! Instead, I am expected to move the boat every few days to a floating pumpout station. This is true throughout Turkey, and is why everything is so pristine. Pumpout is going to be a MAJOR headache. Argh.

Another picture of the marina. I can’t wait!

Roberta and the puppies are not going on this trip. The younger pup, Liliana, is still a little young to travel. She just turned five months old, and weighs only TWO pounds! For now, my only goal is to get the boat offloaded, cleared into Turkey, train the local team to watch over the boat, get the shore power working, and then fly home. Roberta, the puppies, and I, will fly back to Europe at the end of July.

More from Turkey, soon!….

-Ken Williams
N6805, San Souci

PS Several of you have written to ask about the other two GSSR boats.  They (Seabird and Grey Pearl) have continued to cruise in southeast Asia while Roberta and I leapt ahead to Turkey. Our group will reconvene in Turkey during 2012, and the GSSR will live on. In the meantime, for security reasons, Seabird and Grey Pearl are being somewhat guarded about precise location and route. The best source for information on them is their websites; http://www.seabirdlrc.com and http://greypearl.talkspot.com If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend going to their sites and registering for their blogs. Also, Starr, the 75′ Northern Marine that cruised with our GSSR group last year is now underway from Japan to Hawaii. This is a 3,800 nm passage that is being complicated by bad weather, adverse currents, the need to maintain a safe distance from Japan’s radiation, and fuel planning. Starr’s blog is: http://starr.talkspotblogs.com .. also highly recommended.

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  1. Greetings Wilhelm,

    My anchor wash pump is powered by the boat’s hydraulic system. Each of my main engines has a hydraulic pump. The hydraulic system provides power for the stabilizers, thrusters, the windlasses, the bilge pumps, and the anchor wash pump. The actual anchor wash pump is described in my manual as:

    Pacer Pumps, SE-2IBL-HYC, 180 GPM

    The pump has its own thru-hull and does a very good job.

    Thank you!
    -Ken W

  2. SUBJECT: motoryacht CONTINA

    Hi ken

    Love your books

    Just finished the sushi run and ordered the pacific coast book

    Seems , as if we have something in common , we live on our 85 foot yacht Contina ( see google motor yacht contina) since 10 years . we build it in Fortaleza , brasil at INACE and travelled to the med for 2 years and crossed back for north America . right now we are in cartagena , Colombia on our way to the south pacific next year

    We run the boat as well as you , without crew, only with our king Charles cavalier OSCAR

    Now my question , because i don’t want to invent the wheel a second time

    You mentioned , that you have an ideal anchor wash setup with a high powered pump .

    Which pump is it ? name and capacity? Fresh or saltwater? How do you activate it?

    My recent system is only 80 % of the time adequate , it runs with the house freshwater pump and has only a limited water jet to clear off the mug

    Looking forward to hear from you whenever you have time

    Save travels

    Wip hepfer

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  4. Upon closer examination, it looks like the covering is just on the walkway. Whoops, I was thinking that your boat would be covered. Anyway, it looks like a very nice marina.

  5. Hi Ken, you must be relieved now that your boat is in the Med. Good news. Looking at your photos, I noticed that you are in a covered slip. I have never seen that type of covered slip. Can you provide some details. It looks like canvas and I’m wondering about the level of protection from the sun and rain, wind impact etc. Thanks.

  6. Hello Ken,

    I am on N4601 “Frog-Kiss” in Yacht Marine, Marmaris, Turkey. Next to me is “Segue II” a N47.
    I visited your Marina and your dock in Gocek when Bernie checked it out.
    If I can be of any assistance during, before or after your unloading please do not hesitate to ask.
    You can reach me on my Turkish # +90 535 053 2340 any time.
    Have a safe travel.

  7. SUBJECT: Re: Blog Comment Submitted


    I have heard different stories regarding pumpout at the dock. I have heard it is prohibited at gocek, because it is a national park, but permitted elsewhere. I have also been told that pumpout at the dock is prohibited everywhere, so I don’t know. But, I will find out soon. I am at the airport now

    Ken w

  8. Congratulations on arriving back to the Med. You must be quite relieved tro have passed the gauntlet with Sanb Sousi safely.

    Is there an issue with Med mooring which prevents tank service providers from pumping out the holding tanks at the dock?

  9. Ahmet,

    The boat will be at Gocek Exclusive, from the 21st until late this year. Neil can arrange a tour of the boat through Riza, who is watching over the boat, if I’m not around.

    I look forward to meeting you. You’ll be impressed with the N68. It feels much larger than its size.

    See you soon!

    -Ken W

  10. Hello there!

    I am awaiting your arrival in Turkey to have a look at Sans Souci. I recently viewed a 76 in Southampton (Hamble Marina) and Neil Russell suggested I have a look at a 68 before deciding.

    I will probably be in Gocek by June aboard “Letitia” my Ferretti 681, so we may run into each other sometime this summer.

    Have a nice summer and enjoy the Turkish Riviera!


  11. SUBJECT: Congratulations!


    Congratulations on the safe arrival of your boat! I am so pleased for the two of you!

    I look forward to more blogs from the Med!

    All my best to you,

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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