How do we get Sans Souci out of Golfito?

I spent yesterday digging into the issues associated with getting Sans Souci out of Golfito on its own bottom. Whereas it is certainly possible, it wouldn’t be a fun run, and if a hurricane came along, it could turn dangerous. It’s safe where it is, and a freighter will collect it sooner or later (I hope).

I also spent yesterday with a gentleman who has crossed the Pacific four times in a 75 foot power boat. He’s a great ambassador for the south pacific, and after a couple hours, Roberta and I were thinking “Hmmm… maybe we should be heading for polynesia.” Dinner tonight is with Braun and Tina Jones, of the N62 Grey Pearl. The competing idea is to cross via the northern route, and into Siberia. Let’s see: Polynesian beaches, or Siberian ice. Tough decision… Nah.. the real deciding factor will be us finding another boat to travel along side. I prefer warm water, but greatly prefer to have another boat alongside on a pacific crossing.

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