Hurricane prep

 Here is an excerpt from an email I received from David S, owner of the second Nordhavn 68:

“…I thought you may be interested in seeing some storm prep photos at the marina in Savannah waiting for Hannah.


If it is forcast to be a big storm I would add chafing gear, but in this case the boat will be being pushed against the dock rather than away from it if the storm hits on the projected path. I will go back on Thursday and add more lines to the other side of the dock and fine tune but this is good start for now. Balance may be done in the rain. If intensity increases I will remove ropes from cleats and use chain and some big 1/2″ ss shackles.


Notice the blue tape – this is 3m non marking vinyl tape. Pricy but I get it by the case for storm prep. It stays on in the wind driven rain and leaves no residue. I sealed all of the cabinet door cracks at the perimeter and taped the inside of the door louvers to prevent water intrusion. Also used it to tape the wipers to the windshield, and to tape the layed down antennas together. I use thin plastic foamm cushion to wrap the antennas and keep the from rubbing each other or the boat. Tape is great as it keeps stuff from ratteling.


If the storm was a higher category I would use more rope, tape foam and chafing.


I have 5 Aere fenders on the dock side 2ea 28×24, 2 each 42 x 24 and 1 ea 58 x 24. Some are set low and some higher so as the boat heels over in the broadside bind the fenders wont pop out. Not visible in the photo’s but I have 2 – 10 pound lead outrigger weights holding each fender down. I have seen hurricane force winds lift them up and when the wind ships they are on the dock and not functional…

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  1. I use Bob Jones, at ( I have never used anyone else, so I can’t say how he compares to other weather forecasters. He has done a great job for me, and has been great to work with. He responds quickly, and gives me plenty of background on his thinking. I haven’t seen any other names on the Nordhavn Owners Group, so he seems to do the majority of the Nordhavn owners. Another Nordhavn owner mentioned recently that weather routers have a tendency to forget about local issues and focus on the big picture. I have always had good luck following Bob’s guidance (I call him “weather Bob”). This is an area though where I never like to trust one source of information. I also use the Ocens product, and get their weather charts, and have several Internet weather sites I check. If everyone seems to agree the weather will be good — THEN I start making travel plans. – Ken W

  2. Jerry: Apparently great minds think alike … here is the email David sent me last night:

    “…Looks like we will hopefully dodge a bullet on Hannah. Next week end we are heading from Savannah to at least Norfolk and maybe Annapolis which is a nice 65 hour run non stop….”

    It crushes me everytime I read his emails about moving the boat. I wish I had a boat! – Ken W

  3. Ken

    I’m a little surprised his boat is in the Florida to North Carolina region. I don’t know his personal situation but think with a boat of that size and value, one would have it out of the hurricane prone areas along the east coast. I have boated along the east coast of the USA for over 20 years and know what these Hurricanes can do to boats at the dock. Ick is the one he needs to be concerned about. My Nordhavn would be up in the Chesapeake area or further north till late November.

    Interesting topic, thanks for keeping us in the loop. I wish only the best for him and his boat.

    Good luck on your “Drama” in regards to your boat……….


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