[KensBlog] An evening out in Mahon

My last blog entry was so boat-geeky, that I wanted to quickly publish another entry to show that we are indeed having fun.

Last night was a special night. It wasn’t any kind of an anniversary or anything. We were just in the mood to fancy-up. We went to dinner without the dogs (a rare event) and Roberta put on a dress. I even shaved and put on a shirt with buttons in the front! We picked the nicest restaurant we could find and had an excellent dinner.

Mahon has one of the world’s largest natural harbors. 3 miles long! (I borrowed this picture from Steven Argosy’s blog – www.seabirdlrc.com ).

The shore is lined with restaurants on one side of the street and boats on the other. I like restaurants, and I like boats. Yay!

Roberta and I at dinner. A lovely evening! The restaurant was a little off the beaten path, and we were the only non-locals in the place. It felt good to be in a place that wasn’t touristy and gave Roberta a chance to use her Spanish.

The shore here is lined… with boats backed up to the quai on one side of the street, and a seemingly endless supply of restaurants on the other side of the street. Life don’t get much better than moseying along the quai reading the menus, people-watching and admiring all the boats.

I do have a tendency to whine about the weather that has us pinned down (including the squall that hit us today: http://www.kensblog.com/aspx/vimeoplayer.aspx?vimeo=135866565 ) but… have no doubt… we’re having fun on Sans Souci! And barring some change in the forecast, we’ll be sitting at anchor tomorrow.

Ken and Roberta Williams (with Toundra and Keeley!)
Nordhavn 68, Sans Souci

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    hi ken and Roberta,
    mahon looks a good place to put in toroberta is looking well enjoy kind regards roy and Leanne palmer in London england

  2. SUBJECT: Re: [KensBlog] An evening out in Mahon

    Ken have thought about shipping the boat Ft Lauderdale, it is the yachting capital of the US and you can get any thing done that you might need or desire. It would also leave you on the east coast so if you want to meet up again with Carol and Steve, you would be in a good place to start. Best of all they speak english.
    Howard Goldfarb

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