It”s official – Sans Souci is coming home

I gave an official cancellation notice to the transport company yesterday that was to have moved Sans Souci (my boat) from Costa Rica to the Pacific NW. 

My focus now has shifted to Jeff Sanson, a Seattle-based delivery skipper, who travels to Costa Rica sometime in the next couple of weeks to start running my boat north on its own bottom.

Our first hurdle is insurance for the passage. I’m insured on the boat worldwide, but Jeff isn’t. The insurance company (Lloyds) will be charging me a small supplemental fee for each member of the delivery crew. They have asked for resumes and copies of the license for each crew member. I expect this particular hurdle to be resolved today.

Next up is a visit to the lawyer’s office to get a power of attorney giving Jeff a notarized letter, granting him the right to move my boat in and out of the various countries he’ll transit on the trip north, in both english and spanish. I also have to give him the latest Certificate of Documentation for the boat (new ones are issued annually).

Jeff believes he can do the run in as little as three weeks. I normally think of these runs as “200 miles per day.” In other words, to go 1,000 nautial miles requires five days. In actuality, we move closer to 225 miles a day, but it makes the math easier, and makes allowance for occasional fuel stops. The total trip is 3,500 miles, so it should take only 15 days. That said, the schedule will be dictated by the weather. I am expecting significant delays as they look for good weather windows. Jeff is convinced he’ll have a three week total transit, whereas I’m expecting closer to six weeks. Until we know the weather outlook, it’s all just speculation.

-Ken W

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