hello ken & Roberta,

i am glad to see that you made it to the Bahamas. the exumas are my favorite but like you said; they are very shallow. i draw 8 feet swinging 6 foot diameter wheels that are the lowest point of the boat. i use Sarah and Monty Lewis’ charts and then i have researched and made my own routes in their chart book. all the chart/guidebooks work on a 6′ draft but i do know that the lewis’ books are very conservative with their depths. paying attention to the tides and moon phases are key.

even though i am still cruising the Caribbean i watch the weather reports of the Bahamas. once one figures out the formula to the Bahamas weather, it is wise to never lose that secret or get out of touch with it. i also have a few friends that are around there like; Peter who captains a tri-moran SOUTHERN*CROSS with his pot-cake dog casey. he is probably one of the nicest and enjoyable persons that myself and my girlfriend tina have met in our travels. when peter & Casey are hanging out, you will always find them at green cay north of rose island which is east of nassau. peter is always on the fresh fish & lobster for dinner. also, i really enjoy reading your stories and i do this professionally but i live vicariously through all the cruisers that i meet. one day i hope to travel as a cruiser though, my boss is a great person and we heve accomplished quite a bit in my eight years cruising for him. we use VHF 82 for our working channel and the cruisers there around Nassau joined in with us. so, if you are ever looking for communication (like weather info)through the VHF they may all still be using it.

you need to cruise there again on your new NORDHAVEN when you get it. our boat wont be back until may/june of 2007. i have 24/7 128kbs internet connection on the charisma so keep sending all the pics/stories.

though, july and august are the best months to cruise the bahamas and i feel the safest in nassau & exumas for hurricane season. just ask Johny on the MY TIME at Nassua Yacht Haven Marina, he will tell you because he has been through some there. he will make you a believer! be safe and take good care,


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