Insurance for the run north

I won’t know until next Wednesday whether or not our boat will be loaded on a freighter for the run north. My guess is that it won’t be, and that a delivery crew will run the boat the 3,500 miles from Costa Rica to Seattle.

Thus, preperations for the voyage north are in full swing…

Jeff Sanson (Pacific Yacht Management) has assembled a four-person team. Amazingly, when I contacted the insurance company, they said that they would need to approve the resumes of each of the delivery team members, and would charge me $250 for each crew member. This struck me as bizarre, in that Jeff and his guys have far more experience than I. For instance, I have a 100 ton license, and Jeff has a 1600 ton license. So — why charge me more when he captain’s the boat than when I do? It seems counter-intuitive..

We’ve also been dealing with the “mundane” but necessary issues. Our biggest decision of the past couple of days was “where to provision?”. We decided the grocery store was better in Los Suenos and that Jeff should run with almost nothing but snacks until reaching Los Suenos and then do the provisioning.

On a bit more serious topic: Jeff will want access to the internet, for weather reports — and, for communicating with me. My boat has many ways to communicate with the internet, all geared towards me being the person who gets things going. I don’t know how I’ll explain to Jeff everything that has to be done to swap between the different kinds of internet (I have different solutions for different situations – depending on what is fastest or cheapest). It complicates things that when I last saw the boat (in April) I thought it was days from loading aboard a freighter. I wasn’t very neat in packing things away. I remember throwing cables into a box and figuring I’d sort them out when the boat arrived in Canada. Oops….

We’ll figure it all out, and I seriously hope it is all wasted effort, and that sometime next week I report that my boat is now aboard a giant freighter, working its way north.

-Ken W

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