Jeff arrives in Costa Rica

My delivery skipper is now on the boat.

I asked if he had any “issues” getting there, and he said the only problem was the final flight from the airport in San Jose to Golfito (where my boat is sitting). They refused to let him board the flight with all the spare parts. He had just flown commercial from the US with no problem, and there weren’t that many parts (various filters for the water makers, stuffing for the shaft seals, and a few other small items). Perhaps, it was simply an attempt to gain “tips.”

Fortunately, a nearby van driver offered to drive him the five hour ride for “only” $350, so he threw away his plane tickets, and took the scenic route.

The good news is that he is now on the boat, all systems appear to be operational, and on Friday, weather permitting, he’ll cast off lines.

I asked how the weather is now, and he said “extreme rain and lightning.”

-Ken W

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  1. Jerry and Jim (and, everyone else…):

    I seriously doubt Jeff will send out updates. However, I will be speaking with him at least once a day, and will be posting updates on his journey. I might even email them out. My policy has been to send emails when the boat is on the move, but just post on the website when the boat is sitting still.

    As to me going along for part of the ride — My plan is to not do any of the ride, but I’m betting I wind up for some portion. If all goes well I won’t need to fly in, but if things get haywire I’ll have to pitch in. I do miss being on the boat, so it won’t take much to get me onboard.

    As a side note, I saw an article recently where a delivery skipper wrote that he had two rates; one for deliveries, and another that was much higher with the owner on board. Jeff and I have traveled many miles together and like being together, so I don’t think it would be an issue — but, I do think he would prefer to have only professional crew on the boat. Everything runs smoother when there is one clear undisputed captain on the ship.

    -Ken W

  2. Ken, Glad to see that you and your boat will soon be together! Any plans on jumping on board for part of the ride north?

    Thanks, Jim E.

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